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Slut wife is available for every man’s use

My wife is available. She’s available for photos, videos, threesomes, foursomes even blind dates with a guaranteed happy ending. To put it bluntly my wife, Valerie, is a slut. She cannot get enough cock and she will let anyone fuck her. Tall, short, old, young, thin, fat and any nationality. She will fuck and suck […]

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Assistance in Lingerie Department

Tiffany was very bored on a Sunday afternoon and decided to drive to the mall for some last minute Xmas shopping. She entered through the fine department store which was unusual for her. As she walked through store she noticed the lingerie department and thought she would buy something new for his homecoming. As she […]

Fucking my GF

Hi readers. My name is Aro age 23. Dark tall not fat but not slim but fuckable guy. Im from west bengal kolkata. My family have gold business and I have my cosmetics business. I wont bug u I will take u straight to the story. No fantasy, no drama. Purely true real story. Here […]

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Wedding Night

I’m a young woman (and yes I’m still a virgin) who’s waiting for the knight in shining armor….. but while waiting for God to put him in my life…I’ve been wondering about my life with my future husband, especially the intimacy that we will share together. So here are my thoughts put in writing! Hope […]

My personal experience

My name is X iam in 3rd year of my collegei am a hardcore sex lover. I had horny gf name Y(Name changed) she is also in my class she is so perfect in shape and size her boobs and her dressing always makes me go horny. i was though not good in my studies […]

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Dirty Dancing

A raging fire had consumed her blood as it burned in her veins; every thrust of her heartbeat was fuelling her passion. She clung to him as he tasted her, one leg lifted over his shoulder giving him access to her very core. Her first orgasm came so hard and fast that she almost lost […]

See Mom Suck

A young boy without a release for his raging sexual drive, and his mother, a widow, driven to the extremes of lust, are the subjects of this novel. Under the circumstances, we can understand how these individuals are driven into each other’s arms. Our society forbids sexual union between a mother and son, but sometimes […]

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