My private parts

I never thought much about my private parts. They were just there. I lived on a small ranch and not many people came around. I went to school in a one-room school about a mile and a half down into the little river valley with 12 other kids-way over half were girls.
When I was just over thirteen a little patch of hair started growing just above my penis and I noticed a definite change in the pitch of my voice. I was becoming a deep baritone. My dad didn’t say anything-he was too busy trying to keep our home and small ranch afloat. It was hard work. School was out and dad sent me to clean out the back spring. He had been by there on horseback and noticed it was not flowing into the drinking pool for the livestock like it should. I walked and carried a pick and a shovel. I had wrapped up two bacon and egg andwiches for my lunch and maybe supper. I had no idea how long it would take.
I dug up the stones with the pick and then started shoveling the muck out. By noon I had one side flowing. The spring water was already clearing and the drinking pool was filling. I was hungry. I lay down and took a long drink of the clear water on the left side. I moved over under a tree and opened my sandwich. I was about ready to bite when I heard a noise. I looked up towards the dirt cliff. There was a young woman looking down at me. She waved and said, ‘Hi. You wouldn’t want to share that would you? I’m Martha and live over in the next township. My car stopped running and nobody comes on this back road much-it’s dirt.’
‘Sure. I have two. Come on down. There’s a path to your left. Hang on to the bush limbs though-it gets slippery.’
Martha was soon down and sitting beside me. I don’t know why, but it bothered me. I think because she smelled good-like flowers. Martha appeared to be about 19 or 20. I was just guessing. I said, ‘I can have my dad help you with the car or you can call a garage in t own.’ She said, ‘Thanks. Maybe I’ll do that. What’s your name?’
‘Sanford. Bill Sanford. I live back north of here on the ranch with the huge pine tree in front.’
‘I know where that is. I didn’t know there was a boy your size living there. What are you, six foot?’
‘No. Not quite, wish I was.’ ‘Stand up.’ I did and she stood beside me. ‘I’m five-ten and you’re taller.’ She smiled at me. I handed her a sandwich.
‘Wow Bill! This is good. What’s the dark stuff?’ I said, ‘That’s my grandma’s special sauce. She used to pull special weeds and flowers and stuff and made it. I have the recipe.’ ‘Does your mom make something special too?’
‘Ma’s gone. She’s buried up on that hill to the west. See. Just by the fence line.’ ‘I’m sorry. Do you miss her?’ I nodded, ‘A little I think. I was only two. It’s just me an dad now; Grandma died two years ago. She got some kind of lung fever.’ We finished our sandwiches and Martha said, ‘You poor lad. You’re alone. I feel like mothering you.’ Martha scooted over and put her arms around me. It felt strange at first and then good. Her body was warm and the day was a little crisp although it was warming up. She sensed something and kissed my cheek. I didn’t know what to do so I kissed her back, I missed and landed on her lips. She responded by probing my mouth open with her tongue. That felt really strange.
Martha reached down and touched my semi-hard cock. I didn’t know it was getting rigid until she touched. When she did, it leaped to life, what is happening down there. I had no clue. At that time in my life I had never jacked off. I had some odd sensations sometimes, but I had never stroked it. Martha didn’t hold back. She started stroking my growing cock. It got bigger. ‘Wow Bill. You have a big one.’
I just sat there and didn’t move. She was still stroking my penis. She moved down to my balls. She jerked her hand back and smiled. ‘Bill, did you know you have four balls?’ — ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’
‘You have four testicles. Two of them are smaller but the high two are almost as big as lemons.’
‘Is there something wrong with me?’ ‘No Bill, I don’t think so. It might be an advantage. Maybe you can screw longer or something.’
‘What do you mean screw?’ I was thinking of fixing the old car or tightening a chair or something. ‘Have you ever masturbated?’ ‘What’s that?’ ‘Maybe you have heard it called Jack Off.’ ‘Nope. New words to me.’ ‘Have you ever watched a bull screw a cow?’ ‘I have seen a bull mount a cow. That’s how we get calves.’
‘Let me show you.’ Martha pulled my blue work pants down below my knees and my underwear. She started stroking my now large manhood. It felt good. She went a little faster and gripped harder. Now it really was beginning to feel good-different but good. I had never felt this before. I wanted to shut my eyes. She sensed it and said, ‘Go ahead lay back and relax. I’ll take care of you.’ She stopped and took her blouse and bra off. She pulled my left hand to her tit. It felt soft and nice. I didn’t let go. She started jacking me faster. Her big tit was great. I tickled her nipple. She let out a little ‘Ah’ sound. I kept moving my finger around her nipple. I have no idea why. It just seemed like the thing to do. All of a sudden, I had a really odd feeling in my big cock. It was sort of like a mild shock-like I got one time when I accidently touched a spark plug lead on the old Ford. Only this was milder and I didn’t want to jump away like I did on the spark lead. I could feel something going on. My body jerked. My legs grew rigid. My ass wouldn’t stay still-it was moving in unison with Martha’s hand. I had my eyes open just watching her jack my cock. Suddenly white syrup shot up out of my hard cock. I was startled, ‘What’s that?’ ‘Don’t worry about it.’ She said. She kept jacking and more white syrup shot out. She milked me dry–there was white stuff everywhere. ‘I think that’s because you have four balls, you generate a huge amount of cum. It’s everywhere. You shot almost two feet. See, there’s some over there by the stump.’ I had no idea what she was talking about or what I had just done. Martha stood up and pulled her jeans off and her under pants. She said, ‘Come here. I’ll show you something.’ She lay back on the soft grass and pulled me towards her. She spread her legs, showing me a huge patch of blondish hair-a little darker than her head.
‘Come on. Get on top. I’ll help you.’ I crawled on top and she immediately grabbed my hard cock and guided it inside her slit. I was buried in hair. She said, ‘Now move in and out. Don’t let it slip out though. Try and keep inside me.’ She was writhing against me. I was moving really slow. It felt so good. So moist. So slick. So soft. I didn’t want to go any faster. I really liked it slow. Martha didn’t. ‘Bill, I need to go fast. You gotta go faster. Please. It feels so good. Can you?’ I didn’t say a word. Disappointed, I started moving faster. And then faster. Soon I liked it too. Martha was moaning as she thrust against me. She was trying to go faster. Soon I was rocking in time with her. She said, ‘Keep going. Oh keep going. I don’t want to stop. Go.’ That turned me on. I was moving rapidly now. Going only as a young man almost 14 can. I could feel my cock getting that tingle electric feeling again. I knew the white syrup was going to blast out. Suddenly it did. I must have blew a cupful. I finally pulled out and white cum rolled out in a wave of fluid. Almost like it was under pressure. ‘I knew it Bill. It just has to be the four testicles. Your load is bigger than anybody I have ever screwed including grown men.’
We lay there for twenty minutes just resting and talking lightly about nothing in particular. Finally I said, ‘I have got to finish the spring clean out and get back to the ranch.’ Martha rolled over, ‘Let’s do it one more time and I’ll help you clean the spring.’
‘Let’s clean the spring first.’ I told her. We both worked for over an hour. It was flowing nicely and the pool below was beginning to overflow-the water was clearing up. ‘I can go back to the ranch early.’ She smiled at me, ‘Maybe.’
She undid my buckle as she was taking off her blouse with the other hand. We were soon on the grass again. This time it took me longer. She cum twice before I felt that earlier feeling. I said, ‘Martha, I’m going to cum. I’m going!’ ‘Go.’ She said. ‘Go fast, I have finished once and I’m close to it again. Faster!’ I thrust as fast as I could. Suddenly I blasted. It felt like I had fired a cannon. I stayed in a bit longer and then pulled out. Just like last time, cum rolled out like it was under pressure. Martha said, ‘It has got to be the four balls. I have never seen anything like this.’
She said, ‘Can we swim in that pool?’ ‘Sure. It’s about four feet deep. It should still be warm even though new water as been running in.’ We crawled around on our knees and slide into the pool-it was great. It was not cold at all. Martha waded over to me and grabbed my cock under water and stated stroking it. I was getting hard again. This time I didn’t hesitate. I thrust inside her and started moving fast. We came together in about 50 thrusts. I pulled out and a huge amount of cum floated to the top and then floated over and on downstream. She said, ‘It has just got to be the four balls. Martha was totally fascinated by my four testicles. And to think, until today, I hadn’t even known I had extra.
‘You walk down the road and I’ll go back to the house. Just walk up and tell Dad about your car. I’ll pretend I never saw you before.’ We made arrangements to meet every second Saturday.
I spent the rest of the summer ‘cleaning’ out the back spring. Dad was too busy to notice that twice a month I cleaned out the spring.

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