My personal experience

My name is X iam in 3rd year of my collegei am a hardcore sex lover. I had horny gf name Y(Name changed) she is also in my class she is so perfect in shape and size her boobs and her dressing always makes me go horny. i was though not good in my studies but managed to pass in every subject expect engg physics. My professor gangadharan said get help from her(Y)as he was busy in collegeculturals. She is always cute and pretty that everybody will go crazy. she called me up and said i’m free could you pls turn over to my home i will teach you subject.
I was so exited and went to her home she was wearing jeans and a blue tops i entered her home. Her mom and dad was hurrrying to hospital for a emergenecy case actually they were doctors. In home only her brother was there and none to the company. His brother vinoth got call from his frnds and he went frm the home and nly she was there in the. She told me that engg physics is so easy if you study i said ok but i had nly few doubts. we both were involed in studies it was abt 9 pm she was sleppy and went to make a cup of coffee for both. She said i will make and bring it in 10-15 minutes and come so i also took rest and started to watch some porn videos. I was in very horny mode she suddenly came opening the door i hurriedly kept inside my phone and was nothing had happened. She gave me cup of coffee and was writting something in her hands the pen fell down she bent before me to take the pen and i saw her back which was so bright like the moon i became horny even much. I knew that no 1 was there in the home so i wanted to make use of dis oppurinity. she took the cup and went to keep the cup in sink i waited for her arrival. she came to the room i asked her if she had a sex she replied wat r you joking i said no im not joking seriously asking she said no. She said me that i to wanted to have sex with some1 but couldnt. i asked her shall have sex she first pretend having rough sex but agreed to do so. we started kissing each other and our saliva was exchanging and i slowly started to remove her tops she removed my pant and continuing kissing and pushed her on the bed and removed her and her black bra her tits was visible and was erect i licked the nipples and bited the boobs. I removed my underwear she started to eat my cock and i removed her pantiess and saw her pink hairy pussy wet. She was doing blowjob and i was licking her pussy. I asked can i fuck you she softly pls i said ok and dicked my penis in her pussy and started to fuck her she started moaning in pain UH!UH!UH! i started to fuck her even more harder and she enojyed and was moaning in pain oh my god!Oh my god!Then i wanted try all kind of sex to enojy with her bcuz it was my first xperience and started to do all kind of sutras i know. nd we were tired doing dis so i just started taste her melons and she its enough i said ya for some time and again started kissing she said i want to taste the cock and we both tasted cums. We were lying naked and slept covering with a bed cloth and woke up it was morning she said i want the pleasure again den i started to dick her again. And we to take bath together kissing each other and i came home.

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