Dirty Dancing

A raging fire had consumed her blood as it burned in her veins; every thrust of her heartbeat was fuelling her passion. She clung to him as he tasted her, one leg lifted over his shoulder giving him access to her very core. Her first orgasm came so hard and fast that she almost lost her one legged balance. She crouched over him clinging and voicing her pleasure, the spasms shaking her body to the core. He lapped at her wetness, her nectar like honey on his tongue.

Cassie stared at her own reflection in the mirror. Her pale skin with a smattering of orange freckles was still in great condition for her ”almost” 31 years. Her auburn hair fell in rolls of waves down her back and around her shoulders with a shine that would make many a L’Oreal model green with envy.

Her light green eyes sparkled, almost yellow in the daylight and that heavy black line around the pupil which made people stare and question as to was she wearing lenses. Yes, she still had it for an old bird, she thought, and giggled at her own ridicule.

Today Cassie had the audition of her life and she wanted to be every inch the director’s dream girl. Dance was what made Cassie’s heart beat, made her pulse race, dance was Cassie’s life. Today she had an opportunity that could launch her career into the stratosphere.

Pulling up the soft lycra leggings she admired her long, lithe, dancer’s legs in the mirror, perfectly toned from years of ballet, modern dance and not forgetting the pole dancing.

The snow falling outside her window added to her sense of excitement, Winter was always her favourite time of the year. There was something magical about being cold and how it made you want to snuggle up to someone to keep warm. Winter was the season of hugs and cuddles and Eskimo kisses. Snowflakes, for Cassie, just added to Winter’s charm and beauty.

Her pressed nose against the window caused it to steam up with her breath as she watched nature’s own stage production outside. Pretty snowflakes delicately danced together in the wind outside, some duet-ting and some solo. Pirouetting and spiralling out of control, some meeting their fate against the cold glass and running silently down the window like a solitary tear. She followed the sad demise of one with her fingertip.

Slipping her tracksuit on top of her leotard and leggings, she wrapped up with a big coat, hat, scarf and wellington boots. Grabbing her bag and bracing herself against the cold she left the warm embrace of home and headed towards the city. Tiny snowflakes landed on her face, settling on her long lashes. She stuck out her tongue to try and catch them as they fell, then pulled it back in quickly as she noticed a few people looking.

Cassie was happy, happier than she had ever been. Getting in to this audition was the biggest break of her life. She imagined her name up in lights on the West End and maybe one day even on Broadway. Today she would dance before the man himself, only the biggest West End producer ever. Caught up in her own elation she pirouetted in the street under the falling snow, this time oblivious of the on-lookers.

Arriving before the sprawling theatre Cassie’s heart began to race with excitement and anticipation. Her big eyes took in the billboards advertising the forthcoming production that she could well be starring in if all went to plan today! She ran up the steps and pulled open the heavy door, causing a whoosh of cold air as she stepped into the warm foyer.

She followed the huge arrow pointing her towards the audition halls while unravelling the woollen scarf now wet with snow from her hair and neck. Her cheeks were flushed with the combination of cold air, warm air and excitement. She couldn’t control the smile that was apparently taking her whole face hostage. Today Cassie felt every inch of her body was alive, every nerve, every muscle, every limb was ready to own this dream.

Checking her watch she was an hour early, she had plenty of time to prepare and warm up. The halls were already brimming with wannabe West End stars just like her, a rainbow of coloured leotards and leggings. All of them wanting to reach their dreams here today but only one lucky lady would leave with the leading role. Any role would be fantastic but one thing all these girls had in common today was that they were all aiming for that one lead part. No one intended to get anything less, although they would happily take whatever part was given to them in reality.

“Cassandra Mitchell, please make your way to audition hall 3, Cassandra Mitchell, please make your way to audition hall 3”, bellowed over the tanoy system. Cassie was a little shocked as there was still 45 minutes before auditions began. The others were looking at her suspiciously; you could see their minds ticking over, “Why do they want her before us?”

Heading towards hall number 3 Cassie ran over all her moves one final time in her head. This had to be perfect, she would give anything for this part, literally anything!

There it was, “Audition Hall Number 3″, her heart began to pound against her ribs and her veins were pumping pure adrenalin. She pulled back the heavy wooden door and walked into the empty hall. She glanced around but no one was there, the hall was empty and bare. She took advantage of the mirrors and the alone time and began to practice her routine one last time.

Lost in her own performance she didn’t hear him enter, she didn’t see him stand still and watch her and she certainly didn’t see the lust filling his eyes. Steven Floyd-Ledger was the man every girl wanted to impress. He was the man who held the key to their dreams and he was also the man who brought those dreams tumbling down.

He stood transfixed watching the effortless performance of this woman before him. As soon as he’d seen her show reel he knew this one had something different from the rest. She had the capacity to give him the biggest hard on of his life just by gazing into the camera and stating her name. Steven was used to seeing hundreds of girls like her every single day, but she stood out and he wanted her.

“Good morning Cassie.”

His words brought her to an abrupt stop, she flushed at the sight of him, wondering how long he had stood there. Had she just been auditioned without even realising?

“Good morning Mr Floyd-Ledger, I didn’t see you standing there, I’m sorry” she spluttered.

“Nothing to be sorry about Cassie, it was beautiful, will you dance for me now?” he smiled.

“I want you to dance for me like I am your one true love and I have just told you I’m leaving you for another. I want to see love, desire, desperation and heartache. I want you to make me want you again. You want to change my mind, you want me as yours and only yours. I will stand here in the centre of the hall as your prop, if you can change my mind the part is yours Cassie.” He had such a sexy voice her knees almost buckled.

Cassie stared at him mouth agape. The lead role is mine if I can pull this off she thought. Not many people knew that she had done a 6 year stint as a stripper to make ends meet. She now needed to pull every ounce of that inner stripper to the surface if she was to nail this.

Steven Floyd-Ledger wasn’t only the biggest musical producer, director of his time, he was also the sexiest, wealthiest bachelor in the country.

She looked directly into his soft brown eyes and she said “I can do that Mr.Floyd-Ledger.”

“Steven is fine,” he replied as he positioned himself centre stage.

He flicked a remote control from his pocket and the music began to fill the empty space around her. She was surprised to hear Rihanna’s Rude Boy instead of the musical she was expecting. Ok, he wants my inner stripper, here she comes!

Cassie let herself slip into her character as the music caressed her ears and imagination simultaneously. Lifting her head she caught his eyes and locked onto them. Her body was swaying sensually to the sleazy beat of the music, her eyes never leaving his. Her body was lithe and every movement seemed effortless when she danced.

She began to feel aroused; watching him watching her was making her hot. She ran her hands over her body, dipping and swaying with the music. She wasn’t sure but it looked like he was hard, either that or the remote he had in his pocket was huge. She found her eyes kept lowering to his groin and it wasn’t going un-noticed. Especially when she mouthed the lyrics “come here rude boy boy can you get it up, come here rude boy boy is you big enough?”

He lunged forward and pulled Cassie towards him; his erection pulsating against her abdomen caused her to gasp. His lips found hers and crushed them in a kiss like she had never experienced before.

This was crazy, she had only ever dreamed about this and she never ever imagined it would play out one day. He began to dance with her, his arms moving up and down her body as he swirled her around the huge empty hall. She felt like she was in a scene from 9 1/2 weeks as he pushed his hardness into her as he swayed with her in his arms.

Rihanna finished singing, leaving them both breathless from lust rather than fatigue. Cassie’s face was pink with sexual excitement; her eyes sparkled with mischief, she wanted him as much as she wanted the job.

He dropped his arms from around her and quickly strolled across the big hall to the door. He hit a button on the wall that made a big red light illuminate above the door both inside and out. He then bolted both doors before turning back to her.

What followed next would stay with Cassie for the rest of her life.

He pulled the remote from his pocket, it was tiny and couldn’t possibly be responsible for the bulge in his pants. Cassie swallowed hard! She was aroused, excited, nervous and afraid all at once. The mixture of emotions coursing through her veins made her feel invincible.

He flicked on the music and said, “wanna be my Baby Cassie?”

It dawned on her what he meant as ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ began pumping out of the speakers. Every theatrical dancer in the world knew the routine to Dirty Dancing.
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She strode gracefully towards him and took his hands in hers and they began to move. This was ultimately known as ‘The Fuck Me Song’ amongst musical thespians. At every end of show party this song would undoubtedly see half the cast shagging in the shadows. Pretty much like the movie itself.

He was a great mover, years of experience had made him one of a kind. His limbs moved with an ease that took Cassie’s breath away. His every step was flawless, his touch so gentle yet loaded with electricity. The sparks between them were almost audible.

She lay into his body as he wrapped himself around her from behind. His lips grazing her neck at every opportunity with such urgency her legs almost gave way beneath her. She had never felt so high on emotions; she was dizzy with wanting and desire as he danced out his longing for her. The music, as did the moment, seemed to last forever until he lifted her up above his head. As she slid down his body she had never wanted to get fucked as much as she did right now.

The groan that left her lungs as she grazed down every nerve ending in his body told him exactly what she wanted and he was going to oblige. As her feet finally met the floor their lips connected in a kiss that left both of them gasping for air when they finally parted.

“I want you Steven, I have never wanted anything as much as I want you right now.”

Cassie’s voice was so heavy with desire that she could hardly speak.

He stood behind her, meeting her gaze in the mirror before them, and slipped the straps from her leotard down her arms, releasing first one arm then the other. He slowly pushed it down around her waist just grazing his nails across her wanting flesh. The mirror image before them was smouldering. She stood with her beautiful pert breasts exposed, shivering with excitement. Her nipples were hard and dark pink from the sexual tension ravishing her body. She gasped as he rolled one engorged nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Cassie had never felt this aroused in her life, she felt she could explode at any moment.

He leant forward, stroking her outer ear with his tongue.

“I want you Cassie,” he breathed into her ear.

“I want to consume you, I want to be inside your body, I want to get inside your mind, I want to be a part of you and I want it now.”

His words fell hot against her skin as he rolled her leggings all the way down to her ankles. She stepped out from them and he pushed them aside and turned her around to face him. On his knees before her he began to kiss her abdomen, each kiss causing Cassie to moan. She fisted her hands into his hair and pulled him against her need.

A raging fire had consumed her blood as it burned in her veins; every thrust of her heartbeat was fuelling her passion. She clung to him as he tasted her, one leg lifted over his shoulder giving him access to her very core. Her first orgasm came so hard and fast that she almost lost her one legged balance. She crouched over him clinging and voicing her pleasure, the spasms shaking her body to the core. He lapped at her wetness, her nectar like honey on his tongue.

She pulled him back to his feet and greedily feasted on his wet lips; the taste of her own sweet juices on his skin was intoxifying.

“No one ever made me cum like that in my life before,” she whispered looking up into his eyes.

“And I haven’t even got my clothes off yet baby,” he said, cocking his head to one side with the sexiest, wet-faced smile Cassie had ever seen.

Ridding him of clothes was a theatrical affair as Cassie slipped back into character. Every button was exaggerated, every disrobing a monumental affair. He was finally naked with his arousal prominently taking centre stage.

Pirouetting around him she flaunted her taut ballerina body in the most provocative manner. His erection seemed to be pulsating with the music and she felt like a snake charmer casting a magic spell.

He stretched out one long muscular arm and brought her to a standstill. In one swift move he had her in his arms with her legs wrapped around his waist poised at her centre like a panther ready to attack.

She moved in his arms trying to impale herself upon him but he held her still. Only his tip was grazing her clitoris with every pulsation. Very gently he began to find her entrance and just dip the tip of his erection inside her. She clung to him like a woman possessed desperately trying to slide onto him. She wanted him to fill her but he wasn’t ready yet.

“Are you ready for me Cassie?” his voice hoarse with longing.

“Yes.” she almost screamed.

As he thrust himself deep into her very centre Cassie had to bite her lip to stifle the noise. He lifted her so easily, with his hands holding her buttocks, up and down onto his shaft. He filled her so beautifully. Cassie gripped him with every muscle she could find and matched his pace.

The sight in the mirror was one of the most erotic images Cassie had ever witnessed. This man stood solid and tall with the pale skinned, auburn haired damsel perched upon his manhood, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as she rose and fell onto him. She arched her head back and pushed her breasts towards his face as she worked up a speed. Her legs tightly wrapped around him, gripping him to her.

They began to build up to their climax, the tension building with every thrust. Cassie was in sexual ecstasy, gripping him and riding him with every ounce of strength she could muster. He sucked and nibbled at her nipples, first one then the other bringing her to the edge.

She could hold back no longer. The sensations of her clitoris rubbing against his hairy abdomen, his member stretching her and thrusting deep inside her, the pain of the biting on her nipples was all too much.

“I’m going to cum, cum with me baby.” she cried

Steven dug his hands tighter into her ass and began to pump into her like his life depended on it.

“Come on baby, let it go ,” he moaned into her hair while pounding her with all his worth.

The orgasmic eruption between the two of them was gripping. They both moaned their exquisite release into each other’s mouths between snatched kisses. The electricity in the audition hall was crackling in every corner.

He gripped her tightly against him as he emptied his longing and desire deep into her belly. She massaged him with her tight muscles milking every last drop from him. The sweat on their bodies causing his grip to falter, he allowed her legs to find the floor whilst still impaling her on him.

Cassie had never experienced such earth shattering sex with anyone, her legs were trembling as she tiptoed to stay joined to him. This was one audition that would stay with her for the rest of her life. Right at this moment if she didn’t get the part she would still be floating on cloud nine.

As they dressed each other in silence their eyes did all the talking. She was the most exquisite thing he had ever had the pleasure of fucking and he wanted more of her. He wanted to own her, he wanted to be a part of her life.

He was her idol, her inspiration, her hero and just now he had been her lover. She wanted more of him and she wanted more of this. What did this mean for her now? Right now she didn’t care as she reached up on tiptoe to kiss his lips once again.

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