What won’t a girl do to become a member of a sorority

Mindy Chase arrived at the dormitory around mid-
morning. School would begin in just three days and she
wanted to get settled in and try to meet some new
people before then. Aside from her life having been
shredded and tossed to starving rotweillers over
summer, she was doing fine. Physically she had never
been in such great shape.

After her complete humiliation at the end of her high
school senior year, she had found strength in her
athletics, particularly taking a karate class as a
means to vent and then learn to control her anger.
Losing her boyfriend Aaron a week into her training
hadn’t helped but she had gotten through it alright.

Hell, as far as she was concerned, Aaron had just been
another of her tormentors. She was much better off
without the bastard.

And then of course came the horrifying news that
Mindy’s best friend Jennifer had tested positive for
pregnancy. Amidst her multiple partners during their
mutual humiliation, it was impossible to be sure who
the father was. Jennifer’s parents had not taken the
news well at all but refused her the abortion she
wanted. It was vile and inhumane, they said. But that’s
precisely the way she felt about her sexual torment
which led to her pregnancy. Thankfully for Mindy no one
ever found out for certain that the two women had been
having sex with underage boys.

Mindy had lost contact with Jennifer for over a month
during the whole incident. When they spoke again, it
had not been cheery or even particularly friendly. They
both avoided eye contact a lot and tried to dance
around the controversial issues. But they had at least
managed to talk and remain on common ground. Now they’d
talk once a week or so — a far cry from the routine
they’d fallen into in high school where they
practically lived together. No wonder some people had
labeled them as lesbians. And as fate would have it,
they discovered that those people were at least
partially right.

The state university was immense but the dorms were
surprisingly compact. Four floors and laid out in
something of a compressed X shape — a central tower
with four long wings spreading out for several yards
and then running parallel for the rest of their length.
Mindy had been told that the school had a second
dormitory down the road a bit but had yet to see it.

It was the second day of orientation and it seemed most
of the students had waited until today to move in.
Mindy had thought she’d beat the rush by waiting and
now realized that everyone had the same thought. She
found a parking space way out at the farthest edge of
the lot behind the dorms and began unloading her back
seat and trunk onto a pair of aluminum collapsible

She hiked her way through the rows of parked and slowly
creeping cars, trucks, and vans to the open rear door
of the dorm’s central tower. Here she was greeted by a
staff of school employees and student helpers who took
her name and handed her the key to her room. She would
be on the third floor of the B wing, to her left and
back. She hoped her room wouldn’t look out onto the
parking lot.

A rush of excitement swept over Mindy as she rode the
elevator to the third floor and stepped out into a
whole new world of freedom and living alone. She was
again greeted by student faculty at the security door
entrance to her hall. B305 was her room and she was
pointed down the hall with a smile and nod from the
freckly-faced, auburn haired girl who introduced
herself as the hall’s Resident Advisor.

Mindy had read all about dorm life in the pamphlets
which were sent in the mail in August. RAs were
essentially the students put in charge of maintaining
order and resolving conflicts in the dorms and each
hall had one. Above them was the Resident Director and
then an actual adult supervisor ran the whole show.

Mindy’s room, she noted, was the sixth door along the
hall, not the fifth. She wondered what she’d missed on
her way down, resolving to check it out as she went
back to her car for the rest of her stuff. She opened
the door to her room, which to her relief faced inward
toward a courtyard between the A and B wings rather
than out over the parking lot, and breathed a sigh of
contentment. The room was much larger than she’d
expected. But wait! There were two beds here, not just
one. She double checked the room number over the door.

“Fuck! Did they stick me with a roommate?” Mindy
clenched her teeth and growled. Well the roommate would
have to wait. She was obviously alone for the moment
and began unpacking her two little carts. “So which
side do I want?” she asked aloud. “Yes, I think the
left side will do nicely.” She carelessly tossed a
suitcase full of clothes and another full of music CDs
onto the bed. A large plastic bag stuffed with towels
and other bathroom items followed.

Mindy locked the door behind her as she exited for her
second haul. She smiled politely to a couple of people
she passed in the hall but said nothing. What were they
like? Would they like her? Would any of them try to bed
her right away or would they just get to know her

She’d heard horror stories about college relationships
and how often they went sour due to nothing but
physical attraction or the influence of drugs. She
didn’t intend to become one of those statistics. But it
might not do any harm to flirt now and then. How else
would she really know if anyone was honestly

The second load of Mindy’s belongings consisted mainly
of her new laptop computer and her old stereo,
baseball, bat and glove and of course some posters to
adorn her walls. A few were of music groups, two were
movie-related, and there was her favorite — a humorous
poster about “How to talk about women and still be
politically correct”. Mindy has always found political
correctness too bizarre for reality and that poster
just proved her point.

Her favorite line on the poster (which bore a rather
attractive bleached blonde in a tight halter top and
ultra short denim cut-offs) was “She does not have ‘a
great rack’, she is ‘pectorally superior’.”

Mindy just loved looking at those mounds and imagining
herself squeezing them to be sure they were real. Of
course, the girl in that photo had nothing on Mindy’s
own breast size. The model was about a 38C and Mindy
had a pair of full double D cups on her. That didn’t
stop her from looking, though!

After dumping the rest of her stuff in her room, Mindy
was called out by the RA to join the hall in the lounge
for a quick meeting. The lounge was at the head of the
hall and spanned the width of two double occupancy
rooms. “So that’s why mine was the sixth door,” Mindy
muttered. Within the room were two low tables, two
bleak sofas, a stove and microwave, and a large
chalkboard with three plastic chairs lined up in front
of it.

“Hello,” the auburn RA began. “My name is Sara, without
the h, and as you probably know I’m your Resident
Advisor for the year. Don’t worry about it, I’m a
student just like you, but I do have some
responsibilities around here. I just want to let you
all know that if you have any questions, comments or
even suggestions on activities for the whole hall, you
can talk to me anytime. That’s what I get paid for.”

“How much do you get paid?” asked one guy who seemed to
be older than most of the residents.

Sara laughed. “They pay me well enough to handle any
problems that come up, but not enough to live on.”

“Will you buy us all dinner?” the guy asked with a
foolish smile.

“Sometimes, yeah. Every month we’ll have a hall dinner
that you’re all invited to. You don’t HAVE to come, but
we’d certainly like to see you there.

The food, I promise you, will be better than what’s
served in the cafeteria. I’ve been living in this dorm
for three years now. The food is okay for a while, but
it gets boring. That’s why we have these hall dinners.
We’ll have burgers and hot dogs sometimes, steak and
fish others. It’s whatever you guys decide. It also
helps you all to get acquainted.”

Mindy was mesmerized by Sara’s voice and her confident,
straightforward manner. The girl was pretty short and
scrawny, about five foot three and weighting maybe 105
pounds, but she acted like she owned the place. In a
way, Mindy supposed, she did. This one would be well
worth getting to know better.

Sara continued, “Since classes begin in three days,
tomorrow night we will have an official welcoming
meeting for all the residents of B3 and then on Sunday
night there will be a dorm-wide program in the
cafeteria. There will be food and drinks and a popular
comedy juggling act so you can get to know some people
around here and feel at home.”

The meeting broke up and residents returned to their
rooms or to the ground floor to say goodbye to parents
and friends. Mindy stepped back into her room to move
her clothes into the small dresser and closet on her
side of the room and wondered when her roommate would
show up. A guy passing by her open door stopped and
asked, “Hi there, are you Mindy or Tamara?”

Mindy straightened and looked the guy up and down. He
was tall and well-built but not what she would call a
jock. He was rather handsome, though, and by the look
on his face when she turned to face him fully he
thought the same of her. He eyed her breasts for
several seconds before ripping his gaze up to her
equally attractive face.

“I’m Mindy. I haven’t even seen my roommate yet.” She
offered her right hand for shaking and the guy took it
weakly. He sputtered, “I, I’m Steve. I life two doors
down from you.” He motioned down toward the far end of
the hall. “B307. I just thought I’d stop and say hi.”

“Well hello Steve. It’s nice to meet you. Say, what are
we supposed to do for fun around here?”

Steve smiled. “Well tonight my roommate and I are
getting some beer and having a bit of a party, maybe
watch some movies. He’s got an awesome collection!
You’re free to join us if you want.”

“What time?”

“Ahh, ’bout eight?”

“Who all’s going to be there?”

“So far just you, me, Norm, and a couple of new guys.
Norm and me are returners. We lived here last year and
yet we decided to come back.” Steve smiled again. “If
you know anyone else who’d like to come, bring ’em
along. We’d be glad to have ’em. Especially if they’re

“Hmm, afraid I don’t know any of those around here yet.
We’ll see, though.”

“Good deal. See ya at eight, then.”

Mindy continued unpacking her belongings and vaguely
listening to people passing in the hall. There was
someone who sounded almost exactly like Jennifer and
Mindy was suddenly sad.

Dinner rolled around at six and Mindy connected with a
group of people from her hall to eat. In all she met
four other girls and five guys. Norm, it seemed, was
the guy who’d been asking all those questions during
the short meeting earlier in the afternoon. He was
twenty-three but only a sophomore. He’d had some
military service after high school and then started
college later than his friends. Norm was majoring in
business and his roommate Steve majored in economics.

Erica, the girl who lived directly across from Mindy,
was a pre-med major who could not stop talking about
how rich she was going to be when she got out of
college. A couple of guys whose room was right next to
the women’s bathroom were second year electrical
engineers who had both attended the same high school
but never met until today. Their names were Bruce and
John and they seemed respectable enough, but Mindy
couldn’t help thinking there was something sinister in
Bruce’s gaze.

Dinner passed with a great deal of chat and laughter as
stories of the previous year’s residents were related
by the veterans. The most horrific of these stories was
saved until the trek back up to the third floor. As
Bruce told it, a very popular girl on his hall last
year had overdosed on a combination of legal and
illegal drugs and was found sprawled over a toilet by
the janitor the following day. Norm had heard all about
it, though he hadn’t lived in the same hall, and added
that the girl was a known slut. She’d slept with nearly
every guy in that hall before killing herself.

That, of course, led several people to joke (in an
attempt to raise the dark mood which had fallen over
them) about whether Bruce had gotten a piece of her. He
refused to comment and turned a bright red which only
made the others laugh even harder at his expense.

Mindy returned to her room and turned on her stereo. A
little music after dinner always helped cheer her up,
and she was starting to feel like the dullness of dorm
life would drive her insane. “Hell,” she thought,
“maybe that’s why that girl killed herself. There was
nothing to do but fuck and it got old after a while.”
She listened for any sounds of merriment in the hall
but there were none. Most of the residents were
freshmen like herself and not ready to socialize with
all these strangers.

After her CD finished, though, some laughter came
through the large ventilation system that seemed to run
all the way down the hall on both sides. She also heard
some wretchedly awful music and … it sounded like
someone sloppily sucking cock! “My god! They didn’t
waste any time getting to know their neighbors,” she

She glanced at her clock and saw it was 8:07. She was
late for her party. She grabbed her key and
straightened her hair and then slipped out into the
deserted hall. She made her way down two doors and
found that the noises she’d heard through the vents
were much louder here. She knocked quietly on the door.
The noises continued as the door was cracked open and
Norm’s head peeked out.

“Oh hey, Mindy. Come on in. That is, if you want to.”
He pulled the door open a bit farther and Mindy clearly
saw a television with a hardcore porn movie showing. A
group of both guys and girls sat on beanbags and beds
drinking beer and joking about the cheesy stuff going
on in the movie.

Mindy stammered, “I– I didn’t expect that,” but she
slipped in nonetheless and made herself comfortable on
the corner of a bed.

“That’s my bed,” Steve said, “and there’s a toll for
sitting on it.” He grinned.

“Oh?” Mindy raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Everyone else is starting with beer but if you
want to sit on my bed you have to start with something
a little harder.” He pulled a small flask from a paper
bag by a small refrigerator. “Jack Daniels. Best shit
in the whole world.” Mindy wasn’t sure about this.
She’d drunk a bit of beer before but never anything
like this.

“What’s it taste like?” Mindy questioned, meekly
reaching out her hand to take the flask.

“Well there’s only one way to find out,” Norm laughed.
Mindy opened the bottle and sniffed. She grimaced but
slowly lifted it to her lips and took a sip.

“Ugh!” Mindy nearly spat it out but realized that
wouldn’t be very neighborly of her. She held it out for
Steve to take back but he shook his head.

“You started it, you’ll have to finish it. But if you
want something else to start, I guess we can let you
drink beer.” He handed her a bottle of Coors and sat
next to her on the bed. “What do you think of the

Mindy watched the TV for a few seconds just as the guy
in the scene blew a load of cum over a girl’s face.
They were both pretty nasty looking, she thought, but
she was sure that wasn’t what Steve wanted to know.
“I’ve seen worse,” she admitted. Steve smiled and Mindy
began sipping her beer.

When the movie was over, two of the girls (both of
apparently Mexican descent) began arguing about how
crude and fake it had been. Norm argued that it didn’t
matter because the point was simply to show people
having sex. It didn’t have to be realistic. One of the
girls pointed out the total lack of plot and got into a
debate with her friend, who turned out to be her
roommate, who claimed there had been a plot but it was
just so thin that it didn’t support the movie.

“Heh, what are you, a film major?” Mindy asked, opening
her second bottle of beer.

“Actually yes, I am. Third year.”

“Well have you actually made a film yourself?”

“I did a project late last year. A fifteen minute avant
garde film about the absurdity of adult movies.”

“Yes,” Steve said, “Angelica is quite an expert on this
stuff.” He smiled again. Mindy found that smile both
relaxing and enticing. It made Steve’s whole face shine
and she liked the look.

After a heated debate over the lack of plot, another
video was put in that it was said would change
Angelica’s mind on porn movies. The star of the movie
was a woman by the name of Wendy Whoppers and after
only a few minutes Mindy realized she’d seen this one
before. She and Aaron had watched it at his place one
night almost a year ago. Something to do with UFO’s and
Russian spies she believed. But even she had to admit
that the plot was pretty much nonexistent in this
movie. She watched nonetheless. Wendy was the only
woman Mindy had ever actually seen whose breasts were
bigger than her own.

Angelica suddenly blurted, “Hey Mindy, your tits are
almost as big as hers!”

“Yeah, thanks for pointing that out,” Mindy muttered.

“You know,” said Steve, “I think you may be wrong about
that. Her tits,” he motioned to the screen, “are
uncovered so you can see ’em all. Mindy is still
clothed so you can’t really be sure.”

Angelica, who sat on the floor right in front of
Steve’s bed, turned to face the two of them sitting
atop it. “I can tell. A woman can always tell another
woman’s bra size. You’re about, what, a thirty-eight

Mindy flushed with embarrassment and looked at the blue
carpeted floor.

Norm and Steve chimed in, “Aww c’mon Mindy, you might
as well tell us. It isn’t like we’re asking you to show
us, just tell us.”

Getting up her courage — she hadn’t been this
embarrassed in several months — Mindy cleared her
throat and quietly announced “thirty-eight double D.”

“Shit mother fucker!” exclaimed Antonio, one of the
other guys in the room. “You have got to be mother
fucking joking!” Mindy shook her head and tried not to
look at any of them. “I don’t believe you,” Antonio

“Well too bad,” she sneered. She certainly wasn’t about
to bare her breasts for these strangers to see how big
she was.

But after a few more beers, and a few more sips from
the flask of J.D. at Steve’s insistence that she finish
it off because it cost him a pretty penny, Mindy was
feeling a little less inhibited. She and everyone else
had pretty much lost interest in the movie and had
started talking amongst themselves about how they’d get
a constant supply of alcohol into the dorm for all the
underage people.

After several minutes Antonio got up to stretch and
looked out the window. “Holy shit!” he laughed.
“There’s some dude across the way out on the ledge. And
he’s naked!”

This statement had everyone on their feet and pressing
against the large plate glass. Sure enough, some guy in
the A3 hall across the lawn was standing out on the
narrow ledge which ran along the entire hall. And sure
enough, he was half naked. He wore a t-shirt but his
pants were around his knees. Apparently he was taking a
piss over the edge.

Norm turned the winch that opened his half of the
window and yelled out, “Hey man, be careful where you
wave that thing! There are ladies present!”

Antonio, staying out of sight, yelled in a somewhat
disguised voice, “You call that a dick?”

“Hey fuck you!” the guy across the way yelled. “Don’t
make me come over there and beat your ass.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’d like to beat my ass with that
little thing,” Antonio yelled again. Angelica was
laughing while telling him to cut it out before anyone
got in too much trouble or the guy really did come
around to see them.

“Hey man,” Norm called. “We’ve got a chick here who’ll
get your little prick up and longer than ever before.”

“Oh yeah? Show me!”

Norm pulled Mindy over to the open window and told her
to flash the guy. “Hee hee, he’ll probably blow a load
right on the spot and fall off the ledge,” he laughed.

“I don’t really think I should,” Mindy protested as her
clouding mind worked through the details of the

“Don’t worry, he can’t hurt you. He’s all the way over
there. Besides, we’re all here and we’ll protect you if
he comes over.”

Angelica, Antonio, and Steve all agreed. Only the quiet
little Juanita thought this was a bad idea, but she was
easily out voiced. Mindy bunched her t-shirt up under
her neck, her light blue bra showing proudly in the
bright moonlight.

“No, that’s not flashing. You’ve gotta take off your
bra. Here, let me help you.” Antonio worked with the
clasp at the back of Mindy’s bra. She slowly began to
protest but by then it was hanging loose. “Okay, now
lift that up!”

Mindy did as she was told. She slipped the thin fabric
of her bra up off her tits flashed the guy across the
lawn good. Everyone in the room with her leaned forward
to get a good look at her, even the girls.

“Well hell missy,” began Angelica, “you really got
something there.”

“Oh yeah,” agreed Steve as he drooled.

“So where is this chick?” called the guy across the way
with his cock still hanging out. “I wanna see her you
lying sacks of shit.”

“I’m right here!” Mindy tried to yell but found her
voice just squeaked a bit.

“Here, get out on the ledge so he can see you and then
he’ll shut up,” Norm suggested, helping Mindy up onto a
low table by the window. She dutifully stepped up and
began slipping out through the window as three pair of
hands latched onto her waist and hips. “Steady, we
don’t want you falling,” Norm said helpfully. But his
hands were not holding her tight, they were working at
the fly of her denim shorts.

Steve was the one holding her from falling over. Once
her fly was unbuttoned and unzipped, Norm and Angelica
slid her shorts down Mindy’s luscious legs and then her
panties went off the same way. They then pulled her top
over her head and off, leaving her in just shoes and
socks. She protested and asked for her clothes back but
they all told her it would be over soon. They just
wanted to shut the guy up across the way and be done
with it.

Mindy groggily agreed and slipped out onto the rough
ledge, small rocks and dead leaves crunching beneath
her feet. She stood tall and proud as her companions
cheered her on, her heavy breasts thrust forward and
legs spread about half a foot apart so her blonde pubic
hair was also clearly visible.

“Oh fuck!” the guy across the way yelled. “Damn you’re
hot! Come over here and we’ll fuck! I’ve been waiting
for a girl like you.”

“Yeah, as if!” Mindy snapped, suddenly feeling
vulnerable as the cool wind of night caressed her
nakedness. Her nipples and clit began to stiffen with
mild excitement. Her arms instinctively crossed over
her chest but her pussy was left on display. The guy in
A3 continued making lewd remarks about wanting to
squeeze and suck and fuck her big tits, and his hollers
were joined by a half dozen others as windows were
opened not only on his hall but the ones below it as

Mindy surveyed the scene before her, growing unsteady
as she looked down twenty feet to the grass and
realized she had only about a foot and a half of ledge
to stand on. She glanced up and saw faces pressed to
the windows of two dozen rooms, some open and some
closed. Some of the faces were boys, others girls, and
still others were too difficult to discern in this

Someone behind her grabbed Mindy’s right arm and pulled
her back. She automatically threw out both arms to
steady herself, once again leaving her full breasts
exposed. The cheering across the lawn increased in
volume and crudeness as she was pulled back into Norm
and Steve’s room and the window shut.

“Wow,” she breathed, “that was almost fun.”

Chapter 2 – The Little Redhead That Could

Sunday afternoon came around and Mindy finally got to
meet her new roommate. She hadn’t been expecting anyone
to walk in on her as she sat massaging her exposed
crotch while reading a porn story she’d found on the
internet. The sound of a key in the lock sent her
scrambling to pull her pants up and close her web
browser. She just barely managed to disguise her
actions as the door swung open with a thud against the
side of her closet.

“Oh hi, you must be, uhh, Mindy?” said the attractive
redheaded girl in the hallway.

“Y-yes, yes I am. Mindy Chase.”

The redhead stepped in and dumped a load of clothes
onto what she guessed would be her bed, as the other
was already made. “Hi, my name’s Tamara Jenkins. I’ll
be your roommate!” The two young women shook hands.
Mindy noted they would very likely be the most popular
girls on the hall.

Aside from Mindy’s incredible 38DD chest, Tammie looked
to be at least a 36C. Mindy’s long, flowing golden hair
and Tammie’s long flaming red would make them easy to
spot in any crowd. What’s more, both of them were above
average eight, again making them easy to pick out in a
crowd. Mindy could tell she’d like being close to
Tammie but worried whether the other girl would feel

Tammie was noticing the same things and her fears
likewise turned toward the other girl being
uncomfortable getting dressed and undressed in front of
her. She’d have to play it cool for a while to become
good friends and then push slowly into the realm of
near lesbianism — “accidentally” brushing against
Mindy’s thigh and “accidentally” walking in on her
after a shower. This year promised to be quite

Tammie drafted Mindy to help her lug her remaining
belongings up from her little Ford Escort. They chatted
the whole time about ground rules for their room. No
boyfriends could sleep over without prior approval, no
loud music after 9 o’clock, no booze or cigarettes at
all (both girls stressed this point), and the room was
to be kept as clean as possible to avoid attracting
ants and any unpleasantries.

On their way back to the elevator with Tammie’s second
load, a rather handsome, athletic guy met up with them.
“Hey babe,” he said to Tammie, sliding an arm around
her waist and kissing her on the cheek. “Who’s your

“Kevin, this is my new roommate. Mindy, this is Kevin,
my boyfriend.”

“Nice to meet you Kevin,” Mindy said, extending her
hand. Kevin took it and shook heartily. Mindy was
impressed to be treated so firmly. She just hated when
guys limply shook her hand as if they’d break her in
two if they were any stronger. She smiled
appreciatively. “You two make quite a cute couple. How
long have you been together?”

“Just since before summer,” Tammie purred, snuggling
against Kevin.

“Oh really? That’s cool. I broke up with my guy right
in the middle of summer.”

Tammie frowned. “Gee Mindy, I’m sorry to hear that. Was
he an asshole?”

Mindy shook her head. “No, he was a pretty decent guy.
But he… well let’s just say he got out of hand and we
parted ways. So tell me, how did you two meet?”

Tammie stopped in her tracks for a moment, then
continued on. She wasn’t exactly ready to tell her
torrid tale to this new girl with whom she’d be sharing
a room for the next nine months. Perhaps in time, if
she thought it could get her extra close to Mindy for a
sympathetic hug or maybe to be cradled in the girl’s
arms right up against that magnificent chest. For now,
the story would have to wait.

“We had an art appreciation class together,” Tammie
finally said with a smile.

“Ooh, I see. Did you have any nude models in your
class?” Mindy joked.

“Actually we did have one,” Kevin put in. Tammie
elbowed him in the side to shut him up. “And I don’t
mind telling you she was one fine lady.”

Mindy raised her eyebrows and laughingly said, “Uh oh,
looks like trouble in paradise already, Tam.”

“Tammie. I don’t like being called Tam.”

“Oh, okay. Sorry. I didn’t know.”

The trio worked to unpack all of Tammie’s belongings
and get her set up in her new home. More than a few
guys from the hall stopped to check out the hot pair of
babes that had moved in. Most had already met (and
ogled) Mindy, but to find that her roommate was just as
delectable made them all very hard. Too bad for them
that Kevin always showed his face and athletic build
just as one of them was starting to thoroughly enjoy
eyeing Tammie’s chest and legs.

It was dinner time when Tammie’s stuff was finally
settled in, so they made their way down to the
cafeteria to get some food and maybe watch a few
minutes of that juggling act. The dining room, which
took up the entirety of D wing’s ground floor, was
lined with simple white cloth covered tables of food
and refreshments and utterly packed with students. The
food was adequate and was wolfed down by the starving
students who’d been doing a lot of lifting and loading
and unloading all day.

The jugglers were a couple of bizarre fellows whose
jokes seemed to be aimed more at trying to get the
other one to screw up than at making the audience
laugh, but they were passable. In all the evening was
rather boring and Tammie and Mindy decided to go back
to their room and watch some TV. Tammie asked if Kevin
could stay the night.

Mindy had been expecting the question for the last two
hours but pretended to consider the pros and cons. She
finally agreed and they locked themselves into their
room for the night, Mindy lying on her stomach on her
bed while Tammie and Kevin snuggled on the other, the
television sitting atop Tammie’s dresser which they’d
pulled into the middle of the room up against the
window. It was a cheap little 13 inch black and white
that Mindy had brought from home but it worked well

“Maybe with my scholarship money I’ll have enough left
over in a few months to buy a new TV,” Mindy said
during a commercial.

“Oh hey, that would be great!” cheered Tammie between
french kisses with Kevin. Mindy tried not to notice the
fact that they couldn’t wait to be alone and suggested
she could go shower.

“Oh, are you sure?” Kevin asked, sounding almost hurt.

“Yeah, I’ll leave you two alone for a while,” Mindy
laughed. She gathered her towel, soap, and shampoo and
made her way down the hall toward the women’s bathroom.
Loud and very unusual electronic music pulsed from the
room next door, the room occupied by Bruce and John the
two electrical engineering majors. Their door was
slightly ajar and Mindy could hear them talking either
to each other or to another guy — she was having
trouble hearing distinct voices but was almost certain
there was a third and maybe fourth guy in the room.

The shower was hot and relaxing after her afternoon
moving furniture and lugging boxes from Tammie’s car.
She stayed in until her skin was about ready to wrinkle
and then stepped out to dry herself off. Another girl,
Erica from directly across the hall, was coming into
the shower room and was startled to find Mindy standing
there naked.

“Oops, sorry Mindy,” she said, shielding her eyes.

“Hey Erica. It’s okay, I haven’t got anything you
don’t.” Mindy laughed out loud and rubbed herself down
with the towel. Erica made her way blindly to the
middle shower stall and turned on the water. She kept
her back to Mindy the entire time until, to her relief,
the buxom blonde was out the door and headed back to
her own room. Erica was a very late bloomer and as
Mindy had the biggest pair of breasts in the whole
school probably, she didn’t want to be ridiculed the
way she had been throughout high school.

Mindy returned to her room to find the lights off and
Tammie moaning softly. “Don’t mind me,” she whispered,
“I’ll just get my clothes and go into the lounge for a

The moaning stopped and Tammie apologized breathlessly,
“No no, it’s alright. We were just, uhh, getting
comfortable for the night. There’s no reason for you to
leave on our behalf.”

“You sure?”

It was Kevin who replied softly, “Yeah, this is your
room after all. I am but a guest. Don’t let me put you
out.” Mindy shrugged and stepped fully into the room.
She shut and locked the door behind her and, in the
darkness, fumbled for her dresser drawers. She dressed
in a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and slipped into
her bed.

“Goodnight Tammie. Goodnight Kevin.”

“Goodnight Mindy,” the couple said in chorus.

Not ten minutes later Mindy heard Tammie whispering,
“Oof, not now you dork. Not with Mindy here. Hey! Hee
hee, get your hand out of there you dirty boy.”

Then Kevin’s voice came lightly to Mindy’s ears. “I
don’t mind if she watches and I know you don’t either.”
A moment later Tammie was breathing hard and purring
like a sex kitten. Mindy turned onto her side facing
them. The moonlight coming in through the window blinds
was just enough for her to make out their joint form.
Tammie was apparently naked and facing Mindy while
Kevin pressed himself into her back. Kevin had his arms
around Tammie with one hand rolling and squeezing her
tits as the other hand worked slowly between the
redhead’s thighs.

Tammie and Mindy made eye contact briefly before Tammie
turned to face Kevin. They kissed noisily and then
Tammie rolled on top of him. She straddles his hips and
hung her heavy breasts over his face. He nipped at them
as his hands kneaded her ass cheeks. Another moment
passed before Tammie’s body began sliding up and down
and her breathing became even more erratic, small cries
of ecstasy sprinkling through the sounds of her
bedsprings creaking.

Mindy was getting quite turned on. She watched the
whole lewd spectacle with fascination. By the time
Tammie whimpered her way through what Mindy knew to be
a powerful orgasm, Mindy’s own pillow was covered in
drool. She was enthralled by the redhead’s large
breasts bouncing and jiggling in Kevin’s face. The only
time she’d ever witnessed such a scene as an observer
and not a participant had been watching herself and
Jennifer on the video tape her brother’s friends had
forced them to make earlier that year. This was very
different. This was another woman in live action whose
tits were magnificent.

Mindy hadn’t yet gotten a chance to actually see
Tammie’s pussy but hoped to god that the redhead hadn’t
shaved it clean. If the color of the hair on her head
was any indication, Tammie’s bush would be a delicacy
to be savored as often as possible.

Mindy watched through Tammie’s second orgasm and then
Kevin began gasping that he was almost there. Tammie
thrust her tits into his face and he bit and licked at
them ferociously. He too cried out quietly as his body
tensed and he shot his wad of hot cum up into Tammie’s
womb. He then rolled her over, nearly rolling both of
them off the bed, and kissed all over her face and
neck. They exchanged words of love and adoration before
settling into a comfortable position to fall asleep in
each other’s arms.

Now Mindy was just sad. She pitifully remembered having
someone to fall asleep with, someone to tell her he
loved her and would always be by her side. She wept
quietly into her drool covered pillow and awoke late in
the morning.

The first real week of school began with a bang. There
wasn’t a single student on B3 who didn’t complain about
at least one of their professors or about having to
hike to the ends of the earth of this or that class.
The small groups of would-be friends which had formed
over the first three days of orientation shifted and
melded into more permanent alliances as people
discovered they had classes together or could mooch off
of the work of others and sleep in a while longer.

As expected, every guy on the hall wanted Mindy and
Tammie to be in his little group of friends. In private
they often laughed about possibly flashing every guy on
the hall at some point just to remind them of what they
would probably never get to feel.

Mindy got to see Tammie’s gloriously trimmed but
unshaven red pubic hair on a couple of occasions
between staggering their shower times and getting
dressed/undressed every morning and night. She was in
heaven. She loved the look of it. She’d never actually
seen a red bush before and it fascinated her. She
wanted to run her fingers through it but would wait as
long as necessary.

As to Kevin, well he stayed over every other night. He
was also a student of the university but lived off
campus. His three apartment roommates, he said, were
jerk offs who would rather surf the internet looking
for porn than keeping the place clean or, heaven
forbid, actually go out and meet some real women. Kevin
was already talking with some people he’d met in
classes about renting an apartment together.

Each of them had a problem with their current roommates
and wanted out, and each thought they’d found
respectable new friends within their new little group.
Until then, Kevin spent most of his nights in Tammie’s
bed and on every one of those occasions Mindy would
either be woken by the sounds or would fall asleep to
the sounds of the couple making passionate love.

And they weren’t quiet about it at all. Erica shyly
asked Mindy if she’d been the one making all the noise
on Tuesday night. Mindy had to, unfortunately, tell her
the truth that it had been Tammie and Kevin. “Geez,
what’s it like living with rabbits?” Erica asked.

“Huh?” Mindy wasn’t entirely sure what she meant.

“Well if all that noise was those two, girlfriend they
fuck like rabbits! You should head ’em when you’re not
in the room. All this ‘Oh baby. Oh yeah! Fuck me
harder. Ooh, give it to me.’ shit.”

“Wow, I had no idea.” Mindy was intrigued. It didn’t
take long for her to get her chance to hear it live,
either. By Thursday night Tammie was sheepishly asking
Mindy if she’d like to ‘do more than just watch’. Mindy
played dumb to get Tammie to say it in so many words.

“Well,” the redhead began, wringing her hands and
trying to look away. “It’s just that Kevin is here a
lot and I know it isn’t fair to you to have to lie
there watching us all the time. It’s got to be pretty
hard not having a boyfriend of your own. Until you find
the right man, I just kind of — well I just kind of
thought you might like to… Well I’ve seen the way you
look at us when we’re, you know, making out. I’ve seen
you drooling on your pillow and even rubbing your pussy
when you thought I wasn’t looking. Would you like to
sample my Kevin?”

Mindy was shocked. Never in her wildest dreams had she
even considered having sex with Kevin. Her desire
burned just for Tammie, but now that the redhead
mentioned it, it did sound good. Mindy liked the idea
of having a hard cock sliding in and out of her and
especially one that was totally consensual.

Tammie stammered, “You don’t have to if you don’t want
to. I’ll understand. I just don’t want you to feel so
lonely and have to, you know, get yourself off all the

Mindy sat in silence for many minutes. She finally got
up her will and refused the offer. “I really couldn’t,
Tammie. I know you mean well, but I just couldn’t. I
don’t want to ever come between the two of you. You
seem so happy and right for each other. I’m a third
wheel. Don’t worry about me, though. I’ll find someone

Chapter 3 – Sister Act, Too

The second week of school saw things calming down in
the dorms. Class schedules were becoming routine, meal
times were starting to come around at times when
students were actually hungry, and the social order of
the B3 hall was solidified into distinct groups.

On the one hand you had the athletes and the wanna be
athletes who’d spend a lot of time at the gym and
pretending to be working out but in fact were scoping
for dates. Mindy knew the kind all too well thanks to
her sincere interest throughout high school in sports.
She’d known more than her fair share of guys who
pretending to be jocks just to try and have something
in common with her.

On another hand were the gold diggers. These were a
group of five girls who lived down near the far end of
the hall who spent just about every evening watching
Melrose Place and chattering about it as if it were
real life. These, Mindy considered, were the
degenerates whose time at college was engineered by
their rich parents simply to find them doctors or
lawyers to marry. Not a one of them had any real reason
to attend university.

The last recognizable group were the geeks. The
computer junkies and Star Trek fans that didn’t really
hang out so much as wandered about talking nonsense
about “PCI busses” and eunuchs. No one else really
liked these people (who were almost all male but not
entirely) but they didn’t get in anyone’s way so they
were accepted.

Finally were the non-grouped people. This is the group
to which Mindy and Tammie, Norm and Steve belonged.
They tried to get along with everyone and, in Norm’s
case especially, spent most of their time hanging out
with people from outside the hall.

Mindy didn’t like the feeling of not fitting in,
though. She wouldn’t have minded joining the jocks
except for the fact that they always spent most of
their time joking amongst themselves about getting her
into a tight track uniform and going jogging with her,
watching her tits bounce wildly the whole time. Either
that or getting her into the weight room and spotting
her on the bench press, leering down at her up-thrust
tits as she struggled to push the bar all the way up.
She just felt she ought to avoid that whole disaster-

So her interest turned to sororities. She’d heard there
were some respectable ones on this campus and went
looking. It wasn’t hard to find people promoting their
fraternities and sororities around the school. Flyers
were passed out or stapled to message boards, and
pledges wandered around in groups proudly wearing their
soon-to-be organization’s letters on their shirts and

After days of sifting through the various materials,
which all seemed to be pretty generic from one group to
the next, Mindy decided to check out something called
Sigma Omega Epsilon. She hadn’t seen anyone at all
wearing their letters or shouting about how great they
were, which intrigued Mindy. The whole mystery of it
attracted her.

Their house was apparently situated in a prime location
on the hill overlooking the entire campus, so maybe
they didn’t feel they needed to tell everyone how cool
they were — the right people would seek them out and
become popular. She phoned the number provided for
pledging the sorority and was granted an interview with
one of the elder sisters.

Tammie tried to warn Mindy about getting into a
sorority. She’d heard from friends who’d gone to
college the year before that they could make you do
just about anything and if you refused, they’d never
let you or any of your friends in. They might even
black list you with other sororities so they’d never
consider you for membership.

Mindy, however, was sure she could take whatever they
dished out. After all, she told herself, these will be
women who would understand her. Nothing they could
throw her way could be as bad as what she and Jennifer
had endured in high school.

Mindy arrived at the sorority house a few minutes ahead
of schedule and was made to sit in a luxurious room
adorned with velvet upholstered chairs and sofa and
prints of classical nude paintings on the walls. She
was quite comfortable until the door swung open and she
met her elder.

“Hello, I am Sister Sheena,” said the foul-looking
woman with deep set brown eyes and frizzy brown hair.
“I understand you want to become a Sister.”

Mindy swallowed nervously before replying. “Yes, that’s
right. I’d like to join your sorority.”

“How did you hear of us?”

“I saw one of your flyers around campus. Very
mysterious. I love that.”

“I see,” said Sister Sheena, taking a seat on the
velvet upholstered sofa. “What do you know of our
sisterhood? We have very strict rules of conduct and I
must be assured that you will uphold them without

“Well I– I guess I really don’t know that much. I was
just so intrigued by the mystery of you that I decided
I’d check you out.”

The unattractive little woman leaned forward, placing
her elbows on knees and pressing her fingertips
together at her lips. “Let me ask you this. Have you
ever wanted the world to know the true beauty of the
female form?”

“Don’t most people already know it? I mean, that’s why
we’re all alive, isn’t it?” Mindy laughed but cut it
short when she saw the woman was still quite serious.
Almost deadly serious. Mindy shivered.

“Mindy, there are people in the world who feel that the
female form is something to be hidden, to be ashamed
of. And yet it’s the way half of the world’s population
is born. Then there are people, like myself and my
sisters, who feel there is an inherent beauty in it and
that trying to hide the reality does untold damage to
everyone, male and female alike. Do you understand?”

Mindy was beginning to.

“As a sister of Sigma Omega Epsilon, you would be
required to uphold the house principles and to make a
bold statement about your refusal to be ashamed of the
way you were born.”

“So you’re, like…” the word just wouldn’t come out of
Mindy’s mouth.

“We’re proud of what we are, that’s all. And we’re not
afraid to show it sometimes. You’ll also find it can be
a very effective tool when you want something unusual
or expensive. But above all else, we help one another
to accept our womanhood and to be proud of it in a
world of forced shame and humiliation.”

Well that did it for Mindy. The chance to rebel against
the shame and humiliation she’d endured was a sweet
prize. And she was proud of her womanhood, she just
wasn’t proud of having someone else control how she
used it. “So how do I join?” she asked matter-of-

“As with all sororities and fraternities, you must
pledge during the first quarter of the school year.
After one week you are up for acceptance. If you don’t
get accepted, don’t worry. That just means you didn’t
get a unanimous vote and will be up for acceptance
again after a month. Only three girls have ever been
accepted after just one week. Even I was not accepted
until… some time later.”

“So what exactly do I do to pledge?”

“You do basically whatever your elder sisters ask of
you. Last year we had a girl come in during one of our
house parties and her elder sister made her act like a
dog for the whole evening. She stayed in the dog house
until she was called out to perform and then she went
back in. The first and foremost person you listen to is
your Guiding Elder. She is the one who bears the burden
of proving you worthy to her sisters and without her
you will never get into the house.

“If she feels you have not lived up to her standards,
she will orphan you. Once orphaned, you can be picked
up by another sister, but it is unlikely. If your
Guiding Elder promotes you and you are accepted and
then fail to uphold the house standards, both you and
she stand to lose your status here, so you really must
work to make her look good. If all goes well, you
become an elder sister the following year and take on
the same responsibility.”

Mindy nodded in understanding. “Who would my Guiding
Elder be?”

“Yours truly, darling.” Sister Sheena smiled. She
didn’t look any better smiling than not. “Are you
prepared to uphold my wishes and do you swear to put
your entire effort into seeing this pledge through to
the end?”

Mindy nodded quietly.

“You’ll have to speak up, deary.”

“Yes, I– I do.”

“Alright, then you are hereby initiated as a pledge to
the Secret Order of Exhibitionists working under the
pseudonym Sigma Omega Epsilon. I expect you to return
here at 6:30 this evening. We have two other pledges
whose one week trial has come up and we are holding a
small party to judge their worthiness.”

“Secret Order of Exhibitionists?” stammered Mindy.

“That’s right hon, we’re proud of our womanhood and we
don’t mind showing it sometimes. If you want to back
out now, you may. But I’ll tell you truthfully, you
probably won’t get into any other sorority with that
mark on your record.”

“No, no I’ll go through with it. I said I would and I
will. 6:30 then! What shall I wear?”

“Oh honey, it doesn’t matter. We’ll have something for
you to wear as a new pledge anyway.”

So at 6:30 Mindy returned to the S.O.E. house wearing
faded blue jeans and a thick cotton shirt with wide
colorful stripes running around the midsection. She was
greeted amicably by several sisters of the house as
well as a few guys who were introduced as coming from
the Alpha Tao Omega fraternity.

They were all gathered around the large front room of
the house enjoying drinks and snacks while two girls,
both rather attractive in their own ways, danced disco
style on the coffee table. Mindy assumed these were the
two pledges up for acceptance but she was quickly
ushered off to a back room by Sister Sheena and had no
time to dwell on the goings on.

“Since this is your first day of initiation and since
Amy and Veronica are the special stars of tonight, we
have all agreed to be gentle with you,” Sister Sheena
was saying as she guided Mindy into the back room.
“Normally the first night would be the most
intimidating so we could be sure of your willingness to
go through with the week or month of pledging.

“All you’ve got to do is to wear this and nothing
more,” Sheena put heavy emphasis on the last two words
as she picked up a pile of clothes from a table and
shoved them into Mindy’s arms, “and serve food and
drinks to the frat guys.” With that, Sheena left the
room, closing the door behind her.

Mindy sat in a stiff chair and held the new clothes up
before her. She had been given a skimpy French maid
costume which she imagined no actual French maid would
ever have worn unless she had absolutely nothing to
hide. The neckline plunged so low that Mindy wasn’t
even sure her breasts would fit beneath the fabric, and
the skirt was so high and gauzy that her whole ass and
pussy would probably be on display.

To top it off, she’d been given a pair of thigh-high
black nylons and garter belt and a pair of four inch
heels. She tried to visualize the people she’d seen on
her way in. It seemed most of the women had been
skimpily dressed. Mini skirts and fishnet stockings
seemed all the rage at this sorority as were lace bras
under incredibly thin nylon tops.

But no one had been wearing quite this little on a body
as full and ripe as Mindy’s. She quickly disrobed,
leaving her street clothes in the chair and began
slithering her way into the tight costume. She had to
pull quite a few tricks just to get the fabric over her
full chest.

She realized she could go one of two ways. The first
was to let her tits hang out completely but cover her
ass and crotch. The second was to adequately but
incompletely cover her tits but leave almost her entire
ass and blonde pussy on display. For several minutes
she fought with the costume to find some happy medium
but there was none. There simply was not enough
material to go around.

Finally deciding that her tits were indeed her best
asset, and that fully exposing her uncovered pussy lips
would not be the best option on her first night in
front of so many new guys, Mindy sat and began pulling
her black nylons up her long, soft legs. When she sat,
the skirt of the costume pulled up more than enough to
expose her womanhood.

She wouldn’t be doing any sitting or bending over
tonight, she decided. She readjusted the costume to be
sure her nipples were at least covered. The entire
upper halves of her breasts were prominently displayed
over the top of the costume and the deep neckline left
the entirety of her cleavage open, and naturally her
very large tits being pressed inward by the small
costume squished out into every available opening,
making her cleavage seem all the more impressive with
her tits fully rubbing one another.

Finally clad, to the best of her ability, in the maid’s
costume, Mindy took a deep breath to calm her nerves.
“You’ve been through worse,” she told herself as she
reached for the doorknob. Turning it, she pulled the
door open a crack just to see who might be outside. One
of her elder sisters happened to be walking by and
cheerfully dragged her by the hand out of the back
room. She introduced herself as Sister Cheryl and told
Mindy not to be shy.

Cheryl was an attractive brunette of some Asian mix
ancestry. Her eyes were full and bright and when she
smiled Mindy felt so relieved she had to smile as well.
“Here, you can take this tray around to the guys and
then get drinks,” Cheryl said, taking a plate of
sandwich quarters from the kitchen as they passed and
handing it to Mindy. Mindy nodded and took another deep
breath. She stepped into the front room.

The two girls who had been disco dancing earlier were
now clad only in bras and panties and dancing face to
face with their hands on each other’s hips. Partially
intoxicated frat guys cheered them on and called for
their panties to come off. Mindy could only see the
face of one of the girls as she faced the buxom French
maid — the girl was practically frantic with fear.

Mindy knew the look well. She herself had felt that way
dancing naked in her own backyard for her brother’s
snot-nosed friends several months before. She felt
genuinely sorry for the girl but knew that no one got
into these things (these sorority parties) unless they
wanted to. The girl was doing it to herself so Mindy
couldn’t help her through it even though she badly
wanted to.

So Mindy walked through the room, unsteady on her first
real high heels and trying not to expose either her
tits or her ass, and offered sandwiches to the guys.
Several took the food without looking at her, their
eyes still riveted on the two girls pseudo-lezzing on
the coffee table, but a few let their gaze wander
enough to get a face-full of very large, very
squeezable breasts.

One guy pointed to his plate on the low table before
him and told Mindy to place his sandwich on it. She
held her own plate level and looked at him like he was
an idiot. Why can’t he just take a piece and let me go
on or at least lift his plate for me? But of course she
knew why.

The guy started to get annoyed that Mindy was just
standing there, blocking his view of the would-be
lesbian dancers and not even letting him get a close
inspection of her cavernous cleavage. He cleared his
throat noisily and pointed to his plate once more. The
guys on either side of him turned their heads at the
irritated sound he’d made. They both cracked smiles as
they saw what he was doing.

Mindy deduced this would be her initiation rite — not
only to serve food and drink in a skimpy costume but to
be as accommodating to the frat guys as possible. She
daintily took a quarter of sandwich and bent at the
waist to place it on the guy’s plate. She felt a rush
of cool air over her ass and realized her skirt had
come up again, leaving her womanhood wide open for
anyone behind her — and most of the crowd was behind
her at the moment.

Making matters somewhat worse, as she bent over she
felt the heaviness of her breasts sliding against the
fabric of her top and realized her tits would soon flop
out. She made no move to conceal herself but simply
stood quickly and moved on to other guests.

She made her way about a third of the way around the
room without incident. But a very drunk guy sitting on
a sofa by the front window slipped an arm around her
thighs as she served sandwiches to his friends.

“Hey baby, you wearing any panties under there?” he

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Mindy teased, slapping his
arm away. He reached out again but she had deftly
slipped off to serve still more guests. Geez, how many
more guys had shown up after she arrived? There hadn’t
seemed to be this many before.

By the time Mindy made it to the sofa closest to the
dancing table, both girls there had stripped off their
bras and their large breasts bounced and swayed with
their motions. One was working her pink satin panties
down her thighs, legs clamped tight to hide her
womanhood as much as possible, while the other girl
just danced and kept her eyes shut.

“Mindy! Mindy, why aren’t you serving our guests drinks
yet? Don’t be so slow, dearie.” It was Sister Sheena,
the one Mindy would have to impress the most in order
to be accepted as a sister of S.O.E. “Chop chop dearie,
get that tush in motion.”

The shrill words momentarily took the attention of many
guys away from the dancing girls. They drank up Mindy’s
near nakedness and more than a few reached out to
caress her thighs or pinch her ass. One even made a
desperate grab for her top but she caught the movement
out of the corner of her eye and stepped aside and out
of his reach. She quickly finished serving sandwiches,
her increased speed causing her barely contained
breasts to jiggle lewdly, and made her way back to the

Gathering a tray of beer mugs and open bottles of Bud,
Mindy stepped back into the room of hell to find the
dancing girls both naked and being groped obscenely by
a dozen guys. Pussy lips and clits were being rubbed,
tits pinched, and ass cheeks squeezed. Sister Cheryl
stepped in to announce the girls needed a few feet of
personal space for their next trick. The guys
reluctantly moved away but kept their eyes fastened
onto the two pair of tits and two wonderfully unshaven
but neatly trimmed pussies, one blonde and the other
dark brown.

Mindy quickly dispensed drinks to half the room before
anyone had the nerve to pry their eyes off the already
naked girls. Mindy herself glanced over her shoulder
when she got to the front door. The girls were lying in
a 69 on the coffee table and had just begun licking
each other’s cunt, starting delicately with a thorough
moistening of the labia and moving inward to a slow
clit sucking and nibbling which resulted in the
brunette crying out with a wild orgasm. Everybody, male
and female, cheered. The lesbian action progressed
quickly with fingers and tongues being shoved deep into
vaginas and legs being spread to their widest.

Mindy found one of her customers already had a beer mug
but was in need of a refill. She carefully balanced her
tray on one hand and bent over to pour a beer with the
other. The mug was halfway full when her clothes lost
their effectiveness and her right breast, always just
slightly larger and heavier than her left, slipped free
of the costume and hung straight down like a bloated
udder. The fullness of it caught many eyes which now
riveted on her body instead of the lesbian licking.
That one tit hung loose in the cool air for several
seconds before the left followed suit.

Mindy cried out, “Aww shit!” and slammed the bottle of
beer down on the table. The sudden crash caught still
more attention to her dangling breasts, nipples
shriveling slightly in the coolness of the room and
Mindy’s embarrassed, frantic state of mind. She grabbed
at the neck of the costume, trying to pull it up and at
least partially over her tits, but lost hold of her
tray and sent it flipping into the laps of three frat

“What the hell is up with this?” roared one guy, a very
large young man who resembled two football defensive
blockers combined. He shot to his feet as beer spilled
over his belly, lap and arms. Mindy gaped and
temporarily forgot about her fully exposed tits. “These
are my best pants!” the guy complained loudly. Even the
frantically licking lesbians, on the verge of mutual
orgasms, stopped what they were doing to see what the
ruckus was about. Every eye in the room came to rest on
Mindy’s gargantuan, perfectly formed jugs.

Sister Sheena stormed over to Mindy’s side and scolded
her for insulting a guest by not immediately offering
to clean up the mess she’d made. She also scolded the
startled young woman for showing her big tits so
prominently on what was two other girls’ night of
reckoning. “Are you trying to make your pledge sisters
look bad? Well are you?!”

“N– no ma’am. I’m sorry, it– it just happened. I’m as
shocked as you are.”

“Quiet girl! Now clean up this man’s pants.” Sister
Sheena pointed a long, dark finger right at the guy’s

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