What won’t a girl do to become a member of a sorority part2.

Mindy swallowed hard until she found her voice again.
“Wh– where is the laundry room? I’ll put them in the

“No no girl, are you dumb? It’s too late for that and
what if they’re dry-clean only? What then, huh?! Get
down on your knees and ask him what you can do to repay

Mindy, frightened, startled, and a bit confused,
dropped to her knees, her skirt riding up to expose her
ass again, and quietly asked, “How may I repay my
clumsiness, kind sir who would never hurt me?” She
hoped her ploy of innocence and true sorrow would sway
him to be gentle.

“Well you can start by licking the beer off my pants,”
he said gruffly, sitting back down and stretching out
to offer the best access to his crotch. “Well, get to
work already.”

Mindy’s head moved slowly forward as she brought her
lips to the right leg of the man’s jeans. Dry cleaning,
she was sure, was not necessary for these. She gently
sucked at the soaked fabric, letting her lips run in
two parallel lines up the front of his leg. She
rearranged herself and repeated this with his left leg.

“Very good, now just one spot left to go.” She looked
up to see the guy wink at his buddies on the couch
beside him. Neither of them had made any move to touch
her despite her huge tits still hanging free and her
ass and legs fully exposed as she knelt on the carpet.
“And use your tongue this time,” he added with a tone
of authority.

Mindy let her tongue slide out from between her lips
and slowly descended on the man’s bulging crotch. At
first contact of her tongue against the denim, she felt
his cock twitch beneath the fabric. She thought she
could make this difficult on him by playing with his
balls (as much as possible through denim) without
giving him any real release.

She sucked and licked at the beer soaked fabric, not
managing to get any of it clean of course, but managing
to get the guy’s cock fully erect. It was now straining
up from between his legs, which Mindy knew could be
uncomfortable for any decently hung guy. And this guy
was definitely hung. The bulge in his pants measured at
least seven inches.

As if on cue with Mindy’s thoughts, the guy reached
down and quickly unzipped his fly. He reached in to
rearrange his meat to a more comfortable position
sticking straight up. He pulled it out through his open
fly and told Mindy to clean it, too.

Mindy realized she’d become a bad guess of lengths. The
guy’s cock was nearly nine inches long fully erect! The
bulbous head was so full and hard that she wasn’t sure
she could get it into her mouth. But she sure as hell

It took a bit of working, but Mindy’s mouth salivated
more than enough to let the guy’s monstrous cock slide
into her comparatively small mouth. She slurped down
until his head was fully within her dripping mouth,
running her tongue up under the head to make it spasm
like never before. But just when Mindy was beginning to
enjoy it, Sister Sheena grabbed her by the shoulders
and pulled her backward.

“We don’t do that here, young woman. If you want to do
that you take it elsewhere. In this house we show but
never touch. And you, put that monster back where it
belongs before we have you thrown out permanently.” The
guy quickly complied, not wanting to lose his
privileges to attend this exclusive sorority’s
functions. Everyone who even knew about S.O.E. knew
that its members were notoriously easy and almost
always excellent lays.

Sister Sheena led Mindy by the upper arm back into the
kitchen and scolded her repeatedly for her actions.
Mindy hadn’t even taken the time to cover her tits yet,
and after Sister Sheena’s abuse she wasn’t sure she
should even bother with it. She didn’t want to lose her
chance to be a part of this sorority. If she was not
going to be a member, it would be of her own decision,
not theirs.

Chapter 4 – Big Woman on Campus

Two days after her embarrassing foibles at the S.O.E.
house, Mindy was called back to meet with the elder
sisters. She faced a panel of five women, ranging from
about nineteen to perhaps twenty-seven. They all sat in
comfortable velour recliners arranged in a semi-circle
around her while she stood.

Sister Cheryl, the attractive Asiatic spoke first.
“Your performance the other night was extreme, but not
so extreme to warrant an immediate discharge. We have
decided to give you a second chance to prove yourself
worthy of the Secret Order of Exhibitionists. Since it
is that you had such a fun time first exposing yourself
and then performing sexually explicit acts in front of
guests, your new trials will be suited to your obvious

“We have chosen to put you through an accelerated one
week trial,” announced Sister Tabitha, a ravishing but
very small-framed English woman. Her accent was almost
exactly that of the woman from that television series
Frasier, but her voice was somewhat deeper and

Sister Sheena continued, “During the next week, and
with supervision from your elder sisters, you are to go
naked in public at least two times. This is to include
any publicly accessible location other than restrooms
or elevators unless the elevator is part of your path.
During these two instances, you will have a planned
route from which you may not deviate no matter what.
Deviation will be cause for immediate discharge from
the pledging process. Your routes must be pre-approved
by one of the five of us.”

There was a pause. Mindy cleared her throat and said,
“I understand elders. I will not let you down again.”

“That is not all, dearie,” Sister Sheena chuckled.
“Additional to this, you will be required to perform
fully nude sexual acts with at least one person, male
or female but who is not in any way connected to
S.O.E., in an equally public location. All three of
these must be performed independent of one another and
must be completed and verified by the overseeing elder
within one week from today. This is Wednesday, so
you’re lucky. You get a weekend when not many people
will be on campus. However you must complete all three
trials by the end of next Tuesday in order to be
considered for sisterhood.”

Sister Tabitha spoke again. “If you are having any
doubts about your abilities or your desire to become a
proud sister of S.O.E. then say so now. Otherwise you
will be expected to perform and failure to do so may
blacklist you from joining other sororities.”

Mindy shook her head. “No. I will do this. You won’t be

“Very well then. Let the week of testing begin.”

Mindy spoke at length of Sister Cheryl regarding her
first trial. Cheryl seemed the nicest and most helpful
of the elders and Mindy was certain she would not put
her through anything too difficult. They arranged to
meet that night in Mindy and Tammie’s dorm room for
Mindy’s first trial.

Mindy told Tammie nothing about it but wore only a
sweat shirt and sweat pants with nothing underneath
them until she was out of the dorms altogether. No
sense in giving everyone on her hall such a great view.
After all, she had to live with them day in and day
out. Might as well go for total strangers.

Cheryl arrived at the scheduled time, five minutes
after nine when most people would either be cramming
for exams the following day or watching TV. Cheryl was
notably impressed with Tammie when she saw her. “This
is your roommate, Mindy?” Mindy nodded. “Wow, I never
knew they allowed two such lovely women to live in the
same hall — might cause problems for a lot of guys.”
She winked at Tammie, who smiled back from her desk
where she was reading up for the following day. “So
Min, you ready to go?”

“Yep. Just let me get my key in case Tammie isn’t in or
is asleep when I get back.”

“Where you going?” Tammie asked.

“Just out and around campus for a while. I just need
some air and someone to go with me. I didn’t want to
bother you since you’re so busy reading.”

“This can wait. Anytime you need to go somewhere on
campus, just let me know. I’ll go with you. Better that
than having you get attacked in the dark.” The concern
was evident on Tammie’s lightly freckled face.

Cheryl chimed in, “Well you can come if you want to,
but just promise not to be surprised.” She smiled and
her whole face lit up. Mindy stared at her fearfully.
How could she ask Tammie to come along to watch her
streaking the campus?

Tammie put her book down and turned off the lamp over
her head. She grabbed her keys and slipped on her
shoes. “I could use a walk anyway. Eating all this dorm
food is making me fat.” Tammie, of course, had never
looked better in her life. All the wild sex with Kevin
was burning the calories faster than she could take
them in, except when she took them in the form of
Kevin’s semen.

Cheryl led the roommates down and out through the front
door of the dormitory. Once out of sight she turned to
Mindy and ordered, “Time to strip.”

Tammie watched in fascination as Mindy dutifully pulled
her sweat pants down to her ankles and worked them off
over her tennis shoes. Tammie gasped when she saw Mindy
wore no underwear but was secretly glad for the site of
her roommate’s firm ass turned up toward her.

She glanced left and right to be sure no one was
looking, then turned back to Mindy as the sweatshirt
came up over her head, her proud breasts jutting forth
mightily, inviting Tammie to touch and squeeze them.
But she resisted, her uncertainty of these events
taking focus in her mind.

Mindy handed her clothes to Cheryl who commented on
Mindy’s great body. Mindy then began a fast walk, just
short of a jog, along the route she had shown to Cheryl
earlier in the day. Down the road from the dorms they
went, right toward the heart of campus. The road forked
just in front of a large engineering building, the left
fork leading off to the back streets of the school and
the second dormitory, the right leading out toward the
front of campus, administration buildings and the most
popular parking lots.

Mindy turned left and pushed herself to get through
this darkest stretch as quickly as she could. The lack
of much light would help hide her nakedness but it
could just as easily hide a predator, and the last
thing she wanted was to be jumped by a rapist and left
beaten, fucked, and possibly killed by the side of the

Only one car passed the trio as they trudged first up
and then down a small hill near the middle of campus.
The driver honked the horn several times and made
demeaning remarks at high volume, but continued
driving, to Mindy’s great relief.

Mindy cut a sharp right and now headed straight into
the best lit area of campus. Before her, about three
hundred yards, stood a tall clock tower which marked
the original center of the campus. But of course the
school had expanded in the past forty years and no
longer resembled the efficient, futuristic ideal it
once symbolized.

None of that mattered now, though. Mindy was about to
walk naked through the best lit and often most crowded
spot on campus with her mammoth breasts bouncing and
jiggling proudly. She looked down once to see her
condition — flushed chest belying her inner delight at
the idea of it all, hard nipples telling of both the
cool air and her excitement, and a thin coat of
perspiration denoting her frenzied pace.

And sure enough, there were a few people there by the
clock tower. She was still too distant to make out
detail, but she saw their forms move across the pinhole
lights that traced up all four sides of the concrete

Even before coming into view, though, Mindy found
herself in the line of sight of a man making his way
out the back door of an auditorium class. The man was
wheeling an A/V cart (television and VCR) out of an
emptying class. He looked up briefly and did a double

He gawked at Mindy’s complete nudity (failing to
register her shoes since his gaze never got that far
down) and clutched at his chest. A moment later he was
clutching his crotch. Mindy tried to ignore him as she
moved on, her pace quickening. Tammie and Cheryl, both
fully dressed, followed about twenty feet behind,
chattering about Mindy’s predicament.

A moment passed before a very loud and very shrill
whistle caught Mindy’s attention. Instinctively she
turned to face it, her large breasts swaying enticingly
as two guys who were apparently coming around the side
of the auditorium whistled and called to her.

She hesitated a moment, not sure if she should cover
herself or walk right up to the guys to give them a
good feel. She decided to maximize her effect while
minimizing her time spent in such a vulnerable state.
She waved to the guys and shook her tits hard, making
them bounce side to side and slap together several
times, then turned and continued on her fast paced walk
toward the clock tower.

As she neared, Mindy could see there were three people
standing and sitting around the tower. One seemed to be
female and she wasn’t sure about another — long hair
and a pretty frail body, but in this light she just
couldn’t be sure. The third was an Asian male who
clearly thought himself to be a hip hop gangsta god;
low-hanging, baggy black pants, white tank top, and
what seemed to be a red and white striped handkerchief
tied around his head.

Mindy walked right into the middle of the patterned
tile courtyard in which the clock tower stood, letting
the light from within shine out through the hundreds of
fist sized holes and all over her voluptuous body. She
did a pirouette, arms out to her sides for fullest
exposure, and stopped facing the three strangers, her
tits once again slapping against each other from her
sudden stop.

“Dayamn bitch!” called the gangsta, taking a few steps
closer to Mindy. “You come here often?” At this close
range, Mindy could tell that the bandana around the
guy’s head depicted the Japanese “Rising Sun” image of
a single red circle casting off rays of red light.

Collecting all her nerve, Mindy retorted, “I could cum
anytime, anyplace.”

The gangsta’s friends laughed heartily, eyeing Tammie
and Cheryl suspiciously. But the Asian male moved
closer to Mindy, circling her and taking in every
sensuous curve with his wide, disbelieving eyes.

“You’re pretty damn fine, girl. Why don’t you give me
your number and I can come over later. We’ll party.” He
reached out a hand to stroke the long golden strands of
hair which spilled over Mindy’s left shoulder.

“Go ahead, feel ’em. They’re real.” Mindy just about
died when she heard herself saying that, but she was
determined to appear strong and in total control.

It didn’t take much encouraging for the guy to move his
hand slowly down Mindy’s smooth shoulder to her chest
and then to cup her gloriously heavy and unblemished
left breast. He hefted it up and felt its weight,
nodded in appreciation. Then he stroked his hand gently
over her right breast, feeling the hard nub of her
nipple with each fingertip.

Mindy shuddered at the gentleness of his touch and was
about to ask him to feel her pussy when he suddenly
clamped his hand over her breast, pushed her back the
two steps to the concrete tower, and sealed his lips to
hers. His tongue wriggled its way between her lips and
began exploring her teeth and gums as his left hand
firmly squeezed her right breast. This feeling was not
so pleasurable for the young woman who much preferred
gentle caresses, and she squirmed to free herself.

“Whoa whoa! Back off hombre!” Cheryl commanded,
mistaking the man’s ethnicity in the dim light. “This
is a show and tell, not a kiss and feel.” She planted a
hand firmly on the guy’s shoulder and tugged him back.
He spun and prepared to slap at her, but caught himself
just in time.

“She offered, I accepted. Can’t blame a guy for that,”
he said smoothly.

Cheryl then waved Mindy along, her route through campus
not yet complete.

“Call me sometime! Extension 2576. We’ll party ’till it
hurts,” the guy shouted as Mindy moved off toward the
parking lots.

The three young women were quickly back in darkness as
they made their way around to the backside of Commons.
An ATM machine was the last thing here before a tall
set of concrete stairs which led right to the parking
lot below. This was probably the third most used
parking lot on campus, being close to just about
everything but not nearly as large as some others.
Mindy saw a man using the ATM machine. He seemed pretty
focused on what he was doing and Mindy made it
completely past him without any sign that he even knew
she existed.

Irritated by the lack of attention, Mindy turned back
to him, stepped to within three feet, and asked, “Can I
borrow a twenty?”

“Yeah right,” the guy muttered as he turned his head.
Once his eyes fell on her, his jaw dropped open and a
little squeak found its way out of his throat. He eyed
her from head to foot and then back again. Mindy just
stood there watching him, hands on hips, and waited for
an intelligent response. None seemed forthcoming as the
man just stammered and gawked and tried to hide the
quickly growing bulge in his pants.

Mindy smiled. She brought her right hand lightly to her
breast and traced the outline of her areola, saying, “I
sure could use twenty bucks to buy some clothes.”

Like a dumb machine the guy handed her the bills he’d
just gotten out of the ATM, never taking his eyes off
her spectacular body. Mindy accepted and thanked him,
then turned and swayed her hips enticingly as she went
for the staircase. The man was still staring like an
idiot when Tammie and Cheryl passed and were out of

Mindy bounced down the stairs quickly, enjoying the
sensation of her unrestrained breasts bouncing
uncontrollably against each other and against the wall
of her chest. The freedom, she determined, was
addictive. Much more comfortable than having her bra
straps dig into her shoulders and her back trying to
keep those heavy melons in place.

She was disappointed to see the parking lot nearly
empty. But then, it was getting late so what did she
expect? There were only two cars in the lot and she
didn’t see any people either in or around them. She
frowned and sniffled as she strode across the asphalt
in nothing but tennis shoes and baby blue socks. Her
journey now took her straight back up the road to her
dorm, and she would be putting on her clothes again
just before returning.

What was that gangta’s number again? She couldn’t
remember. She was so turned on, though, that his
invitation was increasingly inviting, but damned if she
could remember it. Looks like it’ll be another night of
masturbation in the shower, she figured.

But to her surprise, Sister Cheryl refused to return
her sweats until they were back in Mindy and Tammie’s
room. Mindy was stunned. “I can’t go through the dorm
naked!” she hissed.

“You’ll have to in order to join S.O.E. That’s what we

Tammie was enjoying watching Mindy’s humiliation. She
loved looking at the blonde girl’s tits and sweet,
sweet pussy, but even more than that she loved the way
Mindy’s face and chest were flushed with mixed
excitement and embarrassment. She was growing frantic
and, at this rate, would probably start finger fucking
herself immediately when they were back in their room.
Tammie would be sure to not miss that show!

So Tammie led the way into the dorms to scout out for
Mindy’s benefit. Cheryl only said Mindy had to go in
nude, she didn’t say she had to be seen that way by
others. Mindy followed a few steps behind and then
Cheryl brought up the rear with Mindy’s discarded
sweats. At this late hour, the front desk was closed
up, so it was smooth sailing through the lobby.

Tammie unlocked the large glass security door at the
near end of the B wing, beyond which stood the elevator
they would use to get to their floor. She held it open
for Mindy, who moved quickly but not quickly enough.
Tammie pulled the door shut just seconds before Mindy
got there, and made faces at her through the glass.
Mindy, without key, silently but emphatically cussed
her out. Tammie then knocked on the glass to get the
attention of anyone who might be nearby. As Cheryl
caught up to Mindy, Tammie finally pushed the door open
and let them both through. Mindy punched her in the
arm, making the redhead wince, and moved on to the

Tammie pressed the car call button and waited. A moment
passed before the loud motor began and sent the car
down to them from the top floor. Mindy was impatient
and pressed the button again. As the car approached,
the sound of people talking in the elevator hit their
ears. Mindy threw her arms up to cover her tits,
turned, and pushed herself against the wall beside the
door. It slid open after a moment of the car being
bounced around by the old pulley trying to line it up
with the floor, and two guys got out.

They chatted about some frat party they’d been invited
to and nearly didn’t notice the three girls except that
the horny and incredibly looking Tammie said hello and
smiled to them. Then they saw Mindy’s bare ass and the
way she was huddled against the wall for protection and
asked if there was anything they could help her with.

“I’ll be glad to give ya the shirt off my back,” one of
them taunted, “but you’ll have to take it off for me.”
Mindy avoided all eye contact and slipped in through
the closing elevator door. She hit the 3 button and
heard Tammie and Cheryl shouting from outside.

Once at the third floor, Mindy remembered she didn’t
have her key and couldn’t get into her room without
Tammie’s help. She also knew she couldn’t step out of
the elevator and just wait for her roommate to get
upstairs. She stood in the corner of the small car.
After a moment it began a descent toward the ground
floor. The doors opened after much jostling and Tammie,
stern faced and tapping her foot angrily, said, “That
wasn’t very nice of you, Mindy. Maybe I shouldn’t let
you back into the room after all.”

“I’m sorry Tammie, I didn’t think it would close that
soon. I thought you had a hand on the door.”

“Hmm, I’ll forgive you THIS time,” Tammie laughed. The
three young women rode the elevator back up to the
third floor and cautiously entered the home stretch.
Tammie looked down the hall to be sure they wouldn’t
get caught. As much as she’d love to watch Mindy try to
cover up in front of all their hall mates, Tammie knew
they’d probably both get thrown out of school if they
were caught.

She slipped down to their door and unlocked it before
Mindy sprinted down the hall to safety. Cheryl followed
a moment later and cheerfully returned Mindy’s clothes.
But Mindy wasn’t interested in getting dressed now that
she was safely home. She made sure the door was locked
and sat on her bed, one leg out straight and the other
bent and raised. She draped an arm over her knee and
looked questioningly to Cheryl.

“So, did I pass?”

Cheryl, not a lesbian herself but nonetheless amazed at
the firm fullness of Mindy’s body, found herself gazing
at the blonde’s slightly parted labia surrounded by a
thick tuft of blonde fur. “Oh yeah, you did an
excellent job. But next time, try to avoid physical
contact. If we go too far, we will have legal problems
and be drummed out of the school.”

“I can hardly wait for my next trial,” Mindy smiled.

Chapter 5 – Au Naturale

On Saturday the girls of S.O.E. invited Mindy on a
nature hike through the lightly forested hills just
East of campus. There was a small botanical garden at
the edge of the school grounds and then wildlife beyond

“Think of it as a chance to get away from school and
just relax,” Sister Sheena told her. “We’re just hiking
up for a few hours to appreciate nature and be with
friends.” Mindy had been growing restless and felt
somewhat overwhelmed by her school work and needed the
time out to clear her mind. She accepted and was met at
the downstairs security door by Sisters Barbara and
Janice, both newly accepted into the sorority.
Apparently their lesbian act at the house party had
paid off for them both.

The two girls were draped in light summer dressed and
sandals. Mindy wore an old baseball jersey from high
school, denim shorts and tennis shoes. She figured if
they were going hiking she’d need something better for
her feet than sandals and was surprised by the other
girls’ footwear. They assured her the “hike” was really
more of a brisk walk along a well-tended path through
the botanical garden and then up into the hills beyond.

She shrugged and went with them to the parking lot out
back where they were met by Sisters Sheena and Cheryl
as well as four guys from A.T.O. who’d been at the
house party earlier. Mindy nodded quietly to the guys,
hoping they might not remember her after all the beer
they’d consumed, but the recognition was instantaneous
once their gazes fell on her full chest.

Few words were spoken on the way to the gated garden,
just common banter about the weather. The gates, they
found, were locked and they were forced to climb up and
over to get in. “Isn’t this just slightly illegal?”
asked Mindy as she grabbed the top brick of the nearby

“Only if we get caught,” laughed one of the guys whose
name Mindy now knew was Eric. He was a tall but fairly
thin guy of about twenty, a sophomore and second year
A.T.O. brother, and studying to become a
pharmacologist. Mindy was in perfect shape to climb the
wall but the latest sisters were neither physically fit
enough nor appropriately dressed for such activity.
Eric offered to give each of them a boost up onto the
wall if they sat on his shoulders.

The first was up and over just after Mindy, who turned
in time to notice (or at least she thought she noticed)
that the second sister, Barbara, was wearing no
panties. The smile that came to Eric’s face when
Barbara’s crotch pressed into the back of his neck
assured Mindy she hadn’t been seeing things. He bounced
Barbara up and down a couple of times, saying he was
trying to get a better grip, but it seemed obvious to
Mindy that he was just rubbing the brunette’s pussy
lips against himself in the hopes of exciting her. She
didn’t seem to mind.

The trail through the garden was clear and seemed easy
enough as the party began their hike through the
various flowering plants, ferns, ivy and trees. It
didn’t take long for the way to get rough, however.
Twists and turns as well as a sudden incline got most
everyone breathing harder. Several more minutes of this
had them all perspiring lightly. The temperature was
not particularly high but it wasn’t all that low,

A fallen tree branch, too thick and heavy to be moved
by the small group, had to be climbed over, and each
frat guy generously offered a hand to assist one of the
girls. Only Mindy, the sole pledge present, was left to
fend for herself, but it was nothing she hadn’t climbed
before. In fact, she had loved climbing trees as a
young girl and this was a piddely branch to be stepped

Mindy hadn’t known the botanical garden was this large.
She suspected it was due to the sharp incline they’d
been on for about the past fifteen minutes. It was a
large place, but mostly vertical.

“Damn it’s hot,” Sister Sheena announced. “Sisters,
discard your outer clothing.” With that one order, all
four sisters stopped and began removing shirts, pants,
and dresses. They each stood in just shoes, socks for
the elders, bras and panties. But of course there was
Sister Barbara with no panties. Mindy gaped at their
public nudity — in broad daylight! At least she’d been
covered by darkness during her first trial.

She noticed Sister Sheena glaring at her and began to
ask what was the matter. But in her heart she knew. She
would have to get undressed as well. She looked around
to make certain they were alone on the path. Satisfied,
she unbuttoned and slipped off her baseball jersey. She
was wearing a thick forest green bra today which did a
much better job of covering her tits than any others in
her wardrobe. It was sturdy and even managed to hide
most of her cavernous cleavage.

She watched the four frat guys eyeing her, unashamed
lust in their eyes. She bent to remove her denim shorts
and work them off over her large tennis shoes (being
slightly above average height, Mindy’s feet had always
been much larger than any other girls she knew and she
wore men’s size nine shoes). Her panties were the
variety that super models often wore — very thin, just
barely covering her trimmed bush, with a low front and
straps that hooked up over the tops of her hips. In
back they were the next closest thing to a g-string,
barely covering the crack of her ass.

“Very good dearie,” Sister Sheena purred. “Now let’s
get moving before we run out of time.” Mindy wasn’t
sure exactly what that meant, but she clung to her
discarded clothing and began hiking with the others.
Sisters Barbara and Janice walked behind two of the
A.T.O. guys, then another of the guys, Mindy, Sisters
Sheena and Cheryl, and finally the last frat guy.

A hand slapped Mindy’s bare right ass cheek. She jumped
and spun around to face Eric. “There was a fly on you.
I swear it!” he stated innocently.

“Mmm hmm, of course there was.” Mindy turned and kept
moving up the trail. Minutes passed before the trail
began to lose its well-kept appearance. Far more stones
and weeds littered their way and the two young sisters
squealed in terror as a squirrel bounded its way across
the path in front of them. Mindy saw it and rolled her
eyes at their pitiful display of inept femininity.

At long last the party came into a small clearing at
the crest of a hill. From here they could look down
onto the campus and out beyond to the city. A single
dirty wood bench sat on a cracked and discolored slab
of concrete right in the middle of the clearing. Behind
it another hill rose but they would have to climb
through much more rugged terrain to get there.

“Alright ladies, this is the spot,” stated Sister
Cheryl sweetly. “Time to show us what you’ve learned
about loving your natural bodies.”

Sisters Barbara and Janice took their cue and began
stripping their undergarments. They stood, completely
naked, atop the old wooden bench with their arms raised
to the sky. If anyone on the campus were looking
through a telescope to that exact location, they would
be getting one hell of an eyeful of firm young female

“You too, pledge,” Sister Sheena called. She grinned a
most nasty-looking grin which showed her unevenly
spaced teeth all too clearly. Mindy wondered how she’d
ever managed to get into a exhibitionist club. Sheena
must have been thoroughly outgoing, she decided.

Mindy gulped, glancing at the leering frat guys, then
reached back to unfasten her bra. She slid it slowly
down her chest, letting her breasts come slowly into
view. She held it just at the tops of her nipples and
licked her lips seductively. Quickly she spun around to
face away from the group and let the green material
fall to the ground.

She bent quickly and slid her panties down to her
ankles, giving them all a great view of her ass. She
unlaced her tennis shoes, continuing her show for over
a minute, then stood and kicked off the shoes and
panties. She finally turned back to face the group,
arms crossed over her chest but blonde pussy uncovered.
She pulled each arm away and to her sides, sliding
through the fingers of opposite hands, until her
breasts were bare as well.

Now, in the full light of day and with nothing else
keeping their attention, the entire group gasped as
they beheld the most beautiful young breasts they’d
ever seen live in person.

“Do you like what you see?” Mindy taunted.

“Up on the bench with the others,” Sister Sheena
commanded. Mindy complied, pushing her way in between
the two new sisters. She was sure to rub against every
bit of their flesh she could on her ascent, holding
onto each of their waists to steady herself as she
turned to face down onto the school.

Unbeknownst to any of the three naked girls, there were
several people watching and photographing them from
afar. The elders of S.O.E. had arranged this hike, they
would later be told, to coincide with a Photographic
Art class field exercise.

Down around the clock tower, a half dozen upper
division art students had been angling for the best
shot of the hills overlooking campus when someone had
muttered about seeing some naked chicks on the hill.
The message was telegraphed through the class and each
turned their telescope-enhanced cameras to the spot of
the exhibitionism. Dozens of rolls of film were snapped
within minutes and many more would follow.

Back on the hill, the brothers from A.T.O. slowly
circled the bench, admiring the smoothness, the
softness, and the nakedness of three beautiful pussies,
six breasts of pleasingly varied sizes and shapes, and
three firm asses. Each man reached out a hand to gently
caress whatever he pleased and for however long he
pleased. To Mindy’s surprise, Eric was more attracted
to Barbara’s brown bush than to her own heavy tits with
their silver dollar sized areolas and proud, pointing
nipples. But there were more than enough hands groping
those luscious mounds.

After each guy had walked by three times, feeling every
girl in turn, they grew bolder. Ass cheeks were
squeezed and kneaded, nipples were tweaked and pulled,
and one guy licked two fingers and slid them right up
Mindy’s cunt. She gasped and looked around desperately
to be sure they were alone on the hill. She was
trembling at the thought of getting caught doing this
in such a public place.

“Let me tell you,” Sister Sheena called to her, “that
this exercise will count only for your second public
nudity. You still owe us a separate session of public

Mindy nodded dumbly as the fingers in her cunt started
up a rush of pleasurable feelings and frantic fears.
Eric wrapped a long arm around Barbara’s waist and
pulled her down to the ground. He used his other arm to
sweep her off her feet and lay her on the dirt and
grass. He then unzipped his pants and pulled his raging
hard-on free. He mounted her there and she squealed in
delight as he thrust into her, wrapping her legs around
his hips to pull him in farther.

Janice was likewise pulled to the ground but pushed to
her hands and knees. Brother Michael got down behind
her and started fucking her doggy style, grunting and
groaning as he fucked her hard and deep.

Two pair of hands closed on Mindy and brought her down.
She was pushed down over the back of the wooden bench,
holding onto it to keep her stomach from being forced
onto the harsh, splintered object. One guy spread her
thighs and pushed his cock into Mindy’s throbbing pussy
from behind. The other guy waved his cock in her face
and she took it into her dripping mouth, sucking it
noisily and hungrily.

After only a few seconds, Barbara climaxed, screaming
out breathlessly. Eric pulled out of her and told her
to lick her juices off his cock. She was all too eager
to do so, but he determined she wasn’t as good a sucker
as a fucker.

Meanwhile, Janice had her blonde pussy filled with a
great load of hot cum before reaching her own orgasm.
The guy who’d been inside her told Barbara to slide
under and lick her pussy clean. The brunette did as she
was told, delighting in licking and sucking the sticky
semen from her sister’s cunt. A few moments of this
finally brought Janice to a shuddering orgasm, and she
sent her own juices down Barbara’s throat behind the
guy’s cum. She returned the favor by planting her own
face between Barbara’s thighs and licking for all she
was worth.

Meanwhile, Mindy was nearing her own orgasm from the
guy in her pussy and thoroughly enjoying the tit
fondling of the guy in her mouth. She removed one hand
from the bench and used it to stroke and gently squeeze
the guy’s balls, sending a tremor through his body. He
shot his cum down her throat and she drank it up. Eric
quickly replaced his brother and began pumping Mindy’s
mouth. She tasted another woman’s pussy on his cock and
it drove her wild with desire. She licked and sucked
and fondled for all she was worth. She lost control as
her pussy suddenly spasmed and pulled her mouth just
far enough away from Eric’s cock for his hot cum to
blow over her lips and cheeks. He shot four full times,
covering her beautiful face with sticky white strings.

A moment later, Sister Cheryl was kneeling before
Mindy, her tongue lashing out over the pledge’s
dripping face. She gathered a large quantity of the cum
on her tongue and they shared a deep kiss, swishing the
semen around in each other’s mouth and then swallowing.
Mindy reached a second orgasm, which seemed to spur the
last guy’s own orgasm deep in her cunt. He spurted at
least four thick loads into her womb but she wanted so
much more.

The fucking temporarily over, Mindy sat with her legs
lewdly spread on the bench. She rubbed her pussy lips
with one hand while pinching her nipples with the
other. Barbara and Janice sat to either side of her and
the guys gathered round behind the bench. Arms reached
around each girl and caressed, jiggled, and squeezed
their firm young breasts for the cameras below.

Mindy slipped two fingers into her twat and began
hurried fucking herself, bucking up off the bench
wildly as her muscles tensed. She held off the orgasm
for as long as she could, but she was finally too tired
to keep up the pace and let it roll over her. Her knees
went wide and her head rolled back as a powerful orgasm
exploded from within her womanhood. She lay back,
exhausted and dripping sweat, and let the guys and
girls rub and fondle her most private parts.

Several minutes passed before the group heard the sound
of a helicopter approaching. “Oh shit! It’s the cops!”
cried Eric, and he bolted for cover. Everyone fled the
scene, grabbing up clothes that may or may not have
been theirs. Mindy was the last to get out of the
clearing, and her clothes had already been picked up.
As she got into the shade of the trees leading back to
the path, Sister Cheryl tossed her the keys to her dorm
room but took off running with her clothes!

Mindy stood in stunned silence for a moment, wondering
what the hell she was supposed to do now, but the sound
of the helicopter circling the area sent her the
message. She bolted after the others, buck naked except
for her shoes and socks. The group was running so
frantically that they broke in different directions to
get down the hill.

Mindy followed two of the guys down what she perceived
to be a shortcut right to the gate of the botanical
garden. Sure enough it was, but she was in plain view
of the sky for a good portion of that. She frantically
looked over her shoulder and saw the police chopping
circling away from her location and hoped desperately
that they couldn’t see her as she madly dashed for

The guys stopped in a row of trees to get partially
dressed, then flung themselves over the wall and
sprinted for home. Mindy of course had nothing to put
on, but she easily topped the wall. The dash for the
dorm was almost entirely open to view both from the air
and the ground. She took a moment to map a course from
tree to tree and then ran with all her heart, blood
pounding in her ears and tits bounding untamed in the

She was clearly on her own, as none of the others would
be going back to the dorm. She ducked and ran, ducked
and ran most of the way back, but one long stretch of
open land lay ahead of her into the parking lot. To her
horror she saw several people milling about amongst the
cars and realized it was just about dinner time in the
cafeteria. She would surely be seen by dozens if not
hundreds of students, not to mention that cop chopper.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves to
no avail. She plotted her course in her mind, taking
her baseball training to heart. She made a mad dash at
breakneck speed, bounding into the open just in time to
hear the helicopter circling her way. She allowed
herself one quick look over her shoulder and noted with
a sinking heart that it was looking directly upon her
naked ass. She pushed herself to run faster and made it
to the parking lot.

Weaving in and out of cars was easy enough, until one
that was moving out of the lot nearly ran her down. It
was just getting started, though, and barely hit her.
She nonetheless flopped, tits first, onto the hood with
a thud. She reeled up and backward, offering a perfect
show of heavy, flushed breasts, and staggered back into
her path.

Her motions were a bit slower now, having the wind
knocked out of her, and she just barely heard the yells
and catcalls from behind her. She no longer gave a shit
who saw her, and ran right past a group of guys sitting
on the walls of a pickup truck’s bed. One of the guys
apparently fell over the edge and onto the pavement,
but quickly got up and gave chase.

By the time he caught up to her, Mindy was at the outer
door of the dorm. He grabbed her around the chest,
cupping her heavy breasts, and tried to pull her back.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he yelled. She
jabbed her right elbow into his stomach and sent him to
the ground, then rushed inside and toward the glass
security door. Only two people were in the lobby and
neither seemed to actually see Mindy. Or if they did,
she was gone so fast that they didn’t fully register
her nudity.

No time to wait for the elevator, Mindy bounded up the
stairs, her tits drumming against one another with a
thunderous clap at every other step. She made it to the
third floor and was just reaching for the knob of the
security door when it swung open. She threw herself
against the wall and hid, as much as possible, behind a
decorative plant that she’d only vaguely noticed in her
weeks here.

“Well hey there Mind– HOLY SHIT!” one of her male hall
mates said. It was Bruce, the somewhat nerdy electrical
engineer who lived next to the women’s bathroom. Mindy
covered her tits with one arm and pushed past him into
the hall. It was empty but she could tell both from the
sounds of music playing and from the light coming into
the hallway that several doors were open along its

She dashed past two such open doorways on her way to
her own room. She fumbled to get her key into the lock
and finally did. Turning the knob, she realized
Tammie’s boyfriend Kevin was over for the night. The
couple had been making out on Tammie’s bed and looked
up to see Mindy’s flushed face and chest, sweat
dripping from her brow, and her full naked splendor.
She groaned and hid in her closet until she could calm

Half an hour later, after much soothing talk from her
roommate, Mindy slipped out of the closet with a skirt
and blouse on. She tried to pretend nothing had
happened, but the lust in both her roommate’s eyes and
the eyes of her boyfriend sent a shiver of
embarrassment down Mindy’s spine.

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