Blackmail can have benefits

My car simply died as I was driving to work. I called a tow truck company that was near my home. The driver dropped me off at my house. I had decided going to work would be a waste of time and I would have to make some calls to get a rental for a few days.

Ann, my wife of 22 years, was not home when I went inside. I remembered her saying something about shopping. That seemed to be her response to the ’empty nest syndrome’. Our two kids were grown and living in other states, so she had time on her hands. I had a good career and she had no reason to seek employment, hence the trips to the boutiques and malls.

I had recently picked up a new camera that did everything but wipe your ass. I was in my home office trying to figure out all the features when I heard my wife come in. I considered sneaking some movies of her undressing. I remained in my home office and did not let her know I was home. I opened the office door slightly and saw her looking at the bags of merchandise she had just brought home. I found her in the viewfinder and began recording, just to see if I could master the zoom and set the time and date.

The doorbell rang and she went to the door and opened it. A heavy, well-dressed man stood there.

„Mrs. Crane?” he asked.

„Yes, I am,” replied Ann. „Can I help you?”

„I can help you, Mrs. Crane. I can help you avoid jail and a great deal of embarrassment,” he stated. „May I come in?”

I was catching this on film and wondering what the hell was going on. Ann put her hand to her mouth and made a whimpering sound. Then she stepped back from the door and the man entered.

„Thank you, Mrs. Crane. I suspect you know about which I am speaking. I am Thomas Becker and I own the company that handles security at many of the boutiques and shops in the area,” he told her as he removed his expensive jacket.

„We install surveillance equipment to prevent and/or apprehend shoplifters and thieves,” he continued. „Normally, I have my employees handle the installation, but we have been very busy. Today I installed cameras at ‘Chez Beverly’ and monitored them for a few hours.

My wife seemed very agitated and sat on the couch. Her color was gone and she was breathing hard.

„As I was checking my equipment, I saw you steal a very expensive bracelet from the counter. I made some discreet inquiries and learned your name and address, and that you were a very good customer of theirs,” he stated. „I have the tape with me. Would you like to have that tape, Mrs. Crane?”

My wife was trembling as she listened to his last question. I could barely hear her answer.

„Please!” was all she said.

„I thought you would want it. That is why I am here. Now the question is how badly do you want it? I imagine it would be quite a shock to your husband, family, and friends if you were arrested and jailed for shoplifting, wouldn’t it?” he asked.

Ann was beginning to find her nerve. She stood up and faced the man. She was slightly taller than he and it seemed to bother him to have her look down at him.

„So this is about money?” asked Ann. „I should have known you were not just being kind. How much do you want?”

„I really don’t want your money,” he replied. „I do quite well with my business, thank you.”

„Not to be dense, but I thought you were shaking me down. Explain why you here,” Ann responded.

I thought to myself that she had to be a dumb bitch to get in this jam, but she seemed to be handling the guy quite well. I wondered if she would escape with a scare. Part of me wanted her to suffer enough to prevent it from happening again. If she got off too easily she may do it again.

„You are an attractive woman, Mrs. Crane,” he replied. „I saw that immediately on the monitor. I would like you to show your appreciation for the favor I would be doing for you.”

I gasped, but luckily Ann gasped at the same time, and much louder.

„I have to insist you leave right now!” she almost shouted. „I am a happily married woman and do not perform ‘favors’!

„Have it your way, then. The police should be contacting you within the hour. I am sure your family will understand,” chuckled the prick. „Jail can be a character building experience.”

Ann flinched at that. He had struck a nerve or two.

„Exactly what do you want from me,” she asked.

Becker smiled as he answered, „I would like very much to see those big breasts of yours, Mrs. Crane. I would like you to remove your blouse and bra.”

„If I do that, will you give me whatever tape you have and leave me alone?” Ann asked.

„It will depend on many things,” Becker replied. „I suggest you get started or I will leave for the police station with my tape.”

Ann stood there looking at the man for a full minute, He just continued waiting. Finally she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. She was wearing a frilly black bra and I zoomed in to get a close up of her wonderful tits. She placed her blouse on the back of the couch and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra.

Now it was Becker’s turn to gasp. My wife has very firm c-cup breasts with large round nipples. As Becker stared and the air met those buds, they began to harden. He slowly reached his hand out and held a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I kept filming!

Ann allowed him access to her tit for about a minute and then stepped back. To her surprise he held her nipple firmly and she actually caused herself some pain and she quickly stepped back toward him. He reached up with his other hand and squeezed her other nipple. Ann gasped in pain and surprise.

„I knew you would have wonderful tits, Mrs. Crane, But these exceed my dreams!” he drooled. „Now show me your pussy!”

Ann began to protest, but he clamped down harder on her swollen nipples and twisted slightly. Ann clenched her teeth, then reached down and unzipped her skirt. Her panties matched her bra and she looked fantastic! My cock was so hard it hurt. It occurred to me that Becker was not enjoying the situation any more than I. Ann had been shoplifting and I was truly annoyed and worried about that. How long had this been going on? How much had she taken? She really deserved what she was getting and maybe it would cure her problem.

Ann was in some pain. I could see that as the fat man kept the pressure on her tits. He looked at her panties and nodded. Slowly, Ann lowered them.

„I love a well-trimmed bush,” he told her. „Now play with yourself! I want to see your finger disappear.”

Ann was like a zombie. Her face was red and I knew she was very angry as well in considerable pain. Still, she complied. Becker had her finger herself for a couple of minutes. Then he released one tit and walked behind Ann as he kept control of her by one nipple.

When he got behind her, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his very hard cock. I smiled to myself when I saw it. It wasn’t more than five inches and of normal girth. He wouldn’t scare Ann with that puppy!

„Now bend over!” he demanded.

As he did so he released her tit. Ann started to move away but he grabbed her hips and jerked her back close to him. Then he gave her about six or seven fast, hard smacks on her bare ass. Her right cheek was red and glowing when he stopped and repeated his demand.

„Bend over the back of that chair, you thieving slut! You know you have been very bad and need to be punished!” he snarled.

I was surprised at how Ann reacted. I thought she would head-butt him or something, but she meekly bent over the chair! As she did she looked back at his cock and moved her ass a bit to the side so it would line up with her cunt better.

Becker began to rub his cock up and down Ann’s slit. He released her nipple and placed his hand on her back.

„I have noticed that many of you rich bitch ‘kleptos’ are sluts and submissive at heart,” he laughed. „You want my cock, don’t you, Mrs. Crane?”

Ann didn’t answer but did wiggle her ass slightly. I could see she was wet and ready and I zoomed in for a close up of her sweet pussy.

„Mrs. Crane, I am not a monster, though you may have thought I was. The tape is in my coat pocket and it is yours,” Becker told her. „If you want me to fuck you, then slide my cock into your pussy. You are a born slut and need a man that understands you. Take my cock if you want to be a slut… my slut. It is up to you.”

As he spoke he kept running his cock over her slit and against her clit. He wasn’t overly endowed and he had a big belly, but he seemed to know what buttons to push.

Ann pushed back and her pussy swallowed Becker’s cock in one move. As he reached his limit Ann began to orgasm! I filmed her moaning and shaking as he held her hips to steady her. I caught the smile that creeped across his face as well.

„That is a good slut. Fuck yourself on my cock,” he urged. „I want to see you come again. Then I will put my load in your mouth and face. You will have my cum all over you. You like that, don’t you, whore?”

Ann was moving on his cock and started quivering again as he spoke. He had called her a whore and she was having an orgasm! I was beginning to realize I knew nothing about my wife of 22 years. She was a kleptomaniac and a submissive! Who would have known? I decided that Becker was a very astute fellow and was teaching me things by the minute. My cock was ready to explode as I filmed the action.

After Ann trembled through her orgasm, Becker issued an order to her.

„You will get on your knees and suck my cock if you want to be my slut. I want you to make me cum all over your face!”

Ann pulled off his cock and swung around. She dropped to her knees and took Becker’s tool into her mouth so fast I was hoping I had a pause button to be able to watch that move later! Sucking cock had never been her favorite thing. She would do it if she had a few drinks and it was a special evening or occasion, and I had eaten her pussy to a nub. She would never swallow.

„I am going to cum you slut, so jerk me off on your face,” insisted Becker. „I want to see my cum all over you.”

Ann pulled his cock from her mouth and began jacking him off. She lowered her face so his jism would be certain to land on it. It wasn’t long before he erupted, and it was a very respectable load! Strings of cum coated her face and dribbled down to her big nipples. I caught the whole thing with the camera as I zoomed in and backed off to show the full effect. My cock was throbbing and I was admiring my camera work at the same time. I would be watching this home movie for a long time to come!

„Take my cock in your mouth and clean it,” Becker ordered. „Sluts always clean cocks with their mouth and tongue after they receive their reward of a load of cum. It shows appreciation.”

This was asking too much. I knew Ann would never accept a dirty cum covered cock into her mouth. The idea would make her ill. She swallowed his prick so fast I almost missed it! She worshipped it, as she made certain there was no sign of his orgasm anyplace, except on her face and chest.

„You are doing very well,” praised Becker. „If you keep it up you will be getting another load. If you want that, just keep sucking my cock. If you do, you will be expected to swallow the next load. It is up to you.”

The fat prick was playing her like a violin! He was a master. I had to admire his skill at manipulation. I thought I was a good salesman, but this guy could sell ice to the Eskimos!

Ann deep-throated Becker then licked and sucked him like he was a lollypop. She worked for her next reward. After a few minutes Becker groaned and she increased her efforts. I filmed him as he seemed to flinch, then Ann’s throat indicated she was swallowing. It was the most erotic sight I had ever witnessed. My wife of 22 years was swallowing a fat stranger’s load with her face and tits already covered with a load of his cum! My cock erupted in my pants as I went for a medium close-up of the action.

Ann nursed from Becker’s cock until it was very soft and totally clean. Reluctantly, or so it seemed, she released it from her mouth. Becker patted her on the head like a favorite dog and smiled.

„You are an excellent cock sucker, Mrs. Crane. You have beautiful tits and a very nice pussy. Do you want me to stop again in a few days and let you suck my cock and fuck yourself on it?” he asked. „Do you want to remain my slut? Do you want me to use your big tits and cunt for whatever I desire? You have to tell me, or I will not be back.”

Ann looked down and her answer was barely audible.

„Yes,” she whispered.

„You need to tell me, slut. You have to say what you want or I will not be back,” cautioned Becker. „If it makes you feel better, tell my cock what you want. It is close to your face. Just speak so I can hear you.”

„I want you to come back,” Ann spoke louder. „I want to suck you and feel you inside me. I am your slut and will do what ever you ask.”

She held Becker’s cock in her hand and spoke directly to it. It was as if the cock had a life and personality of its own and she was speaking to it, not him. I found myself wondering if she expected the cock to return speech.

„Very well, Mrs. Crane, you whore,” smile Becker. He really seemed to know how to treat a lady! „I will be back next Tuesday to allow you the opportunity to serve my cock. Shave your pussy and be topless when I arrive, at 11 AM. Now replace my cock and get my coat.”

Ann carefully stuffed Becker’s somewhat small member back in his pants and jumped up to get his coat. As he took it, he reached into a pocket and pulled out a tape.

„This is for you, slut. I suggest you destroy it. Tuesday,” was all he said as he went out the door.

I stopped filming and quietly closed my office door. In a few minutes I heard Ann in the shower, so I left the house and went for a walk. I had learned that I knew very little about my wife. There were several issues I had to resolve. Was Ann over her kleptomania? Was nymphomania going to be another problem? Could I figure out a way to make Ann’s submissive nature work for me? Could I put the brakes on Becker’s plans to fuck the shit out of my wife? It was erotic once, but I had no intention of allowing it to become a regular occurrence! He would keep pushing the envelope and eventually hurt her reputation or place her in danger. I would not, could not, allow that to happen. She might be a little off-center but I realized I loved her dearly and decided to give her what she needed, but keep her safe.

For some reason, I was under the impression that only men with huge cocks could control, or dominate women. Now it was obvious that was a misconception. Becker was overweight and less than attractive. His cock was considerably smaller than mine, but Ann was on her knees giving lip service to him. It was attitude and knowledge of personalities that gave him the ability to control women. This was something I needed to learn. Not all women would go for it, but he seemed to be able to recognize the signals that indicated a woman was submissive. Nearly 45 years on the planet practically wasted! I had to get started!

I walked into the house after my walk. Ann was wearing a robe and was surprised to see me. I explained that I had had car trouble and it had taken me that long to get home. I could see her mind reeling as she realized I could have come home as she was sucking Becker’s cock. She had to feel very fortunate!

I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. I was seeing her as a vulnerable, beautiful woman. I was still very horny and needed to take care of my cock. I began to slide her robe off her shoulders.

„Not now, Tim! I was just going to start dinner. You will have to wait till we go to bed,” she affirmed.

Two hours ago I would have given up. That was the old me that took Ann at her word. Now I knew she really needed, and responded, to a firm hand. I scooped her up and carried her to our bedroom. She squirmed and protested all the way. I dropped her on the bed and opened her robe and dove into her sweet pussy.

It was shaved bald! I had forgotten Becker’s orders about that. It was obvious she had douched because I could detect a hint of lemon as I began a feeding frenzy. I never slowed down to comment on her new look. I just ate her like I was a starving man. She was a little tense at first, but soon she was pulling my head harder into her cunt and moaning loudly. I was determined to give her a better orgasm than Becker had done and I usually accomplish what I set my mind to.

I felt her start to tremble and I began to concentrate on her clit. As her orgasm hit her, I picked up my pace and she seemed to roll from one to another as my tongue probed her depths and my lips sucked her clit. She finally tried to pull my face away from her pussy. She was on overload and was barely able to endure her sensations. I rose up and plunged my throbbing cock as deeply into her as I could. I touched places Becker could only dream of!

Ann actually screamed and seemed to faint for a few seconds. I was too far along to even slow down for her as I raised her legs up to my shoulders and plunged into her as far and fast as I could. Her eyes opened but she didn’t appear to be able to see. She was groaning constantly and shaking like I have never seen before. Soon, I was erupting inside her and I held myself as deep as I could. I was amazed at how hard my cock was pulsing and how the cum was flowing from it. I know Ann had to feel me filling her. She gave another scream and went still as I held myself inside her. Gradually, I lowered her legs and dropped my body down on top of her, feeling her breasts against me. Tears were running down her cheeks as I kissed her.

„Honey, I don’t deserve…” she began before my lips silenced her. I kept kissing her as she sobbed.

Finally I lifted my head and smiled at her.

„Pretty good, wasn’t it?” I asked. „You deserve much more than I have been giving you, sweetheart. I started thinking how sexy and beautiful you are and got all worked up. You are my girl, aren’t you?”

„I am, I really am, Tim! You are the best husband in the world and I love you so much. You are an incredible lover. I thought I was going to die!” she sobbed. „I have never seen you like that before.”

„Are you complaining?” I asked.

„Only that you haven’t done that 20 years sooner!” laughed Ann. „My heart may not be able to take that much longer!”

„I am so glad you shaved your pussy for me,” I replied. „You really have a very nice pussy and I love how it looks.. and tastes!”

I felt life returning to my cock as I replayed the scenes from Ann and Becker in my mind. I began to move in and out of Ann slowly.

„Jesus! Are you hard again?” demanded Ann. „What has gotten into that big cock of yours, Tim? I don’t know if I can take much more.”

„You will take all I give you, Ann. It is your fault for taking such good care of yourself over the years. You are still the best looking woman I know, and the sexiest!” I told her as I began to pump her with long slow thrusts.

„I will take all you give me, Tim, and be very happy to have it,” she laughed.

I felt great! I had managed to convince her that I was very happy with her and make her realize any confession was neither necessary, nor wise. I did not want a marriage that had some ‘incident’ looming over it all the time. I knew I would find a way to take care of Becker and keep Ann. I had to do it!

I groaned and came for the third time in two hours.