Sex Enemies

We walk against our sex enemies how the competition spreads like butter the moans and sounds get more sadistically loud.Her high but she he delivers to her hot steam dripping justice.

‘The first Face is always the ‘Deep bite Gothic breast’ what a movie set.

Her Goth guitar will he rob her love strings what color is her Pornstar? Bloody La salsa red salad shredded or crimson and clover is my life over? But she drips like a reservoir. He’s the sadistic love connoisseur. Will I regret it? We need better communication with the sin of temptation. She turned her head to see this drop dead sexy man using the scanner machine he was even built like a sex machine whenever she saw his face blood line came out in his family.

The word f was all over the place in her surroundings and she thought it was standing so proud and tall she needed to get back to her firm all she sees is the fuck word. But she was the best sucker but it turned out to be another change rock hit her face she had to sit down to contain herself.
She saw the word and it crept inside her blood it said you fit the face perfectly. She arched her brow she was shocked. The word came close to her Face game of scanning scripted copy faces way out of existence (are we ready) friends what bloody ties of a family. Musically you fade drifting through your head twisted seeing her twin set. Looking into the pool he was pushing my French waves of blood water he took the music away. He was a creep so demanding and he was competitively smart. I had to be strong to face it speed racing Lexus car backed up into my ass he got me crazy.

This was the faces of the Sex flames chronicle one finger over her eyes one chosen face but how her face could have been on fire her name was Tara but everyone said she was the temptress of terror any quickie second hit the news.
What could anyway say was this going to be Italian affair like a head on the force. We must not ignore it’s like a story we shouldn’t ignore. If you know what I mean.Although I can taunt him I wanted him for myself. I didn’t want anyone to treat and beat him badly I was obsessed with him he did have those fine qualities. But he got caught up with this demon of faces.
‘ Meet you at the Airport Babe’

She adjusted her sexy neck with her bloody roses scarf.

She thought she was seeing such ugly faces blue and bruised.

She turned to him when she left to go.Had her friend had two faces of secrets?

How she had the hots for him?

Then she said what are you going to do? I will be gone for a long time.
I always have to travel.Such frequent operations on faces.

Well, I don’t Know?
‘Work I will miss you don’t you know?
I smiled get some ‘City Sleep’
You will need every sheep.

Her X-husband was into the plastic surgery
It was Santa Slice time.
But a minute later the phone rang.
I groaned and grabbed it.
My name was Sasha I was a friend of Kit.
She had that nickname like the candy bar
But she was never looking for Mr. Goods.

She said yeah Hi Whats up! she heard her tears on the other end of the butt phone sobbing.

Kit happened Please be more clear.
It’s my boyfriend which one you have many
Dante, he’s in the hospital. Oh! Nowhere maybe he’s fucking someone else like his sex -light Porn doctor orders.She should trim her vagina. There is some good fucking in South Carolina.

In that dark gloomy one near Little Italy with that bloody fancy pants Angelo sauces. He always gets a hard on they call him Leather nuts he’s so wildly wicked with those Sluts what butts.
Oh! No what will we do you need to get him out pronto!
Or you may found him somewhere in a lake Como?

That sinful Tara faces how could people sleep through a fucking climax and other women were losing their minds like they had Alzheimer.What an epidemic going on with no sex faces they might as well be in a comma. No one can really see what they did. He had no heart why does this expression hold in the eye of the beholder these were security programs faces of warfare.One place they made it putting her long lashes like a massacre X-rated can we top this face the second one was called Top of the hit list are we up against time of the faces.Some people get nothing in life and other people get the whole shebang Yep she could hear a bitterness in her tone.

I opened my mouth to remind her of the affair in Italy with Nick.And wait please I have something to say let me talk it’s rude when people don’t let you get a word in wise. Her friend said everything seems to work out for you what about me.I felt stung by her words I knew she was hurting so I remained quiet.There were too many traveling and plastic surgeons all over the place.

Don’t fall asleep being snatched who beholds our mind Cooking like the chef he is making different dishes creatively with faces this was my dead meat how it started. In the beginning, I was peacefully and completely mesmerized by his cooking one bite.

Like you got such a chill eating the light from the flames would she pay for her sins later Ice Queen eyes of his popsicle. Things were forged and what risks of the face trade tormented you went through the recollection of photos but they didn’t have the faces you remember.Blood goes deeper than three her name is Dee bloody water.

Loves it from the back the whole end of the line vampire. She could feel him he could smell her. I can even admit he brought on a bloodbath to our home, taste two faces of a tone. Feeling the same vibe you the target of completely what a horror show disapproval so unique clientele of a tribe. Computer game she seemed eyes that look like glass. Bloody chip knocking on wood, what’s in every woman’s coded text or wife’s ending up with your husband all the reasons you got married what’s next? He slipped into the room where they were celebrating.I wanted so much to feel something but I couldn’t. I am not who you think I am I changed.

Two faces of a chain Terror Tara letter destroyed by links. Makes you wonder Internet nuclear weapons no rabbit-like lovemaking-anti-Christ devil-taking.
Exploring worlds and living through different personalities. Stained glass mirror night –sky of different faces. Through our mirrors, spine-chilling trip shattered in your face careful what you wish for. Holiday travels eyes of promise two features new moon of a movie. September called the spider web of a moon death faces so claustrophobic.
Rumors spread worldwide through your toxic lips. This is my third book we love saying everything comes in threes. Good things black diamond underworld rings or killer eyes turn your death pages like mad magazine bloody fingers setting your own death stages.
Comes in three’s Red-fiery-heads bloody Brunettes Gentleman what so they prefer the dark side of Blondes serial singers and corvettes. The master like a photoshop turning into artsy erotic lovers Playboy bunny hop 3D eyes holding that whiskey shot never lose your bloody spot?

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