JAY! I Have a Pepper! Jerking Story

Saturday nights are usually the same for me. I hit the town, visit a bunch of places were I jerk my load, like porno stores, strip clubs and porno theaters. Then I head home for wanking long into the morning over cam girls on the net. But last week was different.

I decided I wouldn’t cum on my night out. I’d visit all my horny locations and torture my dick by not letting it cum. Then I would head home, stiff as a board and blow all morning, harder and faster to my girls. Perfect plan.

But then came the train trip. A black girl sat across from me, wearing the tightest, low-cut white singlet and I could just see her massive boobs poking out at me. I couldn’t control myself. I stared and stared, my cock already ready to blow from my night out, and now this! I gave it a few discreet rubs as I sat in agony, wanting to wank out my full load.

We were a few stations out from the city, and the train carriage was starting to thin out. There were only a couple people left when she looked at me and said; ‘You dirty boy. I can see you staring at my tits, and I can see you rubbing your dick. I saw you out in town tonight, always coming out of some seedy location. I know what type of guy you are! A big wanker! You love to wank out your load don’t you!’

I nodded. She smiled, and started playing with her tits on the outside of the singlet. ‘Well, you may be in luck. Not yet. I want you to stare a little longer.’

And I did. A few more stations by and we were all alone. She smiled at me again. ‘Do you want to wank to me!’ I nodded, so eagerly. ‘Do you want to come back to mine, and wank and cum all night, whilst I pose and dances and rub my titties on you.’ I nodded like crazy. ‘Well you have to prove to me you really want it! Come with me.’ She stood up in the aisle and I did the same. ‘Close your eyes,’ she said, ‘and kneel in front of me. Do NOT open them, or the deal is off, you don’t get to wank right now, and you go home alone.’

Of course I did what she said. I knelt and closed my eyes. She took my left hand, and placed it on her right tit, which I could feel had been let out. I wanted to open my eyes right then and see her tits, but I remembered the deal and kept to it. She took her other tit and placed the nipple in my mouth. ‘Now open your eyes,’ she said.

I opened them and all I could see was cleavage. My hand was firmly on one nipple, my mouth on the other. ‘Now don’t move from there,’ she instructed, ‘and wank for me! Wank it so hard!’

I started to wank of course. My balls were swelling from the night out, plus the gorgeous view of her enormous supple tits on the train ride, and now this! I knew it wouldn’t be long. ‘Wank so hard for me baby! Yes! Yes! I want you to cum! Cum for me baby! Cum so hard!’

I exploded a load of sticky cum within seconds from the encourage meant. The eruption sent orgasmic shivers through my body and was one of the best wanks I ever had! ‘Now open your eyes,’ she said. I did and watched her put away her awesome tits , which were so perfect, I almost wanted to start wanking again instantly. I smiled at the security camera, because I knew the guard who saw the footage would have several hours wanking and cumming to it.

She introduced herself, her name was Chloe. We went back to her house, and I wanked again, eight times that night, while watching and feeling her and she danced and posed for me. I got her number, and every month or so we hook up for another night of wanking pleasure. I would call her more, but I’m sure she has plenty of other men on her waiting list, who love to wank as much as me!