Wife Sharing First Time

I was reading all the great stories here for quite
awhile, and now I finally have something to share with
everyone. The stories I’m most interested in have been
stories of wife sharing/cheating. I would fantasize
about the stories I’d read, pretending it was my wife I
was reading about.

I looked for situations to show my wife’s nude body, but
had only very moderate success. She was almost always
unwilling, with the only exceptions being after she had
too much to drink. The trick was trying to get her
drunk enough, without getting her to the point of being

Once on a business trip to another city, I convinced my
wife Michelle to come along, knowing most of the guys
wouldn’t be bringing their spouses, and so Michelle
would be one of the few women there.

Sex was good that weekend, and I even convinced Michelle
to wear a skirt with no underwear one night. The only
problem was she got too drunk, and so we returned to our
room with no action. I jacked myself off that night,
thinking about how a lot of the guys I was with were
checking out my wife.

Nothing else significant happened that weekend.

Well six months later, with better weather, I was
invited to another business function in another city,
and my wife said she wanted to come along. I convinced
her to bring her sexy shorts, and her sexy 2-piece
bathing suit, as the weather was better, and the pool
and hot tub would be open.

To my surprise, she agreed.

The first night when we arrived, I convinced her to come
to the hot tub with me, and to wear her sexy swimsuit.
She reluctantly agreed, and so I gave her a drink, and
we headed for the hot tub.

At the hot tub, only one other person was in it. It was
one of the guys from the meeting, his name was John
something or other and he greeted us with a big smile.
John had openly admired my wife last time as we played
pool in the bar earlier. I was happy to see him, and as
my wife removed her towel, John’s eyes nearly popped out
of his head.

I was afraid Michelle would notice his stares and want
to leave, but she either didn’t realize, or she didn’t
let on that she did. She entered the water and sat
between John and me.

John finished his drink, and offered to get us one while
he was up. Since Michelle had finished her drink, she
said sure. As she handed him her empty, John stood up,
his crotch at her eye level, he’s swimsuit was a Speedo
type and he looked to be semi hard and potentially huge.
His cock outline was easily visible and easily twice as
big as mine.

Michelle’s eyes were glued to his crotch for a long
moment before she shifted her gaze. When John left, I
took advantage of the situation and cupped Michelle’s
breast with my hand. She didn’t resist or push me away
and her nipples were soon rock solid, even though she
was in the hot water.

When John returned, his cock looked a bit more normal as
he slipped back into the warm water.

After a couple more drinks, John asked me if we were
going to go to the bar so he could try to beat me at
pool again. Last time, he beat me 4 out of 5 games, but
all were very close. I started to say we were probably
going to get to bed, when Michelle piped up, “Sure, as
long as you agreed to dance with me.”

John smiled, and said he would come by our room in half
an hour to get us. When Michelle got out of the hot
tub, she adjusted her suit while standing and facing
John. I couldn’t see, but figured that any adjustment
she did would have allowed John to see much more skin
and maybe some nipple, and pubic hair. I felt vague
unease at her sudden willingness to be ‘friendly’ with
John, but this was what I wanted. Right?

Once we got back to the room, Michelle kissed me
passionately and got naked really fast. She told me she
was so horny. She even asked me if I noticed how big
John’s cock appeared to be. I was hard in an instant,
hearing my wife talk like that was a real treat.

She lay down on the bed and I climbed on top of her and
started fucking her without any preamble. Michelle’s
cunt was soaking wet and I easily slid into her. She
grabbed my thumb, and started sucking it like it was a
small cock. She has done this before, to help please my
fantasies, which I share with her, but she sucked my
thumb this time with extreme animation.

I came in a matter of moments. Michelle looked
disappointed and as I rolled off of her, she grabbed the
vibrator, and started pleasing herself. I got up, and
told her we better start getting ready, as John would be
by soon.

As she pushed the vibrator up inside of her, she asked
me if I thought John would mind seeing her like this. I
laughed, and said he probably would fuck her right there
and then.

Michelle smiled and jokingly said she could use another
good hard cock right about now. I told Michelle I was
going to take a quick shower and she could join me if
she wanted, but she said she just wanted to satisfy
herself first. I reminded her not to take too long, and
entered the shower.

When I got out of the shower, Michelle still was on the
bed and having a strong orgasm. I looked at the clock
and just about a half-hour had passed. I went to the
bed, and grabbed her breasts, she responded and gave me
a deep passionate kiss. When she finally started to get
up, there was a knock on the door.

Michelle was standing naked next to the bed and I said
out loud, “Coming!” and headed for the door. I turned
and looked at Michelle with my hand on the doorknob.
She seemed to wake from a dream or something and said,
“Just a moment, let me get into the bathroom.”

As she stepped into the bathroom, I opened the door, and
let John in. I told him we were running a bit late, as
we heard the shower start. John’s eyes found the bed
and the vibrator Michelle had just been using on
herself. On the bed, beside the vibrator was a wet spot
that Michelle had made when she climaxed. I watched as
his eyes took in the scene in front of him.

John turned and smiled at me, saying, he could
understand why we were running late, that if Michelle
were his wife, he’d have been late too. He walked over
to the bed and reached for the vibrator, the hesitated,
and asked me if I minded.

I shook my head no, so he took his finger and slid it
along the length of the vibrator, then he put his finger
to his mouth and licked my wife’s juices from his
finger. He looked me in the eyes and told me that my
wife tasted delicious and that I was lucky a lucky man.

I heard the shower stop, so I grabbed the blankets and
through them over the spots on the sheets. John said,
“Just a minute,” and reached under the blankets to the
wet spot and moved his hand around for a moment. When
he pulled his hand out, it was slick with my wife’s
girl-cum. He put his hand to his nose and inhaled,
saying he loved the smell of sex from a woman.

Michelle came out of the shower, with just a towel
around her. It covered her completely, but was so
short, I wondered if she bent over at all if we could
see anything interesting. She said she had to get
something to wear and smiled at both of us.

Michelle was careful though, and as she grabbed her
shorts and a tank top, she didn’t expose anything to us.
She asked if that would be okay and John responded with,
“Anything that shows off more of your great body is just

Michelle just smiled at that and went back to the
bathroom and got dressed. I noticed John again smelled
his hand again. I wondered if John noticed Michelle
didn’t take any underwear with her. She came out of the
bathroom and we headed for the bar.

In the bar we met up with some of the other guys, and
sat with them. It wasn’t long before Michelle and John
were on the dance floor. Soon Michelle was talking
turns dancing with all the men. John and I began
playing pool as soon as the table opened. I beat him
easily 2 games in a row. I teased him saying he seemed

John looked at me seriously, and said no, it was on my
wife. He then asked me if I wanted to make the next
game more interesting. I said sure, why not.

He then began to explain to me what he wanted for a bet.
First he said if he lost, he would pay me $100, so I
naturally said I couldn’t afford that kind of money on a
bet. He interrupted me by saying he wasn’t finished.
Then he went on to say that if he won, I would have to
let him have his way with Michelle for the whole

I laughed, but at the same time became excited as hell.
I told him that I was okay with the bet but that
Michelle would never go for that. John thought for a
moment, then said. “That’s okay, she would never know
about our bet and you don’t have to do anything. If I
don’t get anywhere with your wife, that’d be my problem.
The only way you could welch on my bet is if you stopped

I guess John didn’t know that with this kind of bet, I
couldn’t lose. I tried not to look too anxious and
accepted his wager. John beat me badly, I wasn’t
shooting as good as I had before and John was shooting

Afterwards I asked John what he had in mind. He smiled
and said he wanted Michelle to be his sex slave,
pleasing him and any others he wanted her to do.

I laughed, saying, “Good luck with that. Michelle may be
acting very sexually today, she’s actually very
conservative. I’ve even mentioned swinging to her before
and have never gotten anywhere with it.”

John also laughed, saying he had something special in

I pressed him for more information, but he just said
you’d see, just keep her in a good mood.

We both sat down. Three friends of John’s walked over
and asked is they could sit with us. John made the
introductions saying that Frank, Glen and Dennis were
part of the meeting group that started tomorrow. They
ordered another round of drinks for everyone.

I got up to dance with Michelle when she was finished
with another guy. As we danced, I was both excited and
nervous. Michelle asked me what the matter was, but I
just said I hoped she was having a good time. She
smiled and said she was having a terrific time.

When we got back to the table, John said he had some
drinks in his room, and a bunch of the guys were going
up there. To my great surprise, Michelle smiled a sexy
smile and asked if we were invited. John winked at her
and said he would not have it any other way.

We sat down to finish our drinks and a slow song
started, and John asked Michelle for one last dance. As
I talked to the other guys at the table, I was also
watching out of the corner of my eye what Michelle and
John were up to. He had Michelle up close and she had
her head against his chest with her eyes closed. He was
holding her right hand and had his left hand on the
small of her back where her bare back was exposed. He
appeared to be rubbing her bare skin in small circles.

My attention was brought back to the guys at the table,
when one of them commented on how hot my wife looked. I
smiled and I guess the booze was talking because I said,
that she was a lot hotter without her clothes on, and
hopefully they would find that out.

Frank asked me what I meant by them finding out. I
smiled saying that John was going to try to get Michelle
naked later. They all looked at me in amazement and
asked me if I was okay with that. I told them I didn’t
think Michelle would go along with it, but if she did,
it was her choice, and I didn’t mind. My cock was
raging hard and just about then, John and Michelle
returned from the dance floor.

Michelle bent over to kiss me, her ass sticking out near
Frank. I knew that he was getting a good view, as
Michelle’s shorts had nothing but the seams holding them
together at the crotch, which when she was standing
looked sexy, but normal, but if she bent over like she
was now, her pussy lips and pubic hair would easily be

From the front, her top was loose and if she bent over
her tits were mostly visible, and I figured Glen was
getting a decent view now. Michelle finished the kiss
with lots of tongue, and sat down. I looked around the
table, and all the guys were smiling.

John said we should go up to his room and everyone got
up. Glen who had said earlier he was going to head home
shortly said he decided to join us and we all laughed.
Frank and Dennis took Michelle by the waists and started
waking up to the rooms. Michelle looked back at me, and
said, “I’ve got two good men now Dave, I don’t know what
they’re planning on doing with me, but I bet it’ll be
fun,” and she turned and walked away wiggling her ass

John came by my side and asked me how I was doing. I
told him truthfully mystified that my wife would do
anything like this. He simply said, “When we were
dancing I just told her that it was a fantasy of yours
to share her body with other men while you watched. She
seemed excited about that and well, here were are. Don’t
worry about the why, just enjoy.”

I laughed and said he didn’t know Michelle. But I was
beginning to wonder if I did.

John replied, When we were dancing I told Michelle that
if she went to my room that I would probably end up
fucking her. You know what she said, ‘If Dave was out of
the way, I’m sure you would.’ Then she kissed me on the
neck, making sure you weren’t looking.” John continued,
“I took advantage of her arousal and grabbed her breast,
pinching her erect nipple. She didn’t stop me.”

Then John got serious, and said, “Now this is the
plan…”, and told me that when he said, “I have to take
my long dong out for a piss.” I was to pretend to pass
out before he came back from taking a piss. He told me
that he didn’t want me waking up until he and his
friends were finished with Michelle for the night and he
would let me know when that was.

Well, there was the bet, and I didn’t want to be called
a welsher. Besides It was my fantasy, right?

When we reached his room, his door was open, and
Michelle was sitting on the bed beside Frank. I went to
the other side of the bed, and sat would on the floor
beside Michelle. I put my hand on Michelle’s leg just
above her knee, and began gently rubbing her leg. The
TV was on, and everyone was either taking or watching
TV. John brought by some drinks, and sat down at the
end of the bed on the same side as Michelle.

I then thought about Michelle’s shorts and the way she
was sitting on the bed with her legs spread the way they
were, wondering if she was exposing herself to everyone.
I was facing away from her and didn’t want to alarm her
by checking, so I looked at the faces that were looking
at Michelle.

I couldn’t see Frank’s face, who was sitting on the
other side of Michelle, but out of the corner of my eye,
I could see that his hand was touching Michelle’s thigh.
In front of Michelle was Glen, he was facing the TV, but
when he turned to talk, he appeared to be looking right
at Michelle’s crotch. John was facing us, and he was
also looking towards Michelle’s crotch, but he seemed to
be going between her crotch and her tits.

Michelle was talking and laughing like nothing was
unusual. I figured she was having a good time, and knew
I liked her exposing herself, although she never had
done this in such an intimate situation before. I
decided I better look tired, incase John made his move.

I laid my head down beside Michelle, pretending to watch
TV. I was lucky and noticed that from this angle, I
could see from the reflection in the mirror, most of the
room, including just how exposed Michelle really was.
She might as well of had nothing on, as her cunt lips
were pretty much completely visible. Only her clit and
the actual hole were covered.

As I guessed, John got up, and announced his rude
intention to take a leak. Michelle joked asking if he
needed any help, and he replied boldly that she could
hold it later. Michelle responded in mock shock, asking
if I was going to let him talk to her that way.

I responded by lightly waiving my hand and saying in a
slurred voice that sounded like I was falling asleep,
“Sure honey, anything you want.”

Everyone laughed, including Michelle. John went to the
can, and in the mirror, I could see Frank leaning over
to talk to Michelle. Frank asked her if he was going to
get to see her without her clothes on. She said, “You’d
probably like that wouldn’t you?” Frank responded by
saying, “Dave said you were even hotter with your
clothes off.”

Michelle asked me what Frank was talking about, but I
didn’t answer, pretending I to have passed out. She
didn’t try asking again, she just turned back to Frank,
and said, “I guess Dave is passed out, he usually can’t
be woken up if he’s drunk too much. So I guess I’m
single for the rest of the night.” Then she laughed.

I was surprised, as I knew she was lying, as usually I’m
a light sleeper, even when I’ve been drinking. I took
it as her signal to leave her alone. Frank getting
bold, said, “Good, now will you take off your clothes
for us so we can see this hot body we keep hearing

Michelle just laughed, and said, “Don’t be so

John came back in and sat down where he was before. He
looked at me and said to Michelle that it looked like I
was passed out. Michelle replied, “Yes, I know and I
was just telling Frank that he’s impossible to wake up
when he’s like this.>

John surprised me by asking her if she wanted them to
bring me to my room, but Michelle responded that I was
okay there, adding that I wouldn’t bother anybody.

John got Michelle another drink, and as he handed it to
her, he asked “Is Dave out of the way enough?” Michelle
said maybe. John said he wanted to see something good
on TV, and started changing channels. I looked at
Frank, who I had a better view of now, and his hand was
stroking Michelle’s lower arm, Michelle wasn’t paying
attention to it.

John said something about now that’s better, and when I
looked at the TV, he had a porno playing on it. I know
that these usually get Michelle really hot, but she’s
never watched one with other people around. John laid
back, his head now between Michelle’s legs. Michelle
reached forward, and played with his hair.

John reached back, and was now stroking her inner thigh.
His hand went further up her leg, until I couldn’t see
it anymore as his head was now in the way. I figured he
must be awfully close to her cunt if not touching it.
Michelle now had her eyes closed, but would occasionally
open them and look around.

I looked as best as I could at the others in the room,
and they appeared to be all watching my wife. John
asked Michelle if she liked what was on TV, and I looked
at the TV to see three men fucking this woman all at
once, one in her mouth, one in the ass, and one in her

Michelle had opened her eyes and said yes, but that she
didn’t like anything up her ass. Glenn asked if anybody
minded if he took his cock out, as it was getting
painful in his pants. Nobody said anything, so Glen
asked Michelle if she would mind. She smiled, licked
her lips, and said sure why not.

It got quiet in the room, and I could hear Michelle
panting. I knew for sure that John was touching her
cunt now. I looked at Frank, and I guess seeing what
John was doing gave him the courage to start massaging
Michelle’s breasts.

Michelle who was leaning up against the back of the bed,
said she was a bit uncomfortable, and needed something
softer to lean against. Frank told her to lean forward,
and he got up, and pushing her forward, sat down behind
her. In pushing her forward, John’s hand got wedged
between his head and Michelle’s cunt.

Before Michelle could lean back again, Frank lifted
Michelle’s top, Michelle lifted her arms, and off came
her top. She leaned back against Frank, and immediately
he started massaging both her naked breasts. Michelle
had placed both her hands on Frank’s thighs, and was now
massaging them.

I could see Frank playing with Michelle’s nipples,
turning them between his fingers. Then she was moving,
and when I looked to see why, John had turned around,
and was now sitting between Michelle. I couldn’t see
what he was doing, but found out shortly when Michelle
lifted her hips and John moved back removing her shorts.

He got back between her legs and from my angle it looked
like he was eating her out. Michelle grabbed his head
with both her hands, and you could see she was loving
every minute of the attention she was getting. Then she
surprised me by asking John to stop for a minute. John
did something that made Michelle groan in pleasure, then
he got up on his knees, and opened his pants. John was
fully erect and was huge, easily 10 inches long, and 3
inches thick.

Michelle repeated her request, and John asked why.

Michelle replied, “Maybe somebody could bring Dave back
to his room.” “Okay baby you got it,” John said and he
looked to Glen and one of the other guys who I didn’t
know and they nodded. They came over, and lifted and
carried me out of the room. Once I was in the hallway,
Glen put my legs down and said I could walk the rest of
the way.

I stood up and the three of us walked to my room down
the hall. I put the key in the lock and started to
enter the room. When I turned to tell the guys to take
it easy, they were already half way back to John’s room.
I entered the room and jacked off, thinking about what
must be happening in John’s room.

Once I came, I started to panic, wondering if Michelle
was okay. I put my pants back on and went down the
hall. John’s door was closed, but there was a lot of
cheering going on and other noises I couldn’t make out.
I went back to my room and waited and waited.

About 4 hours later, I was lying on the bed, thinking
about what an ass I was, I heard the keys in the door.
The door opened and I could heard Michelle giggling and
whispering to someone. It sounded like John, but I
didn’t want to look. I heard Michelle thank John for
letting her shower there, he said no problem, and then I
heard a kiss and the door close.

Michelle walked in, and I peeked at her, she was nude.
She got under the covers, gave my forehead a kiss and
went to sleep. A couple of hours later, it was time to
get up. I undressed and fucked my wife, thinking about
how this might change our relationship. She didn’t
object to me fucking her and I came pretty quickly.

I went to my meeting and John at coffee, thanked me for
the great night. He told me my wife was a wild woman
and that she’d sucked and fucked all the guys at least a
couple of times. He asked me if I was mad at her and I
told him no. Although I wasn’t totally sure how I felt.

I was anxious to go back to the room and talk with
Michelle, to find out how she was feeling, so when lunch
came, I told everyone I was going up to my room.
Michelle was still in bed, but gave me a big kiss when
she saw me.

I asked her how it had gone last night. She lied and
said that when I had passed out, she asked John to bring
me to the room and then came to bed with me. She said
it so easily, I wouldn’t have known she was lying if I
didn’t know better.

I fucked her again, but with more passion, thinking
about how the night ahead of us might unfold. But if it
did, then tonight I wanted to be a participant, no more
pretending to be passed out…

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