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Steve sat there watching the candle create sparkling
images as it played through his glass of wine. Mean-
while the little demons of doubt kept trying to intrude
on him and destroy his spirit. “Will she come? Will
she change her mind? What will she really be like?
Oh god, what if she doesn’t come.”

Steve had been chatting with Marsha online for several
months. Though the time they had spent chatting could
easily have been measured in hours, both felt as though
they had known the other all their lives. They had
talked about everything. The triumphs and tragidies in
their lives. Their passions and Steve’s plumbing. His
kids and her kids. Politics and….. . Well let’s for-
get the politics. But from the first time they had
chatted there seemed a special affinity between them.

The more they chatted the more each realized that they
fundamentally ENJOYED each other. Of course each had
gone through the usual online worries that accompany
‘terminal’ relationships. Is this person at the other
end of this line actually what they say? Can I really
trust this person? But time had slowly dispelled their
fears. They had even talked on the phone and discover-
ed that they liked the sound of each other.

And now they were actually going to meet.

At least that was the idea. They had agreed to meet
in the lounge of a hotel at a ‘neutral’ city. Friday
night, 7 o’clock. Marsha would know Steve from a
picture he had sent her, but as Marsha had never sent
Steve a picture of herself (she really hated most pic-
tures of herself and didn’t want Steve to see her in
what she felt to be ‘less than an ideal light’), so
Steve was going on the description of herself that she
had sent him, and of the outfit she said she would be

A half hour before the appointed time, Steve had taken
up his lonely reconnaissance in the hotel lounge. Every
set of approaching footsteps had started his heart
beating just a little faster. “Is that her?”, he would
wonder. Of course it would not be and he would settle
back into his chair and continue his vigil. It was now
7:10, and while he was far from abandoning his post,
new doubts and worries became to plague him. “Is she
Ok? Was she in an accident?” Steve tried to purge his
mind of these thoughts as he watched the shimmering
little puddles of colored light dancing on the table-
top as the candlelight refracted through the wine.

There she was. It was that abrupt. She wasn’t there,
and then suddenly there she stood in the doorway to the
lounge. Steve just stared for a moment. The rest of
the lounge, the other patrons, all faded into some grey
background as he focussed on the one thing in his life
that mattered at this particular moment. It HAD to be
her. The brown slacks. The white sweater. The hair.
The height. It just had to be her. And she was so
beautiful! No, she wasn’t some supermodel or anything.
To anyone else she would be pleasantly attractive, but
to Steve the beauty of her soul that he had come to
know through their talks radiated from her. There was
a softness and tenderness to her, to her eyes, to her
face that transcended the purely physical. She stood
there surveying the lounge, trying to pick out that
one person that had become so special to her. That
one person that could motivate her to do this. To
come to a strange hotel, to meet a strange man. And
stranger still, a man that she knew in her heart that,
barring some incredible catastrophy, she would soon be
making love to.

Just as he started to rise, Marsha noticed him. Though
she had seen his picture, the reality was ten thousand
times better. His smile. The joy he projected as he
looked at her. She walked over to him and they just
stood for a moment, gazing into each others eyes and
completely oblivious to anything transpiring around
them. Finally one managed a “Hi” which earned a “Hi
yourself” from the other as they stood there smiling
foolishly at each other like a couple of kids.

‘”Can I get you a drink?”, Steve asked as they finally
sat down. “Sure!”, Marsha replied noticing his wine
glass, “Whatever you’re having.” They chatted inanely
for a few minutes about their travels to the hotel,
about the weather, about god only knows what since each
was so nervous and yet so thrilled to be with the other
that neither could really have testified under oath
just what the conversation was about.

Finally Steve put his hand over Marsha’s. The elec-
tricity in that simple contact was tremendous. After
the hours of talking, discussing, flirting. After the
hours of dreaming and fantasizing, the simple caress
of his fingertips over the back of her hand was more
intense than a thousand orgasms. “Marsha?”, Steve
asked as she looked into his eyes. “Let’s go up-
stairs.” Her eyes lowered demurely and a little smile
played across her lips as she sweetly said, “Ok.”

The elevator ride, while only up one floor, felt as
long as a flight to Australia. Neither Steve nor
Marsha minded though. For each, the mere presence of
the other, after so much time apart spent wondering
and thinking and fanatsizing, was an incredible nar-
cotic. Though Marsha had known that he was tall, dark
haired, and good looking, she hadn’t been prepared for
the shear sense of ‘presence’ that Steve generated. He
was 6 feet tall. Not overly tall as men go and not
short either. Yet he gave the impression of being
such a ‘big’ man. Someone you wouldn’t want mad at
you or confronting you in a dark alley. And yet there
was a gentleness about him. Marsha hadn’t quite fully
defined it. It was something in the way he looked at
her, in the way he held her hand, in the way he just
made her feel special and warm and tingly. While
Marsha was lost in her thoughts, Steve too was contem-
plating this magnificent woman by his side. Half a
foot shorter than he, he was already completely lost
in the way her eyes would glance up into his. Her
hair was a little shorter than he had imagined, but
he longed to hold her close and bury his nose in it.
To feel its soft fullness and intoxicate himself with
its sweet scent. Hers wasn’t the tight body of a
teenager. Instead she possessed the moist lush body of
a woman. She wasn’t heavy, just soft and round and
full where a woman should be soft and round and full.

She was not overly busty but Steve was far happier with
that. He far preferred her kind of figure to one that
was ‘top heavy’. He loved breasts, but he definitely
leaned towards quality rather than quantity.

The elevator door opened and Steve and Marsha walked
the short distance to his room. Once there, with the
door shut and bolted behind them they finally
approached each other. No words were spoken for none
were needed. Steve reached up and lightly stroked
Marsha’s face. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly
as she tilted her face into the cupping support of
Steve’s hand. She opened her eyes and drew him to her
as his arms enfolded her. Their lips met, softly and
gently at first, then with growing animation and pas-
sion. They moaned into each others mouths as their
lips caresssed and nibbled, and their tongues explored
and probed. An eternity, consisting of but a few mo-
ments, passed as Steve and Marsha divorced themselves
from this plain of existance and brought themselves
briefly into another dimension where all that existed
was their love and desire, their passion and their

Then that magic moment of sexual transition happened.
While passionately exploring each other’s lips, Steve
brought his right hand up and gently cupped Marsha’s
breast. What had up until then been a fire between
two people, became an inferno between a man and a
woman. Steve wanted her as a woman. He needed her
as a woman. And Marsha revealed in his desire for
her. She moaned and ground her breast into his hand
that he could clutch and squeeze her breast even more
strongly. She could feel the itch and the throbbing
that had been brewing in her pussy rocket out of con-
trol as she thrust her lower body harder against him.

She could feel the boulder that was forming in Steve’s
pants. That luscious column of man flesh that she
knew SHE was causing to rise and become rigid. The
beautiful column of male hardness that she knew within
a short time would be buried to its maximum within her
woman hole, stretching her and filling her. Throbbing
out its passion deep within her as Steve’s gushing
warmth flooded and drowned the unrequited lust for him
that had raged for so long.

Soon Steve gripped the waist of her sweater and pulled
it up. Up over the smooth flesh of her stomach, up
over the rounded globes of her breasts, and up over
her head and off. They immediately smashed their
bodies together again, kissing frantically and holding
each other as though any moment they might be snatched
way from each other for all eternity. They finally
separated just enough for Steve to pull off his own
shirt and jerk his pants and briefs off in one quick
smooth motion. Marsha had meanwhile loosen her slacks
and pushed them down and off.

They came together again, again desperately holding
each other and losing themselves in the interplay of
their lips. Marsha could now feel Steve’s massive
column of flesh stabbing into her belly. She could
feel the moisture of Steve’s own lubrication juices
being smeared over her stomach, just as she could feel
her own woman’s juices flooding from her pussy and
soaking the white panties she still had covering and
guarding her sex.

In a sudden move, Steve spun Marsha about so that she
was facing the mirror above the dresser. He pulled her
back against himself tightly and his arms wrapped
around her and his head bent to gently suck and nibble
at her ear and her neck. His hands roamed hungrily up
and down her arms, sliding over her breasts still en-
cased in a satiny bra that matched her little white
panties, and down over her hips until they had brushed
over the soft mound of woman fur still trapped at the
junction of her thighs. With a deft and deliberate
movement, Steve release the clasp of her bra and
quickly slid it off her shoulders and then off her
body altogether.

God He thought her breasts were beautiful. Soft and
round, with nipples standing up like little pencil
erasers, waiting to be licked and sucked and handled
and caressed. He cupped them in his hands, squeezing
them and rolling then on Marsha’s chest. She in turn
moaned out her own deep desire and thrust herself to
him even harder as if to say, “They are yours my love.
Crush them. Love them. Use them. Let them give you
pleasure!.” He rubbed her breasts and rolled her
nipples until she thought she might pass out from
the intensity of the feelings that were rocketing
through her breasts and shooting between her breasts
and her cunt. His hands suddenly left her breasts and
in a smooth motion slid down over the soft, smooth
plain of her stomach until his thumbs hooked the
waistband of her panties and quickly slid them down
over her hips and down her thighs until they reached
a point where they could continue their descent to
the floor on their own.

Now when one hand returned to Marsha’s soft beautiful
breasts, Steve’s other hand slid up over her thigh and
dipped between her legs to cup the swollen juicing
mound of her vulva. In the mirror’s reflection they
could both see Steve’s strong arms completely envelop-
ing her. His hands were filled with her tits and her
twat, the twin glories of her sex. Those most special,
magical, mysterious parts of a woman’s body that since
time began could reduce the largest and most powerful
of men to insignificant quivering masses.

His throbbing hardness pulsing against her butt tele-
graphed to her the extent of his arousal and the
measure of his passion.

Finally Marsha tore herself away and flung herself on
the bed. “Please darling”, she panted, “Love me.”
Steve looked at this goddess who was offering herself
to him. The soft beautiful curves and contours of her
body. The beckoning lips between her thighs. And
most marvelous of all, the look of love and ache for
him that was in her eyes. He looked at the beauty of
her woman’s body open and waiting for him. He knew
that during other times he would linger over the
softness of her breasts. That other times he would
spend hours between her legs devouring the wet pulpy
softness of her pussy. That he would take all night
if need be giving her orgasm after orgasm until her
beautiful body was totally maxed out on sex. But
right now he needed her.

He needed her terribly. He needed to sink his throb-
bing column of cock between the soft sweet folds of
her pussy. He needed to feel her sex lips flower open
to receive his cock, and then ripple their way along
the length of his dick as he sank it to its depths
inside her. And Marsha shared those feelings. God
did she share them. She needed to feel Steve enter
her. Needed to feel him plunge into her and fill her
with the joy and glory of his manhood. She wanted
him inside her until his passion and desire exploded
and flooded her womb with his thick hot seed.

“Now, baby, now!”, Marsha urged as she pulled her legs
up and apart. Her sex hole flowered open and was
totally exposed to Steve’s gaze and his desires. Each
as desperate as the other for their flesh to merge,
Steve leaned over Marsha and brought the head of his
dick to the open flower of her cunt. The head nestled
between the splayed lips of her sex and he gently but
firmly began to push his prick against the opening to
her vagina. Her lips parting and sliding over the
head of his cock was like nothing else he had ever
experienced. Slowly, inch by inch, his cock slid into
the hot open maw of her hungry voracious cunt.

Marsha meanwhile let out a long, low throaty moan as
she felt the magnificent hardness of Steve’s cock
plowing into her depths. She could feel herself being
spread open to permit the passage of his large throb-
bing cockhead, and she could feel that head burrowing
its way deeper and deeper into her cunt, her most
secret, sexual, female place.

God it felt good inside her. After all her time of
worrying that she might not please him, here he was,
pleasing the ever loving hell out of her, and knowing
that she was doing exactly the same for him!

The magnificent penetrating journey ended as Marsha
felt the head of his cock plunge to the depths of her
core and the soft bristly hairs around the base of his
cock grind against her own lush fur. Slowly the move-
ment of his cock reversed as the inward thrust became
an outward pull. The lips of her pussy were dragged
outward by the pressure and desperately clung to the
escaping penis as if to say, “Don’t go. Not yet!”

Just when Marsha thought that his throbbing erection
might be stolen from her altogether, with just the tip
of his massive hardon still nestled between her sex
folds, Steve reversed himself and again sank his stiff
piledriver into Marsha’s depths. The pace which began
so slowly and gently, picked up cadence as his rigid
cock pumped in and out of her juicing hole. Long deep
strokes that increased in strength and frequency.

Marsha could feel his cock swelling even greater inside
her. She couldn’t believe that anything could feel
that big, that hard, that delicious! Steve’s entire
being was rapidly reducing itself to the several square
inches of flesh that was desperately pumping in and out
of Marsha’s magnificent cunt. Deeper, harder, faster.
They could not get enough of the pounding, throbbing
merging of their most private parts.

Just as Marsha felt that her brain might explode from
the intensity of the feelings gushing forth from her
cunt, she felt Steve bury himself into her as deep as
he could possible go. His entire body stiffened and
shuddered as she felt that magnificent cock buried so
deep inside her begin to swell and throb as it pumped
jet after jet of hot male juice deep into her folds.

She tightened her own pelvic muscles around his spurt-
ing dick and felt the waves of her own orgasm smash
over the top of the dam which had been holding them
back. Every muscle in her body quivered as she felt
the powerful throbs of her own release radiate outward
from the core of her cunt. All she could do was lock
her arms and legs around him, dig her fingers into his
back, and desperately moan her way through the most
powerful and magnificent orgasm she had ever experi-

Minutes passed as the two semi-comatose individuals
allowed the final ripples of their orgasms to pass
over and through them, and ultimately to disapate.
Finally, the two drained shells of Steve and Marsha
rolled slightly apart, still gazing intently at each
other and occasionally allowing a silly, but very
satisfied, grin to cross their faces. “So……,
Marsha finally uttered. “Wad about dem Lakers!”
Steve replied and they both laughed, sharing one of
their oldest private jokes.

The two phrases that each would employ in their
“online” days when they were stumped for something
to say, or needed to change the subject. Only this
time there was no changing the subject, and as for
something to say? Well their lips were already busy.