Just Relax

I had a rough week. Family drama compounded with work stress and I was just fried. By the time my boyfriend Sean picked me up from my parents’ house, I was just a bundle of anxious energy, jokes and a rant session about my week.

He responded by asking if I was tired, to which I told him no. I wasn’t tired at this point, as RedBull and adrenaline had flooded my system. A coy smile curls his lips and I feel my stomach do a back flip.

‘Good. Because I’m excited to show you your Valentine’s present, since you were gone for the actual day.’ His calm demeanor and casual tone make me think it was just a little gift.

When we pull up to his house, I remember his parents were gone for the weekend. How fortuitous. I pet his dog, Samson, and rush upstairs.
He follows, shuts the door to his room and hands me a black bag filled with pink wrapping paper.

‘My present?!’ I begin shredding wrapping paper and my eyes light up as I reveal the first present.

Handcuffs. Black, fuzzy handcuffs. My entire body buzzes.

‘Keep opening them. There’s more.’ My boyfriend’s voice is still calm.

I open the next present. A matching set of vibrators makes me bite my lip anxiously. The next is a red rubber ball gag with a black strap.

He grins. ‘I can’t wait to see that on you with your hands cuffed up. But, I think you’ll like the last present the best.’

The final present genuinely makes my pussy wet. A black, silicone buttplug.

‘Now,’ my boyfriend stands up and pulls me up and against him. ‘take your clothes off and lie down.’

I do as I am told slowly, my heart pounding in my chest. I’m self conscious and not used to the lights being on, but, I follow the command and lie down.

He leaves his clothes on, to my surprise, and grabs my hands. He cuffs them together in front of me. ‘Are you excited?’ I nod and he smiles. ‘Good. Are you going to be good for me?’ I nod and he holds up the gag in front of my mouth. ‘Open up baby.’ I open my mouth and he puts the gag in, securing it behind my head. ‘I’m also going to put your blindfold on.’ He slides the satin over my eyes. ‘You okay baby?’

I nod and feel my pussy getting wet. This is exciting. He lays me back down and spreads my legs, sitting between them.

‘I’m going to leave the lights on this time. Daddy wants to see you. I’m going to play with you and get my dick nice and hard before I fuck you.’

I blush hard and he runs his finger along the opening to my pussy. ‘You’re such a bad girl. You’re already so wet, baby. Just from me gagging you and making sure you can’t use your hands for anything I don’t want you to.’ I hear him switch on a vibrator and I get excited as he places it at the entrace to my hole. ‘Mmm.’ He slides it in slowly and I gasp behind my gag. ‘Your vibrator just slid in so easily baby. It’s hot watching you get wet and seeing your toy just slip in like that.’ He turns the vibrator up and my legs twitch. ‘Stay still.’

I obey as my pussy gets wetter. Sean groans. ‘You’re so sexy. Your pussy is dripping wet down to your ass. Do you want something in that tight little asshole?’ I nod and moan again. ‘You’re such a little slut for Daddy.’

He teases my ass with the second vibrator before slipping it gently inside me. I moan and squirm. He groans softly. ‘It’s so hot watching your tight little asshole take the whole toy in it. If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you have your buttplug and I’ll fuck you with it.’

The vibrations intensify and I moan harder, my hands clenching into fists as my pussy and ass are soaked in wetness. Sean moans lightly, slowly pushing my toys in and out of my holes. He tortures me for some time before taking my vibrator out of my ass. ‘Be a good girl, play with your pussy while I get your buttplug, okay?’ He guides my hands, still cuffed, to the vibrator in my pussy. I play with myself, bringing myself close to climax before he stops me.

I feel the tip of the silicone buttplug touch my soaked asshole and gasp. Sean whispers. ‘Your asshole is so tight baby, I don’t know how you take all of Daddy’s cock inside of it.’ He pushes it slightly and I gasp again. ‘Just relax, baby.’ I breathe steadily as he pushes it more. I can feel it stretch my asshole and moan hard. ‘That’s it baby, there you go,’ the widest part of it passes into me and I feel slightly sad when he’s done putting it in. ‘good girl. Now, I’m going to flip you over and put your tight little pussy to work.’

I hear him shuffle out of his clothes and put a condom on. He yanks my ass up and shoves my head into a pillow. ‘Good girl, baby, good girl.’ He puts his dick right into my pussy and groans. ‘Oh fuck, you feel so good.’ He begins fucking me and I feel the pressure building as I moan, my tits bouncing with each thrust. Our skin slapping together and our moand intermingle until he finally cums.

Sean continues fucking me until he cums again and then flips me back over and licks my pussy.

‘I’m gonna take your gag out. I wanna hear you scream my name when you’re cumming.’

My gag is pulled off and he starts flicking my clit with his tongue. It doesn’t take long before I am screaming his name and spasming in orgasm.

‘Good girl, baby.’ He kisses me and I can taste my pussy. ‘Now let’s get you cleaned up.’ He picks me up and carries me to the bathroom where we take a shower together. He leaves my buttplug in and I cum again in the shower as he plays with my pussy. When we’re done, he takes my plug out and puts me to bed, sliding in next to me. ‘I hope I ended your week on a high note.’ He kisses me and chuckles.

Oh, you did, I think to myself as I fall asleep, reveling in my orgasms.

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