First time

His grip tightened around my waist
‘Say it’
Seeing his intense stare i looked away, resting my cheeck against the cold surface of the brick wall.

He pressed his lips to my exposed neck
‘Say it’ he whispered
His cool breathe fanning against my heated neck drove me to the edge
‘I want you’

Turning me around, face pressed up against the wall he attacked my neck, leaving a hot trail down to my exposed collar bone.
His hands slowly working its way up my exposed thigh until reaching the edge of my panties.
Grabbing at my pussy he demanded i say it again
‘Please’ i breathed

Slipping under my pants he mercilessly pumps his finger into my pussy, and then a second one.
With my breathing quickening i can feel his hard erection on the small of my back.

Hearing him unzip his jeans, he suddenly grabs my hand guiding it to his hard cock.
I work on moving my hand up and down whilst i feel a third finger pass my barriers.
Rubbing faster as my breathing increases, i feel the tickle of him sucking on my neck.

He groans before roughly pulling out his fingers and turning me around, facing him and noticing his large cock with my virgin eyes. My eyes widen as he notices my stare.

‘Taste it’ he says softly leaving me with the option. Slowly going down onto my knees i stroke it hesitantly before touching the tip to my mouth. Sticking out my tounge i experimentally twirl it around the tip. His moan makes me more confident as i lower myself down his shaft.
‘God get it all in there’
Hearing another moan i work my way back up twirling my tounge around him as i do.
Continuing the pattern i move up and down his cock. Feeling his fingers in my hair, grabbing hard before guiding me quicker.

‘Stop before i cum’ pulling me up he pushes me against the wall again. Pulling open my shirt a few buttons go flying but my attention shifts when i feel his tounge around my cold nipple. A nip causes me to moan. His other hand goes back down to give attention to my starved pussy. Pushing harder and firmer then before.

‘I think your ready’ he says before guiding his cock to my entrance. A glance up onto my face is all the confirmation he needs before slowly entering.
I feel my walls constrict to become accommodated to his size before he extracts and enters again at a painfully slow pace.

‘Faster’ suprised to hear myself say

He goes faster this time, catching his lips with mine, each thrust become more faster and desperate to the last.
I feel something build up in my core before i scream out, not able to hold anything in any longer

My scream seems to do it for him before he moans louder than before..
Both breathing heavy staring at each other he removes his cock from my pussy.
‘Feeling better?’

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