Birthday sex chronicles

Quest to fufill the birthday sex rutal , of getting two completely different woman to please me on my day

The day I got the pleasure of pleasing two women

It’s my birthday , and shouldn’t I get what I want . I have always enjoyed having two women , Ive enjoyed that lot in my last relationship. But I’ve been working so hard and long . But I have managed to still see two beautiful chocolate women , both complete opposites.

One I have giving the nickname ‘young nomadic turn up addict’ we’ll call her YNTUA, we cant use names. She was the girl I meet when my life was set to failure and depression, having her around gave me the escape from reality I needed . I knew from the start that there was no taming her spirt or, beginning a relationship with her . I would just love her for the moment. When we made love, it was never when I asked, it always happen spontaneously. She was so wild and excited with passion . Her pussy would always pull the life out of me , O my god! and her chocolate smooth skin, and curves that deserve to be gripped. I could always tell she was fucking for herself , she always would cum many times compared to my one.

Then there’s the one I call 2sweet , she is probably one of the most sweetest people I know at least she is to me. She rarely ever talks just listens to me vent , she is so sweet to me . But I have managed to pull out here sexual side just a lil bit . She loves for me to take control, she loves to hear me say the nasty things she’s thinking .
She loves when I lick her pussy with long strokes and then place my tongue directly on her clit like a finger to the button , and do my magic that she can’t explain in words, only in moans . She rarely ever screams, but she pulls me close and whispers fuck me after I work my tongue. And I do. she loves to fuck slowly and tell me exactly what she feels as her body shakes uncontrollably but softly. She is so sweet and Her body soft to touch and breast firm and big with just the right size nipples , I always have to kiss her all over before we have sex .

But thats enough about them let’s get to my birthday when I picked them both up and took them both home , so they could help me clean up my house before my party later that night but let’s just say we did a lot more than cleaning up ‘lol’

‘Birthday sex’ P2

I woke up that friday morning smiling like everybody knew it was my birthday nigga!! Turn up ! , I hit the music jamming my the 90s station. Then I hopped in the shower , step out fresh . Brushed my teeth , washed my face, looked in the mirror at arms and shoulders, and you know I’m conceited right . Then I throw on my outfit , I’m talking polo downed to my feet . I was fresh and my hair cut was on point , I mean i was feeling my self. I was looking in the mirror like I know I’m the shit . It didn’t take me long to start plotting in my head , running through different scenarios trying to figure out how can I get these two completely different woman , to get comfortable enough to come to together to please me on this glorious day.
Because , we all know this shit can turn horrible wrong in a second but it’s worth the risk, I hope .
So I grabbed the keys, by this time it’s 10 am , I called the ‘young nomadic turn up addict’ aka ‘YNTUA’ to see if she was up and ready. I know I had to get her first because she’s liable to end up leaving as soon as she gets bored. Then her damn phone went straight to voice mail. I wish y’all could have seen my face lol. Soon as I lost all hope . She calls back talking about she went downtown on the bus can I come pick up. I said ‘yea send me you location’ . Again , I wish you could have saw my face ,wtf! But no problem my plan still in play .
So I pull up on her and she’s wearing these shorts that perfectly cuffs that booty. With a sleeveless top with no bra , showing enough side boob that you can’t stop looking and hoping that a nipple will slip out . Damn! I’m a perv o well .
Now it just wouldn’t be YNTUA if she didn’t get in my car and pull out bottle of Sky vodka and take it to the head. Then look at me like you want some? Now let me remind you it’s 10:30 in the morning, she gives no fucks lol .
So while we are still parked , I called 2sweet , she answers the phone almost instantly, i can tell she still in the bed . She says to me ‘good morning love happy birthday ‘
I said thank you 2sweet can you be ready in a hour so me , you and YNTUA can go clean up my apt before the party tonight. She said ‘yea’ so that meant we had time to go pick up some green and more liquor . My boy heavy third was already up early getting that paper , an’t nothing like a good weed man.
So we slide pass there picked up a couple grams , then hit liquor store . After that i was on the way to pick up 2sweet with YNTUA next to me jamming Outkast like it’s gospel on sunday. Finally we pull up at 2sweet’s house , I texted her to let her know we’re outside . Few mins later she walks out wearing all black with a short top that expose her stomach with this perfect lotus tattoo and baggy but tight enough pants to see that booty move when she walks . She was looking so good . Funny part is the both have dreads . So they instantly hit it off talking about different hair treatment ,
Now let’s fast forward to after we get down clean up the house at this point it’s 4:30 and people are going to start showing up around 8:00 so my time was shrinking away. So we all set the table and I started rolling up and YNTUA started pouring shots . 3 shots in and 2 blunts later 2sweet says she needs a nap and YNTUA agrees, and says she needs one two . By this time it’s 5:30 and I’m like fuck it’s not happening. Then I realized my opportunity and offered my bed to them to sleep in . Then YNTUA says no im good, I’ll take the coach. So at this point I’m willing to settle for just one of them. So 2sweet goes to the bedroom leaving me and YNTUA in the living room alone . Not even five minutes pass , and she looks a me says you should have brought me home first , you know I missed you . I haven’t had that dick in like 5 days .
I look at her for second , she’s licking her lips , her thighs are beginning rub together. I grab her by her hand pulling her close to me , simultaneously switching my hands to her ass squeeze it hard as kiss from her neck to her lips . We kiss passionately low key forgetting that 2sweet is in the other room . I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me as carried her to the coach . I sit down and pulled out my erection gripping it in my hands , instantly she stood up in front of me and unbutton her shorts and straddled me Gripping my dick and sliding it all way in. she moved her hips slowly while thrusting her hips deeper and faster. At this point we both forgot about 2sweet . I could feel myself getting even harder the wetter she got , she was so wild and loud as she bounced on my dick trying desperately to cum over and over and over. When I felt her pussy clinch , I gripped her ass and repeatedly pulled her back fourth on my dick , then we heard the sound of 2sweet getting up , then she jump off like we weren’t seconds away from coming together . She pulled her pants up and went sat at the table . Fuck!!
So I look at YNTUA after I heard 2sweet get back in the bed . Shes says , no im good go check on your girl and she said it with the most devilish smile . I smirked and walked towards the bed room. I get to the room and it’s completely dark except for the bathroom light she left on thats exposing her bare back and ass as she lays on her stomach . I see the dimples in her lower back right above her red thong , I thinking to myself how good it would feel to turn her over spread her legs run my tongue from her pussy to her clit . I get in feeling in my stomach I guess I was still turned on from YNTUA leaving me hanging.
So I slowly got in the bed and started kissing her down the middle of her back she wakes up slightly moaning. I grip her pants and start to pull them down and she doesn’t stop me. I expose her juicy ass kissing til I make way to her already wet pussy. I took her pants off completely. I wanted to fully enjoy it . I turned her over and her eyes were still closed but her body fully awake , as my tongue lost control randomly moving like it was possessed , I knew that YNTUA could her moaning at this point. I didn’t know what to expect but i wasn’t going to stop this time . Somebody was getting fucked!
I wasn’t getting left hanging again .
Then as 2sweet began to cum and her back began to arch . I felt eyes to my right and I could see YNTUA and the door playing with her pussy watching me make 2sweet cum over and over again . My eyes stayed locked on her like I was trying to get her to come closer . Finally 2 sweet pushed my head away as she came uncontrollably. I wanted fuck and I wanted too fuck bad. I picked up 2sweet and wrapped her legs around me and sat on the edge of the bed rocking her back for on my dick as she bit down on my neck unable to stop cumming. Then I looked up at YNTUA to see if she was still there to my surprise she was standing right behind 2sweet holding her hips as she continued rock back forth. I laid back on the bed looking over 2sweet’s shoulder at YNTUA kissing her neck . 2sweet seemed to be engulfed in pleasure. She was morning louder the normal it’s was like she didn’t know or didn’t care she was being touched kissed and undressed by YNTUA . I just laid back soaking in the view . YNTUA gripping her 2sweet’s titties from the back and 2sweet with hands on her head gripping her hair. Then I lost all sight as YNTUA mounted my face grinding her clit against tongue. I could feel both of there pussies throbbing getting ready cum , which made me cum even harder . We all moaned loudly together as 2sweet held on too YNTUA from behind. YNTUA leaned her head back kissing 2sweet as she sat on my dick still grinding slowly .
The phone rings and it’s like a wake up call to what just happened . they both get up. And I rolled over to answer the phone it’s my homeboy Sleepy saying ‘I’m outside’.

Now that was one hell of a birthday
And I got to experience two Totally different females at the same damn time. Then I got FUCKED UP


‘Birthday sex’
Intro :
It’s my birthday once again and shouldn’t I get what I want. Im guessing I making this my own birthday ritual. Either way I enjoy having two women, but this year, I guess I wasn’t lucky enough to experience my my current duo together. But you know I been plotting hard and long. Best believe I going to have my way these two beautiful chocolate women.

One Ive giving the nickname ‘Bird ‘ , you remember ‘we cant use names’. She was a beautiful young ethiopian girl I meet during my second semester in college she keep me on track and help me with the courses we had together. She was my most pleasurable study buddy. We spent much of the semester ducked off in the back parts of library trying to study but my eyes seemed to always get locked on her lips. So many times , she would be in med conversation and I would give in too my urge to kiss her soft thick lips. Now I knew from the start that she was innocent and pure just by the way she reacted to my touch. It was like her body was virgin to man , unexplored. When I gripped her she would instantly moan and her innocent eyes , would become seductive . Looking at me deeply as if she wanted me to know she was ready. Now after spending most of the semester just meeting in the library . She invited me to her dorm.I knew she had so much built up sexual tension. It wasn’t even ten minutes into studying. When she preceded to mount me and kiss me begging me to grip her ass. She unzipped my pants exposing my erection , then pulled her thong to the side. Her pussy was so tight , I had to beg her to relax and not tense up before my dick could even fit in. She sat down slowly till my whole dick was in , she was so excited I let her do as she pleased. By the end of the semester I had her well trained I had succeed in bringing out her alter ego I called her rude girl because her accent and and the way she would say dirty ,nasty things during sex . It turned me on thou I can’t lie .

Then there was Aquafina, I think you can guess why I call her that Now every girl gets wet but her pussy I mean it was just unbelievable how much creamy wetness would come from her body , I swear she had to bring a change of panties everyday, maybe it was because she took great care of her body. she was a extreme athlete and beautiful beyond words even thou she never believe me when I told her .
She also ran track and her legs just amazed me so long and firm but soft . Her skin was so soft like she just bathed in coco butter . I mean I could kiss on her for days .
I loved the fact that she was all natural . Everything on her was home grown.
Our sex from the very beginning was match made in lust . We matched each others sexual drive and stamina she always wanted more and could ride just as long as I could fuck . I mean we would spend days away from the world and my classes . She was hands down they main reason I missed classes during the semester . Sometimes our sex was just to good to leave , plus we smoked so much weed we didn’t know what day it was haft the time anyway .
She was my escape from reality
But , Bird was my grip on it .
Now the question is how do I get these two women only together willingly . Best believe I got a master plan
But thats enough details about them . In order for this to work out the party has to be live
I need a lot of pretty girls and few dudes and some good exotic green
To be continued

I woke up that Saturday morning feeling good and lifted ‘wake and bake’ It’s was my birthday nigga!! I planed on smoking all day! , I hit the music , Outkast was banging . I was on some *Southernplayalistic* shit . I hopped in the shower , step out fresh . Brushed my teeth , washed my face, hit the blunt . Then I looked in the mirror at arms and shoulders hit the blunt again . Then I throw on my outfit ,you know I was fresh I was blacked out down to my feet . I was fresh and my hair cut was on point , I mean i was feeling my self. I was looking in the mirror like I know I’m the shit . It didn’t take me long to start plotting in my head , running through different scenarios just like last time. I was trying to figure out how I was going to get these two completely different women to get comfortable enough to come to together to please me on my day. I know this shit can turn horrible wrong in a second but it’s worth the try .
My boys had everything under control for my day. The guess list was legit at least 15 females and my 6 home boys . So a couple hours before the party I texted both girls ‘ I can’t wait to see you tonight, so I can get my most important gift ‘
They both text back Aquafina text back ‘ I can’t wait to see you either I got you some good green baby just wait Ima give you everything you deserve .
Then bird , text back omg I’m so excited I’ve never Smoked weed before I hope it makes the sex better
I looked at the messages and decide not to reply back. I smiled and continued smoking
Around 7 o’clock my boys showed up , with a ounce of that exotic green . And 4 gallons of that fuck you up punch mix , I wouldn’t recommend any one to drink that if they won’t to remember how they got home. Now the best thing they brought was the munchie spread all my favorite high snacks. Them mother fucking zebra cakes!!!
What got everything set up and my phone was blowing up around 9 o’clock
Both girls texted me, ‘on my way!’
The soccer girls texted we’re outside what’s dorm number
Then there was knock on the door
And let’s just say my party was more then just the people I invited. The party turnt up real quick there were about 20 people in my room following the party rule ‘everyone must roll me a blunt and put it in rotation’ 20 blunts in this rotation. Now, I’m so high at this point I didn’t even relies that both my girls are also in the rotation . I look over at bird and she was lit , I mean high as a kit singing and laughing. Then suddenly I felt like someone was starring at me from across the room . Through the smoke I see Aquafina just sitting there locked on me with her legs crossed showing off them thighs . I swear my dick got instantly hard . The look she was giving me was like she couldn’t wait for everyone else to leave . I locked back at Bird and we locked eyes . Bird then stood up wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen her wear. She walked over to me and seat on my lap . She leaned her head back next to mine . She started grinding and sliding up and down my lap . Now at this point every person in the party is looking including Aquafina. Bird leaned her head back and whispered in my ear
‘Come to the bathroom with me’
I said no bird we can’t do that, no now just wait ok .
Now during all of this , i was staring at Aquafina our eyes were locked the whole time . I couldn’t tell if she was angry or horny but at this point I was just hoping she doesn’t leave. My phone vibrates and I look and see Aquafina text me. ‘So that’s your girlfriend? Lol she all over you, but we will see later when every one is gone thou. ‘
Countless blunts later 1 o’clock and the party is drying out . Every has left only one of my home boys , Bird , and Aquafina were still there . My homeboy was determined to get with Aquafina
I guess he was waiting for her to leave , but he was clueless to the situation.
Bird and Aquafina seemed to be clueless to each other’s intention too. They both wanted to stay the night .
Both of them made up excuse on why they needed and stay and both tried to pawn the other off to my home boy.
Bird said she couldn’t drive she was to high and Aquafina said she had to many drinks .
Now at this point the only person taking is my homeboy , it just awkward silence then thirty minutes later he finally gets the point and realized they both wanted stay here with me .
I walked my home boy out And left the duo alone . This nigga talked shit the whole way to his car. When I got back in the house they both were still in my bed room. Bird was in the bed and Aquafina was changing the music . I got them both a blanket . Then ,I told them they could have the bed and I would take the couch. I turned off the lights and laid down on the couch . Now I know what your thinking I got them both In the bed Why didn’t I just get in with them . That’s why I’m Key and your not lol .
I had to get them to willingly to want me to get in the bed with them .
About 15 mins passed by . Then Bird came out and ask me if I was ok , she said ‘I know your cold, you should come get the bed with us’ . I said ‘naw I’m good right here , the bed to small ‘ then I heard Aquafina from the bed say ‘boy come get in the bed stop being stubborn’ I got up and walked in the room Aquafina said ‘you can get in the middle ‘ I got undressed and laid down. Bird on left and Aquafina to my right . I laid there for min for second I thought I waited to long. The realize they were both playing sleep , I guess they were trying to wait for the other one to fall asleep .
I turn over on side towards Aquafina , slide my hand: underneath the cover . Her body was so warm to the touch . I slide my down her stomach I felt her body clinch up . I slide my hands down into her panties then she turned over and parted her legs.
I slide my fingers inside of her so warm and wet . She let out a low moan, as my fingers moved back up to clit . I watched her as she bite down her lips trying to contain her moans . Her eyes were closed but she was clearly awake and ready.
Then I slide my other hand underneath birds skirt and work my finger down until I felt the wetness.
I was fingering both of them at the same . Their moans seems to come together louder and louder til there was no more illusion of the other being sleep . They were both aware of each other moaning but I think that made even more turn on , and best believe my solider was at attention. Aquafina came first so loud that bird had to open her to see. Her reaction could be been awful but I think rude girl had already taking over. She grip my dick and started stroking. at this point Aquafina could clearly see what was going on. But fingers seem seemed have to turn on to say anything . Bird body stated shaking I could feel pussy gripping my finger tight , the closer she got to cuming the faster she stroke my dick
Aquafina turned over and started kissing me and sucking my neck
I could barely control my self i feeling to much , this was feeling to good . Then realized that they had there hands on my dick . Bird was stroking and Aquafina was rubbing my balls . I was so hard it hurt I need to fuck now . I reached my arm underneath Aquafina pulled her on top of me . She sat up pulled of shirt . I took my hand from bird and reached down in slide my dick inside Aquafina she moaned Leaned over and put her face in my shoulder has I took control wrapped arms around waist . I reached deep into pussy them pulled all the way back so I feel every part of her. Then she sat up and started rocking back and fourth I could all her juices as my stirred the pot . I looked over bird playing with her pussy watching Aquafina grind on my dick . Bird got up in stood up in the bed I didn’t know what she doing until she told ‘ I want that tongue!’
Rude girl was in full affect . She stood over me expose her pussy. I grip her by the thighs and pulled her down to me . I was trying so hard to focus while Aquafina was cuming over and over on my dick and dripping down my balls . It felt like bird had no remorse for my face she just keep grinding on my tongue . She screamed ‘Oooo make me cum Key! make me cum Key!’
Aquafina reached her hands from behind Bird and grip her breast Bird held on to Aquafina hands they began to grind hard together one fucking , the other grinding the fuck out of my dick . I could feel my dick about to explode while bird was coming on my face . I had tolift Aqua off my dick before I busted. I rolled them off and stood at corner of the bed and told Bird ‘ COME HERE ‘ she crawled over and arched her back and spread her legs . I slide in slowly pumping faster and harder gradually speeding up . I wanted to break her little ass . I stuffed my dick has deep as I could go. Bird screamed over and over ‘fuck me! Fuck me ! ‘ I could hear loud smacks as I continued to fuck harder and harder
I opened my eyes too Aquafina laying in front Bird legs wide open , flicking her nipple and rubbing her clit hard. She gave me this look I can’t explain her eyes just look so seductive . Oooooo shit! oooooo shit! I’m cuming ughhhhhh I pulled out and I unloaded all over bird back .
There was a awkward silence
Unitil bird said ‘ can I get a towel Key, make sure it’s warm please’

We didn’t leave my dorm until the next night. Smoking, fucking, eating .
I enjoyed my birthday to fullest once again .

The End

I’m back once again and my girl ‘Juicy’ wants me to find us a third for her birthday. She was suppose to be a summer fling, but she had a way of thinking that raveled my own . Plus, she put it on me so bad , I was spoiled off the back. She was rare and seductive. She became a crucial ingredient too my happiness. I didn’t have to feel scared or worried , we had complete honesty . It was bliss , I didn’t have to worry about my phone or hiding my pics. She understood me like no other . She showed me what understanding and transparency really meant . I guess to keep a man you have to be the thing he can’t live without . Also it’s helps to be thick and sexy. I remember the first time I saw her naked , the first thing I saw was the word juicy tattooed on her ass,on top of two cherries. She told me the only reason she got a tattoo was because a her man told her she couldn’t. Juicy had a strong personality, she was a business woman , always in charge, but she was submissive to me every night. I never understood way she willingly submitted to me . But I knew I liked, On the Low key, almost didn’t think I wanted a second woman around to ruining the experience. See juicy had way of being submissive to me but dominant to the other female . The way she would talk the other girl . The way she would command the other woman to please me. Command her to call me king dick thats right
‘King Dick ‘ couldn’t believe myself but fuck it I’m king dick lol .
Spanking the other woman hard when she didn’t give enough effort. Gripping the women’s hair while the woman sucked my dick starring me in the eyes . Just made me want to fuck Juicy more and more . I was totally engulfed in this new lifestyle of submissiveness and domination . She truly made me feel like a king . So can you blame me for getting a relationship even thou being single is fun, But being with her elevated my fun . She know how to make a man feel like a King . I loved it .
But enough about her for now .
It’s time I tell how we meet flower girl .
Now this girl was someone from my past that I never got to fuck . So I was determined to get her this time . She had recently hit me on Facebook telling how she curious about the type of relationship me and my girl had . She said she wanted broaden her sexual experiences ; her exact words . When I heard that i called Juicy over to help me wheel in the one that got away.
By the end of the conversation we had plans to book a hotel in Houston and meet up with the Flower Girl at place for upcoming artists and musicians to share there work . A place called ‘Super Happy Fun Land’ Yes there is place in Houston called that I didn’t make it up lol .

Now I haven’t seen this girl in almost 8 years so I don’t know how her mind works or if she is even suitable for sex like these it not for everyone . But best believe I got full proof plan to make sure my girl gets her birthday gift . All I need to do is find the correct way to approach a women who is curious .
Well from her picture she reminded me of a One Love Mother Earth type . I admit I didn’t see this coming . In high school she was just like every other round the way girl, but now she has blossomed into a women of peace , love and happiness , plus a thin wist , nice plump ass and tits that we’ll probably sit up right for the next 15 years . Juicy was excited to meet her, but I was happy we took our time and talked with her on the daily for about a month before we decided to drive out to Houston.
At this point I was confident that flower wanted this bad . Juicy had flower girl having phone sex in less then a week. Best believe Im ready I been listening to the both masturbate all month on speaker phone. I would sit and listen as Juicy commend flower girl to rub lotion on her body , then telling her to imagine our hands all over your body . Juicy would command her to take one of her hands and grip her breast and other hand between her legs , then ask her are you wet for us . Flower girl would scream ‘YES! with excitement at the thought of both of us pleasing her at the same time. Juicy let her listen while we fucked teasing her and telling her not to cum until she did . Asking her over and over who comes first. Juicy could only talk for a lil bit once the dick took over but listen to both of them cum together even while it was over the phone still turned me on. So obliviously both of them were ready to finally get to touch each other.

I woke up early that Saturday morning to cook my girl breakfast in bed . Nothing like starting the morning of too the smell of breakfast in the air . She was sound asleep when I came to her with breakfast and blunt rolled . She gave me that I love you smile ‘at that point I could have asked for anything’ . Then she said ‘this why I give you these privileges because your love for me never decreases, you go above and beyond to make me happy .That’s why I submit to you and no other’ I had this feeling again or thought , like I don’t need anyone else but her. I really couldn’t pinpoint this feeling she gave me .
So after I had her squared away .

It was time to get my self squared. I hit the sound bar in the second bath room and Outkast started banging. I swear this girl must be perfect . She was some *Southernplayalistic* shit. I hopped in the shower , step out fresh . Brushed my teeth , washed my face, hit the blunt. Then I looked in the mirror at arms and shoulders hit the blunt again. Like a true King Dick . Then I throw on my outfit , all black Jump suit Adidas down to my feet . I mean i was feeling good I was looking in the mirror like I’m the luckiest man in Texas . I walked up stairs to Juicy struggling to get her jeans pass her big ass . All I could do was smile . Once she was dressed and packed we we set out for Houston. Normally I would be trying to figure out how I was going to get two completely different women to get comfortable enough to come together but this time both are willing. I don’t know whether to be relaxed or worried . I know this shit can turn horrible wrong in a second even if they both want it .

When we arrived at ‘Super happy fun land’ near downtown Houston . It’s was still closed so we sparked up a blunt . By the time the bands and Graffiti artist started showing up. We were good and lifted. I was just about to call Flower Girl when I saw her walking pass the car towards the front door. We got out to greet her , Juicy and Flower Girl ran to each other and hugged like they were long time friends . We all went inside , and just like I expected this was the perfect place to take flower girl , perfect environment to make her comfortable. We left super happy fun land around ten o’clock , and headed to the hotel. When got to Omni hotel I poured some drinks and sat back on the coach . Juicy sat next me on the coach and flower girl in a chair across from us. We didn’t want to just jump right into with out warming her up . So we decide to play truth or dare , basic rules if don’t do a dare you lose your turn and most take a shot , if your choose truth you must take a shot .

I started it off , I dared Flower Girl to give Juicy a lap dance . Then she walked over to Juicy bent that plump ass over right in her face . Juicy wasted no time gripping her cheeks and smacking her ass . Flower girl smiled and look back at her . FG then spread juicy legs wide Open while she rub her breast against juicy body from her pussy to her lips . Then she turned around placing her ass between her legs grinding slowly up and down on Juicy’s pussy clearly turning her on . Then I told Flower Girl , ok that’s enough. Flower Girl, then dared juicy to masturbate for 2 mins . Juicy got up took a shot I thought she meant to say no but she sat down and pull up her dress. Sucked on two fingers until there were moist and expose her clit gently moving in circles directly on her clit . She closed her eyes getting more and more into it moaning and breathing heavily . Just has she started build up I stop her , the 2 mins was up . By this point my dick was hard and pressing against my zipper . Then it was Juicy’s turn. She dared me to unleash my erection right in front of flower girl and let her touch it .
I got up walked up to flower girl my erection pressing against the zipper made it difficult to unzip. She grabbed my hand and moved it away and got down on her knees. Then unzipped my pants . My erection was so close to her mouth I could feel her breathing. I just wanted her to touch it so bad . Then she gripped my dick in her hand and started stroking it , and looked up at me as she gripped my dick harder . She kissed it softly. Her lips felt so good . Then Juicy stopped us saying ‘that enough we got all night . ‘
Then it was my turn and I was ready to fuck! My dick was throbbing I could feel every pulse . It was my turn again . I had to pick this one carefully because I was ready to fuck as soon as she kissed my dick with those soft lips . So I dared FG to let Juicy tie her hands to the sides of the chair leaving her helpless and vulnerable. Once She agreed that !
It was game over . I grabbed Juicy by her hand pulled her off the coach and told her to stand behind the chair and take off flower Girl’s shirt. Kay smiled and tied her shirt over her eyes. Then she began to kiss her neck softly . FG began to moan and clinch her fist . Juicy reached her hands from behind gripping both her breast in each hand placing a single finger on each nipple flicking and rotating them while kissing her neck . I asked FG are you enjoying this , she moaned a soft yes. Juicy’s fingers and lips seemed to have her out of it . I kneeled to the floor in front of FG and gripped both sides of her panties and slid them down and off . I spread her legs , taking my time kissing her thighs until I reached her clit licking up and down softly at first kissing it sucking it . I wanted her beg me to eat her Pussy , It tasted so could to me I couldn’t help but go all out. I wanted feel her cum on my tongue . I looked up at Juicy still kissing her neck and fondling her breast. We locked a eyes , she seemed to enjoy seeing her cum and watching me eat her out. Once she orgasmed so hard it looked like her soul left her body . I untied her hands and she took off the blind fold . Flower girl wrapped her arms around my neck while I still kneeled down . I stood up picking her up with me as she kissed me passionately. Then I layed her on the bed Gripping her ankles and spreading her legs . She beg me to stick it in but before she could ask again Juicy mounted her face telling her to eat that pussy! I watched Juicy has she grinding on FG face rubbing her clit against her tongue. I started kissing Juicy as she gripped my dick and rubbed it up and down FG’s pussy lips teasing her even further . Then finally I thrusted my dick into FG’s pussy .
It felt so good! so tight! so wet! I went deep as her pussy would let me and pulled out looking down at the cream covering my dick. Then back in, thrusting her hard and reaching deeper and deeper I was so ready to cum I couldn’t hold it . Listening to Juicy Saying eat that Pussy! eat that Pussy ! , her ass grinding own flower girls face it was just so much , I just kept stroking harder , faster and faster. I could feel her pussy clinching hard on my dick . She started thrusting up adding even more pleasure. I could feel her starting orgasm . I could hear Juicy talking faster and grinding faster. At that moment flower girl orgasmed on my dick , I could hear her muffled screams into Juicy’s wet pussy , there was no more holding back I was cumming and I was cumming hard. Juicy started shaking uncontrollably cumming all over flower girl’s face as I unloading into Her reaching deep as I could. We all feel over with our backs to the bed smiling and some of us still coming . I look to my right towards them as they kissed each other softly .

The End