A sex story about the Brady Bunch when the cameras aren’t rolling

Sitting up in bed after reading, Mike reaches over to
turn off the lamp light. As Carol snuggles up closer.

Kissing her tenderly, he slowly moved his hand inside
the top of Carol’s pretty, light blue nightgown. Softly
massaging the nipples of her firm breasts, Mike bends
down to fondle then with the tip of his tongue!

“OOOOOH! AAAAAH! Honey!” Carol moans as she begins to
squirm her shapely hips. Kissing Mike’s ear she coos:
“Honey… give me a long, hard one tonight, okay?”

Reaching down he slides his hand underneath the blue
nightgown. Slowly moving over to Carol’s light, brown
bush. “Oh! It feels so-o good!” She murmurs.

Kissing him passionately, she pushes down Mike’s pajama
bottoms, then folds her fingers around his stiffening
penis! Moving down on the bed next to Mike’s groin.
Carol using her tongue works down on the 8 inch love
shaft, held tightly in her hand.

First licking the throbbing head, she slowly works down
to the testicles. “OOOH Honey!” He moans; “I-I can’t
wait any longer!”

Placing Carol on her back, Mike lifts her gown. Then
mounts her, as she guides this thick cock inside her
wet, anxious pussy!

Slowly pushing in halfway, Carol pants; “UUUM! Honey…
Fuck me good and hard!” Going down fully to his balls,
Mike begins a steady stroking.

As she hugs his body, Carol lifts her wide hips,
meeting every downward thrust! “Uh! Oh! Uh! OOOh Mike!”

A soft suction sound filters through the room as
Carol’s love juices begin to seep out. Quickening the
pace, Mike reaches down and cups her ample bottom
cheeks. Then moves hard and deep inside the snug pussy!

“Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh Mike, I’m cumming!” Driving her faster,
Carol’s heavy, love cream flows over his large prick.

As the creaking of the bed and Carol’s vocal sounds
filter through the furnace air ducts. Greg doing
homework in his attic room listens intently.

“Ah! Mike…Faster… P-Please… OOh! It’s s-o-o

“Gosh! Mom sure is hot tonight!” He thinks while
rubbing the hardening manhood inside his pajamas. “Oh!
God! I bet she’s good!” He thinks of his lovely

After releasing her cum, Carol and Mike go back to the
steady stroking. Moving in perfect rhythm, she digs her
fingers into his back, then folds her legs over his
pumping hips. As the fucking becomes intense, they
forget about noise!

Marcia doing her homework in the den and hears the
creaking of the bed springs. Looking up at the ceiling,
just below the master bedroom she sighs; “G-God! Are
they enjoying themselves!” Softly massaging her
midsection she smiles; “Gee!…I wonder if Dad is as
big as Greg? Ha! Ha! … Probably like father… like

Frantically driving her hips upward, Carol wraps her
arms and legs around Mike’s body. And holds on for his
gushing cum release! “OOH! AAAAH! OH CAROL!”

Emptying his heavy load inside her soaked pussy, Mike
lays on Carol totally exhausted. “Whew!…You sure were
hot tonight!” He pants while kissing her moist lips.
“Oh! Mike… I just love that Big Dick!” She murmurs,
laying back to sleep!

Back upstairs in his attic room, Greg who had stopped
his homework to listen to his Mom and Dad. Hears the
door open at the bottom of the stairs.

Looking down he sees Marcia. “Hi Greg, can I come up?”
She timidly asks. Rubbing his already stiff penis he
answers; “Yes, of course Marcia!”

But of course… that’s another story!